December 1, 2016
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2017 Open Enrollment Season Starts Soon!
2017 Open Enrollment Details
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2017 Benefit and Plan Changes
PHBP Brings Together Quality and Low Costs - read more about your Plan Highlights for 2017
2017 Benefit Summaries
2017 Plan Changes
Are you not signed to the IATSE National Commercial Agreement for 2017? Read this for important details about job titles and what to convey to your freelancer population
2017 Staff Coverage Administrative Fee and Freelance Administrative Cost Assessment
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2017 Open Enrollment Season Starts Soon!
2017 Open Enrollment Details

The 2017 Open Enrollment Period will begin on December 1, 2016 and end on December 23, 2017.

Open Enrollment will be completed electronically on the PHBP website at Effective December 1, 2016, there will be a link on the PHBP website's homepage, which will connect you to the open enrollment page. Also on the open enrollment page will be a PHBP Benefit Webinar, which will remain on the site for the entire month.

Open Enrollment requirements are different for freelance employees versus staff employees versus employers (all forms are due by December 23, 2016):
  • Freelance Employees will automatically be enrolled in the Plan and no action is required by the Freelance Employee, unless: the employee would like to opt out of the Plan or elect dependents. Forms for either options will be provided on the website effective December 1, and are provided here as well. 
  • Staff Employees will be provided dependent election forms by their employers, which must be submitted back to your employer (who will submit to PHBP). All communication should be received from your employer, but we have also created a staff employee tab on the website which has all of your Plan and Benefit Information.
  • Contributing Employers that are electing staff coverage will be required to submit a staff election form, indicating whether the Contributing Employer has opted to provide 'Option 1' (medical-only, including pharmaceutical) benefits for their staff employees, or 'Option 2' (medical, dental, vision, and pharmaceutical) for their staff employees. In addition, Contributing Employers will be responsible for sending all completed individual staff employee dependent election forms to PHBP's Third Party Administrator. In addition, all Contributing Employers are required to submit signed, executed copy of the updated 2017 Participation Agreement
  • Contributing Employers that are not signing up for staff coverage are only required to submit signed, executed copy of the updated 2017 Participation Agreement. 
Links to all of the above forms will be located on the Open Enrollment page, effective December 1, 2016. 
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