December 1, 2016
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Achieving Low Premium Rates in a High Rate Market - How We Did It
2017 Benefit and Plan Changes
PHBP Brings Together Quality and Low Costs - read more about your Plan Highlights for 2017
2017 Benefit Summaries
2017 Plan Changes
Are you not signed to the IATSE National Commercial Agreement for 2017? Read this for important details about job titles and what to convey to your freelancer population
2017 Staff Coverage Administrative Fee and Freelance Administrative Cost Assessment
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Achieving Low Premium Rates in a High Rate Market - How We Did It
PHBP Brings Together Quality and Low Costs - read more about your Plan Highlights for 2017

Your benefit plans are exceptional. Simply by making use of what your benefit carriers offer you, you'll have access to the very best in healthcare. But, PHBP has taken this a step further by providing additional cost subsidies, making your healthcare even less expensive for you.

Take a look at just some of what your carriers are offering you (not including what PHBP also offers, in addition to this):

  • One of the nation's largest provider networks, with in-network access to more than 90% of the nation's hospitals,
  • NO COST for preventative services, including annual checkups and vaccinations, and NO COST for your seasonal flu shot,
  • Low urgent care copay of only $20.00 versus ER copay of $150.00
  • Health and Wellness Discounts and Coupons, including discounts to gym membership and more (please visit for more information), and
  • 24/7 Nurseline and telehealth functionality. In 2017, telehealth also include mental health visits.
In addition, we know how expensive health insurance is, so we've negotiated a more than competitive renewal rate of only 9.82%, while also providing the additional cost savings below:
  • Continued subsidized freelancer dependent costs. For example, with renewal rates of 9.82% bringing our family premium amount up to $1,710.25 per month, our dependent cost model only charges our freelancers with dependents  $250 per month for the first dependent and $100 per month for each dependent thereafter. For a freelancer with a spouse and one child, the cost the freelancer is only $350 per month, while PHBP pays Anthem the full $1,710.25. The savings to the freelancer is over $1,300 per month! 
  • Continued free, comprehensive short-term and long-term disability benefits for our freelancer population.
  • By staff employers having access to our Large Group Plan size, staff employers have direct benefits through our lower, Large Group Plan renewal rates. With Small Group Plan rate increases averaging between 25% and 75% for the new year, we're able to directly pass on our quality and lower costs to our staff employers. 


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