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The Newsletter for Freelance Participants of the Producer's Health Benefits Plan

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Using Your PHBP Plan
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PHBP Top Five Frequently Asked Questions
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Using Your PHBP Plan
PHBP Top Five Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How can I find out if I am eligible for PHBP coverage?
A.  You can check your status by logging into our secure website http://www.phbp.org.  If you have not received your log in information, please call BeneSys at 855-696-2909.

Q. How can I add a dependent to my plan? 
A. A spouse or child can only be enrolled during the initial eligibility period unless there is a qualifying event. Qualifying events are the birth of a child, a marriage and/or a loss of other coverage (For example, if your spouse loses their job and coverage).

IMPORTANT: should a qualifying event occur, it must be reported to the Plan within 31 days of the event. If you fail to report it on time, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to enroll your spouse or child. To add a spouse or child, Fax an Enrollment Change Form to BeneSys at 626-931-1368. You can download the form from the freelancer website.
Q. Why did I receive a bill?
A.  Please contact Anthem at 1-800-759-3030 to confirm the claim was processed for the bill in question.  You can also view this information by registering on www.anthem.com.

Q. How can I find a provider in my Anthem network?
A. Go to the Anthem website at www.anthem.com/ca.  Click on Find a Doctor. Follow the instructions provided, Provider Finder.  When searching for out-of-California providers, select "Employers Sponsored Blue Card Network".

Q. How can I find the nearest network provider while on location?

A. Anthem has a mobile app designed to simplify and speed your search. For more information or to download it to your mobile phone, go to www.anthem.com/ca. 

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