PHBP Free/We've Got You Covered Newsletter - 02/22/2016  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  How PHBP and Anthem can help you make 2016 your Healthiest Year!
Essential Plan and Benefit Communications
•  Your 2016 Drug Plan: Specialty Drugs versus Generic Drugs
•  Subsidized Freelancer Dependent Costs - Update
Essential PHBP Employer Communications
•  AICP Town Hall Featuring PHBP
•  Affordable Care Act Employer (ACA) Reporting Requirement Deadlines Around the Corner!
Your Health and Wellness
•  Keeping your Brain Healthy with Physical Exercise


How PHBP and Anthem can help you make 2016 your Healthiest Year!

From preventative health guidelines to programs on how to control stress, it's all free with PHBP and Anthem. Let's make 2016 your healthiest year!

You have goals in life - we all do. From buying that house, to even just taking a vacation, your goals require planning. Your health is no exception. Anthem's tools and guidelines are there to show you the steps that you need to take to make this year your healthiest to date! 

You can create your health plan for 2016 by going to and following the steps indicated below:

  • Access the "Preventative Health Guidelines" under the "Health and Wellness Overview" tab under the "Health and Wellness" menu across the menu bar. The guidelines can be accessed at the lower rights side of the page. The preventative health guidelines summarize the recommendations of several national health care authorities, and may be used as a framework for required physical exams, screenings, and vaccines for the year ahead, as well as for future years. Schedule all well exams and screenings on a timely basis and as indicated in the guidelines. If you don't have an in-network doctor, one may be found by using the tool found here (for CA residents) or here (for non-CA residents).
  • Complete your My Health Assessment, a health risk assessment tool that helps you uncover potential health risks and recommends positive steps to control your specific health risks. It only takes 15 minutes, and may be accessed by clicking on the "Wellness Tool Kit" found under the "Health and Wellness" menu item across the menu bar. Once you complete your health assessment, you'll be given personalized reports across nutrition risk, stress risk, and more. You'll also have access to links to tools that will help you improve your risk results, such as creating an appropriate meal plan based upon you Nutrition Risk Report results.
  • Your risk reports may show what health goals you should be striving for, or, you might have already had an idea of what your health goals should be. Take action toward those goals with "Health Assistant", a holistic approach to behavior change. Select your goals, track your progress, gain key insights, and create a plan that works for you. Health goals may be as specific as "quit smoking", to more general, such as "reduce stress". Simply click on "Health Assistant" within the "Wellness Tool Kit" to get started. 
  • Track your overall personal health by using "Health Trackers" under the "Wellness Took Kit". Trackers are not specific to your goals, but may also show how your plan is improving your overall health. 
  • Create your personal health record under the "Health Record" under the "Wellness Tool Kit" - securely gather, store, and manage information about your health in one place. You can store information about your medical conditions, doctor visits, medications, and share this securely with providers, caregivers, and family members to improve your overall quality of care.
We hope you'll use this information as a step to your improved health for the rest of the year, and for future years. Stay tuned for future newsletters about more of Anthem's tools and wellness initiatives and programs!