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Spring Greetings from our President
Philadelphia Flower Show 2011
AIFD Wows Philadelphia with the "Paris Underground" Exhibit
World Flower Show 2011
Boston, MA Welcomes WAFA
Workshop Coincides with Philadelphia Flower Show
Cres Motzi AIFD and Jane Godshalk AIFD
Quintessentially British...with a twist...!
NERC Members will Present Program in London
Canadian Academy of Floral Art
CAFA Launches New Website
NERC Memorial Scholarship 2011 Recipient Announced
Feel Less Stress in Daily Work/Life
Barry Gottlieb Motivational Seminar
AIFD Announces New CEU Requirements for AIFD Members
Program begins in 2012
Due Date Reminders for our Members
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March 31, 2011

Spring Greetings from our President

Spring Greetings to our Northeast Members!

Spring is on the way here in the Northeast Region. I think we may soon be over the snow and sleet for a while. Hopefully!!

 As you know, we had a very successful Philadelphia Flower Show.  Our exhibit was Underground Paris.  Ken Norman AIFD, was our Chairperson with Theresa Colucci  as Co-Chair.   Ron Mulray is our Northeast PHS liaison.  They all did an outstanding job.  Congratulations to every one involved, and our thanks to all volunteers who helped in any way.  We were also very fortunate to have our national President Sharon Mc Gukin spend two days at the show with us.  We were able to go to dinner and just spend some great quality time with her. 

Our Northeast regional board met on Saturday March 5, in Philadelphia. It was a very productive meeting. We discussed our plans for the upcoming year and all the things going on in our region.
The Spring show on March 23rd at Hillcrest Gardens Wholesale in Paramus, NJ was a great success.  Maryetta Bartlett Downing coordinated the show, and the design show  was well attended.  The show topic was on wedding design for this up and coming year.  Ken Norman AIFD was the commentator, with Richard Bleuvilt AIFD, Rick Cuneo AIFD and myself designing.  It was profitable event for our region and we truly appreciate Hillcrest Gardens for welcoming us back once again. Our since thanks to the team at Hillcrest for a wonderful and educational evening.  

 Just a few couple important reminder to all our members. Please send in your election ballot to vote for new officers and directors before March 31st.  Also, our annual AIFD dues must be paid in a timely manner before May 1, 2011 in order for us to receive our portion for the NERC treasury.  We truly thank you and  appreciate your attention to these matters. 

 If any of you plan on attending the “Imagine” Symposium in San Francisco this July, they are strongly suggesting that you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. There are several events going on that week,  and there is a possibility of our hotel running out of rooms. So make your reservations now, and if your plans change, you can always cancel them.

So as always, have a happy Spring.  

Colleen Kelly AIFD CFD
NERC President

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Philadelphia Flower Show 2011
AIFD Wows Philadelphia with the "Paris Underground" Exhibit

After over a year of planning, the AIFD design team once again showed Philadelphia what AIFD is all about.   Led by Chair Ken Norman AIFD and Co-Chair Theresa Colucci, the 'Paris Underground' exhibit treated visitors to one of the most dramatic and theatrical displays ever achieved by AIFD. The visionary behind the exhibit is NERC member Ron Mulray, who is our PHS liaison.  Ron puts his heart, soul and endless hours of work into this job each year.

The spectacular AIFD exhibit won 3 prestigious awards.  The 1st award from PHS was for Best Achievement Floral Art Interpretation. The 2nd PHS award was the PHS Award of Distinction, for the 2nd highest point score in the category of Showcase Gardens, Floral. The 3rd award was presented by the Garden Club Federation of PA, for the Special Achievement Award-Creativity.

The Paris Underground is a series of man made tunnels and quarries below the streets of Paris.  These underground catacombs have become a destination for urban culture and creativity. Our exhibit gave visitors the look of the subterranean world with its earthen floors, and was further highlighted by a famous live artist, Alex Stolypine, who creates art in the Paris underground catacombs, actually painting live on the walls of the exhibit during the show.  

Our congratulations to Ken, Theresa and Ron for a superb job and another award-winning display. Our thanks to all who volunteered in any way to create another successful show for AIFD, it is truly a team effort.  Next year's flower show theme is "Hawaii: Islands of Aloha" as we look ahead to the tropical paradise yet to be envisioned.

 Below are several pictures from the exhibit. There were so many wonderful displays, I wish I could include them all.  Please check out our Facebook page under "AIFD Northeast Chapter" to view many other pictures from the show.


Co-Chair Theresa Colucci AIFD and Chairman Ken Norman AIFD prepare for the French lavender bouquet pass at the Gala preview party, welcoming guests with flowers on behalf of AIFD.

Polly Berginc AIFD, Ron Mulray AIFD, Theresa Colucci AIFD and Ken Norman AIFD  prepare to greet guests at the Gala Preview party on Saturday night.

Celiane Berthiaume AIFD - striking reds worked through this stunning design suspended from above.

 Paris underground artist Alex "Psyckoz" Stolypine & his assistant creating their mural wall art on our display.

Michael O'Neill AIFD - A brilliant display in blues on the staircase.

Several fascinating wall tube art pieces were displayed all thru the catacombs.

Robert DeBellis AIFD - Colorful vines and comic page paper roses surround the burned bicycle

Polly Berginc AIFD - Whimsical 'cataphile' cartoon girl, partying with her underground 'rat' friends

Cres Motzi AIFD & Jane Godshalk AIFD - Artistic modern interpretation in front of "The Wave" wall

Dan Vaughn AIFD - Beautiful panels of orchids with creative wire elements.

Karen Nelson Kent AIFD - a unique metal mushroom grouping display.


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World Flower Show 2011
Boston, MA Welcomes WAFA

WAFA News and Event - Press Release
Boston Wins World Flower Show 2011 - The World Association of Flower Arrangers chooses U.S. as host
Date: August 14th 2010  
Boston, Mass. – Boston has been elected host city for the World Flower Show in 2011. This tri-annual worldwide event makes its first-ever appearance on U.S. soil in Boston, Mass. at the Seaport World Trade Center, June 15-19, 2011. Delegates from the 30 countries that comprise the World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) will converge in Boston to celebrate the art of floral design, enter design competitions, and promote conservation in cooperation with the show’s theme, “This Glorious Earth.”

“We all know this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so WAFA USA is working very hard to create an experience that not only will delight national and international visitors, but will also fully reflect all facets of United States floral design and hospitality,” says Ruth Crocker, President of WAFA USA. “WAFA USA has already held a number of extremely successful events, and with the World Flower Show 2011, we look forward to crowing our legacy as host country for the World Association of Flower Arrangers.”

“Boston is very happy to be the first-ever American host city for the World Flower Show. Along with thousands of beautiful flower arrangements, the city of Boston can also expect a terrific economic impact. We offer a warm Bostonian welcome to competitors and visitors from the 30 member countries,” remarked Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

The World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization of floral art societies representing 30 member countries. WAFA was founded in 1981 and moves from country to country every three years. During its tenure, the host country organizes an International Seminar, stages a World Flower Show, convenes a General Assembly, produces a book portraying national floral designs and plans various other educational events.

Previous WAFA host countries include Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. In early 2008, the United States was elected to serve as the host country for WAFA 2008-2011.

In order to host WAFA’s first-ever tenure in the United States, the members of The Garden Club of America and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. agreed in 2006 to collaborate as the nonprofit entity WAFA USA.

The mission of WAFA USA, which has a combined membership of more than 225,000, is threefold: education, the promotion of floral art, and conservation. This remarkable organization promotes the exchange of information concerning floral art and allied interests, reinforces the bonds between the various member countries, and promotes the care and conservation of natural resources and the environment.

Seaport World Trade Convention Center, 1 Seaport Lane, Boston, MA

June 15th - 19th, 2011

For more information, visit or contact


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Workshop Coincides with Philadelphia Flower Show
Cres Motzi AIFD and Jane Godshalk AIFD

"Bouquets in Motion" Workshop

Jane Godshalk AIFD and Cres Motzi AIFD conducted a 2-day hands-on techniques workshop at the Acorn Club in Philadelphia on March 12-13.  The workshop was scheduled to coincide with the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show.  Many of the 26 flower arrangers had already participated in the flower show through the week, as successful exhibitors, judges, or volunteers in the artistic classes.  They came from across the U.S. and Bermuda to learn techniques like braiding and wiring bear grass, crocheting wire forms and making Gregor Lersch’s spider.  These techniques were then incorporated into elevated, horizontal, and vertical designs.  By day’s end on March 13, everyone’s mind was on overdrive, having immersed themselves in learning and executing new techniques and ideas.  But there was no better way to round out an enjoyable week through Springtime in Paris than to spend an intensive two days learning alongside like-minded, enthusiastic, and talented arrangers.  New friendships were forged and existing friendships were renewed and strengthened.  Techniques and ideas will be tweaked and adapted for home designs, flower show entries and programs.  It was great fun and a privilege for us to teach and share our knowledge.  As a result we have made room in our minds to learn more and grow.  France, here we come!

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Quintessentially British...with a twist...!
NERC Members will Present Program in London

Quintessentially British...with a twist...
      September 22nd ---26th, 2011 at Sheraton Skyline Hotel, London, UK

Jo Jarvis AIFD CFD and Rosie Hughes NDSF AIFD CFD
With our fantastic team of Gail Anderson AIFD CFD, Sharon Galloway MDPF, Tina Aram NDSF MDPF, and   Tina Parkes NDSF Dutch Master CFD

The Team is putting together a fabulous programme for delegates attending the seminar in London at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel Heathrow.

Fours of days of floral fun beginning with the welcome reception on Thursday evening around the tropical pool at the Skyline Sheraton, meet old and new friends who all have a passion for everything botanical.

Friday is an early start to the day with a visit to New Covent Garden Market in the centre of London this is the leading flower market for the UK...while walking around the market take in beautiful and diverse range of floral product for sale...take time to sit and watch some of the live demonstrations by some of England’s well known floral designers. 
Then after all the buzz and excitement of the market we are off on a tour of London with a stop off at one of our more famous landmarks Buckingham Palace. The visit will comprise of the 19 State Rooms and the public rooms where investitures take place.  An added bonus will be viewing The Royal Collection which this year is featuring Faberge collection, this is the world’s greatest collection of the Russian goldsmith and jewellers.

Saturday we start the day off with My Country Designs, showcasing delegate’s creations.

In the afternoon there will be an optional workshop featuring Wendy Andrade NDSF AIFD CFD FBFA.
”Wearable Art”... Wendy is at the forefront of this exciting modern concept - handmade intricate designs interlaced with fresh flowers and foliage.   The workshop will be incorporating stunning jewellery pieces for you to create and wear if you wish at the Gala Night and to take away with you fantastic design ideas. 

To round off the day, Saturday night we will be on the Thames on a dinner cruise enjoying the sights of London all lit up.  We will be aboard the Elizabethan.  This perfect replica of a 1890s Mississippi Stern-wheeled Paddle Steamer beautifully reflects the style and craftsmanship of that bygone era. Concealed, however, behind her Victorian exterior are truly elegant surroundings and facilities that would not be out of place in a five star restaurant or night club.

With a sliding roof, two spacious decks, a unique upper-deck promenade walkway and an experienced professional crew she is in a class of her own.  The Elizabethan is one of the largest vessels on the Thames for private charter, with an enviable reputation for excellent cuisine and service. She makes the perfect venue for any type of event.

Sunday begins with an eye opening demonstration by two of England’s best designers both Chelsea Gold Medal winners ...Sarah Horne AIFD CFD and David Ragg. These two highly creative, innovative designers will keep you glued to your seats with their designs and as great entertainers with amazing stage presence will keep you wanting more.
David’s’ philosophy; “is uncomplicated!  Working with flowers should be fun, inventive and exciting; the finished product must stimulate and generate reactions.
Contemporary floral design is not about forcing issues but letting the material beauty of flowers speak for themselves and declare their own personalities.”
Sunday afternoon there will be an optional workshop with Sarah and David featuring innovative wired work.
 One of Sarah’s greatest pleasures is creating intricate bridal designs. This stems from a time when she supplied clients such as Liberty of London and Jenners of Edinburgh with handmade bridal headdresses formed using the silks from bridal gowns. She now uses her intricate techniques to weave fresh flowers and plant material together with delicate crystals, textiles and beautiful decorative wirework.  Sarah is renowned for her wire work and exploring new techniques and mechanics to keep her creative designs current and setting trends for others to follow.  

There will also be an optional tour of Windsor Castle.
Sunday night is the Gala dinner...”Midsummer Night’s Dream” formal attire is required.
There will be a competition for the best wearable design made by you to suit the gala nights theme.

For more information on the featured designers....
Sarah Horne    and
David Ragg
Wendy Andrade  

For up to date information please go to face book site and like

Submitted by Jo Jarvis AIFD CFD




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Canadian Academy of Floral Art
CAFA Launches New Website

This Information was forwarded to me by Lisa Greene for our members who are interested in CAFA. 

CAFA has launched it's new updated website and along with it, our new process for Membership to the Canadian Academy of Floral Art.

Please visit our new site at:

Attached below is the information to the new Steps to Membership and the order form to order the Step One portion of the examination process.

The Step One portion due date is March 31st, so hurry and order your Step One soon and become a part of this fantastic & creative organization.


Canadian Academy of Floral Art

CAFA information New Steps to Membership.doc

CAFA Intro Package order form.doc

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NERC Memorial Scholarship 2011 Recipient Announced

This year's NERC Memorial Scholarship recipient is Sara Scheeren.  She is a member of the SAIFD Chapter at SUNY-Cobleskill and will be graduating this year.  Sara is planning to make a career for herself in the floral industry.  She just did her internship at an orchid farm in Hawaii and is currently working part time at Experience with Mary Robinson AIFD, Rudy Garant AIFD, and David Siders AIFD.  She is extremely excited about attending symposium and will be designing for student competition. 

Our thanks to SAIFD Program Coordinator Theresa Colucci AIFD and her team for their devotion and work with the students. Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to Sara as she attends her first Symposium and competes in the student competion. 

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Feel Less Stress in Daily Work/Life
Barry Gottlieb Motivational Seminar

Put This on Your To Do List: Do Less, Gottlieb Says       
Less than two weeks after many florists sold their last arrangement on of one of the the busiest Valentine’s Days in recent years, SAF member retailers, wholesalers and growers participated in the “Bringing Back the Balance” webinar with Barry Gottlieb, founder of Coaching The Winner’s Edge Organization and Coaching Program.

“Eighty percent of people feel stress on the job,” Gottlieb said Feb. 23 to a crowd that almost assuredly fit into the category.  Topping workers’ reasons for this stress? “Feeling pressed for time,” Gottlieb said. Perhaps surprisingly, only a small portion of the day — 20 percent, he said — is “actually spent on critical tasks.”

If you truly want to stop worrying about all those things you simply must do, then you must stop doing all those little things, Gottlieb said. Be realistic and pinpoint the most important tasks.

“Time management has everything to do with narrowing your focus,” he said. A lot of people make to-do lists, but when they include 20-plus items, it’s just too daunting and they end up accomplishing none of them.

Gottlieb's formula for winnowing? At the end of the day, write down the three tasks — and only three — you want to finish the next day. Put it on a Post-It note, put it on your iPad, make it your screensaver, whatever you do, just make sure you can't miss it.  The more you add, the more stress you create and the more paralyzed you feel, he explained.

And the more you subtract, the better you'll feel. It's important to cross off a task as soon as it's completed, Gottlieb said, because "our brain and spinal cord secrete chemicals when we recognize our accomplishments. It’s like the body’s natural reward system.”

Bill Schodowski, national business developer for Delaware Valley Floral Group, was glad he put the webinar on his to-do list. Although he has known Gottlieb for nearly a decade and has heard his presentations many times, Schodowski said he "got 10 times more out of this webinar than what I paid."

"It’s extremely beneficial to revisit ‘the important stuff’ because stress is always going to come up,” he said. “And how you deal with it separates you from the rest of the world.”

Extend your task-editing to your free time, too. Make sure your time off is restorative by indulging in meaningful, enjoyable activities, especially right after you wake up and right before you go to bed, when your brain is especially prone to absorbing the “good or bad” that you put into it, Gottlieb said.

And realize, above all else, Gottlieb said, that while you cannot control life’s events, you can control your perception of them: “It’s all about having ‘an attitude of gratitude’. You’re the one who determines your quality of life.”

01 March 2011
Article from SAF Website by Katie Hendrick

Barry Gottlieb is the author of 'Everyday is a Gift'  and a Motivational Speaker

For more information, go to




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AIFD Announces New CEU Requirements for AIFD Members
Program begins in 2012

Dear Members,

As AIFD members, we are proudly recognized as leaders within the floral industry.  Recently a subtle, but important, change was incorporated in to our Continuing Education process.  This subtle change will better allow AIFD members the opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to the floral industry, local business or community affairs, and church or school activities.

In the past, each AIFD member was required to earn 25 CEUs (remember - 20 points can come from attending National Symposium) every three years. Under the new guidelines, beginning in 2012 AIFD members will now include within their report at least five units of the twenty five submitted being ‘Service/Leadership’. It is the goal of AIFD to demonstrate that its members are not only talented design artists but also individuals who are truly dedicated to the mission of AIFD which is to advance the art of professional flower design through service and leadership. This small change helps us to further our efforts in achieving this goal.

Service/Leadership CEUs are easy to earn. They can be gained by being an officer/committee chair/committee member of AIFD or any other floral industry organization or, for that matter, in any business or community organization such as your Chamber of Commerce, charitable organization, local business or community organizations, church or school activities. They can also be earned by being the presenter of floral design education. Again, this Service/Leadership requirement will go into effect beginning with those who submit their CEUs in 2012.

Remember, AIFD members only need to report CEUs every three years for the first 21 years of their membership. There is no fee associated with submitting your report. For a list of CE opportunities please visit

As always, thank you for your membership in AIFD and for your commitment to advancing the art of professional floral design. Together, we continue to grow AIFD - our industry’s leading floral design organization, and in so doing are bringing greater recognition to you, our valued member.

Thanks for your investment of time and talent.



Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI
2010 – 2011 AIFD President


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Due Date Reminders for our Members

 Just listing these dates in the newsletter as courtesy reminders for our members.

March 31st, 2011 - Election Ballots must be received at AIFD Headquarters by this date.

May 1st, 2011 - AIFD 2011-2012 Membership Dues must be received at AIFD Headquarters. Can be paid on-line at or be mailed to headquarters. (This is also the due date for discount; we do not get any portion of our NERC dues paid after May 1st).

June 11th, 2011 - Make hotel reservations for "Imagine" Symposium in San Francisco. Guaranteed room rate of $155.00 ends as of June 11th.           


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Calendar of Events

June 15 - 19, 2011
World Flower Show 2011 - "This Glorious Earth"
Seaport World Trade Convention Center
Boston, MA

June 22-23, 2011
SAF Growth Solutions: A Mini-Conference for Florists
Dallas, TX

July 2-3, 2011
Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE)
San Francisco Marriott

July 4 to 9, 2011
AIFD National Symposium 2011 - "Imagine"
San Francisco Marriott

July 9, 2011
AIFD Foundation Workshop
San Francisco Marriott

Sept. 14-17, 2011
SAF 127th Annual Convention-Palm Springs, CA
Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA

Sept. 22-26, 2011
Quintessentially British...with a twist...
Design Program featuring NERC Members
Sheraton Skyline Hotel
London, UK



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Northeast Regional Chapter
Board Contact Information

 Includes Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and the Canadian Providences of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick,
Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and the United Kingdom.

Regional Officers 

President - Colleen Kelly  570-785-5322
President Elect - Suzanne Sampson 781-910-5803
Vice President - Lisa Greene 978-352-8172
Secretary - Ken Beebe 631-665-8877
Treasurer - Polly Berginc 724-679-2872
Past President - Ken Norman 201-891-2060

Janet Black (13) 207-514-3500
Theresa Colucci (12) 845-255-3866 
Rick Cuneo (11) 856-428-1089
Jim Dempsey (13) 732-552-7287
Michael Derouin (11) 203-661-5600
Maryetta Barlett-Downing (12) 973-471-6480
Sue Miller (13) 570-337-4848
Steve Parker (12) 856-722-7034
Mary Robinson (11) 518-584-2445


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Northeast Newsletter Information

Please contact Polly Berginc  with any news stories or information you wish to submit by email to:

Please also visit the national website at for additional news and information.  

If you have a change of address, or a new email address, please also forward me the information for our contact list. 

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AIFD North East Region,
720 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
TEL: (410) 752-3318
FAX: (410) 752-8295