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The Newsletter for Freelance Participants of the Producer's Health Benefits Plan

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Using Your PHBP Plan
Your Plan Benefits: The More You Know, The Better You'll Feel
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Using Your PHBP Plan
Your Plan Benefits: The More You Know, The Better You'll Feel

PHBP provides superior benefits and services in virtually every aspect of health care – from preventative care to urgent care.  But to take full advantage of your coverage, you have to know what your benefits are.

So please take a minute to review the plan highlights that follow. Then, visit www.phbp.org for full details.

  • One of the nation’s largest provider networks. You have in-network access to more than 90% of the nation’s hospitals and more than 80% of providers overall.

  • $0 for preventative services including annual checkup and vaccinations. (For a complete list of covered preventative services, visit www.phbp.org.)

  • $0 for seasonal flu shot.

  • Low urgent care copay. Use urgent care instead of an ER and pay $20 instead of $150.

  • Prescription drug coverage with money-saving mail order service.

  • Valuable health and wellness tools. (Please visit www.anthem.com/ca.)

  • 24/7 NurseLine lets you consult with a registered nurse at any hour, day or night. (Find the Nurseline number on the back of your Anthem ID.)

And much more! For full details on all plan benefits and services, visit www.phbp.org.


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