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Summer Greetings from our President
San Francisco, Here we come...
Don't forget to wear flowers in your hair
Regional Chapter Meetings
Symposium Meeting Information
5 Inductees to be Welcomed by NERC
Sarah Horne Awarded RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2011
Sarah wins Gold at Chelsea 2011
28th World Flower Council Summit
Quintessentially British....with a twist...
SAIFD Trillium Chapter Spring Program
Exotic Florals and Foliages Featured
SAIFD SUNY Cobleskill Spring Program
"Go Green or Go Home"
NERC Memorial Scholarship 2011 Recipient Announced
SUNY Cobleskill Student Wins Scholarship
NERC Member Releases 2 New Books
Bill Murphy AIFD
AIFD Announces New CEU Requirements for AIFD Members
Program begins in 2012
Calendar of Events
Northeast Regional Chapter
Board Contact Information
Northeast Newsletter Information

June 30, 2011

Summer Greetings from our President

  Dear Northeast Members,

Well here we are another year gone past.  It only seems like
yesterday that I was sworn in as your president in Boston last
July. We've had a great year. I was very fortunate to be able to have
such a great board to work with.
     The Northeast  had a wonderful symposium in Boston. With all of our
Northeast members pitching in and working at what ever was needed.
And we sponsored a program about the Philadelphia Flower Show
called " Best in Show"  which was received very well.  It explained
how it all works to be involved with the Philadelphia Horticulture Society.
We also had a  candy sale at the symposium, which earned the group
some extra money.
      We had a very successful design show in Boston in the fall,
and then again a spring design show in Paramus, New Jersey.
Our AIFD members from the Northeast never falter when it comes
to jumping in and doing what ever it takes to get the job done.
      The Philadelphia flower show is always a big undertaking for
our region. The show was Chaired by Ken Norman, and Co-Chaired
by Theresa Colucci, with Ron Mulray as our PHS Liason. Our theme
was Underground Paris.  It was a big success. It always is a great week
preparing it and then just manning the booth.  Its a lot of hard work
for the group, but a great way to get our AIFD name out there and to
let the public get to know us.
     This year, we are very luck to have five new inductees in our region.
Its good for us to have new ideas and fresh new faces in our group.
We also have a scholarship winner from our new SAIFD school in
Cobleskill, New York. So when you meet them welcome them to the group.
     So as we all get packed up for our trip to San Francisco. I do so
with a little sadness.  I feel like everyone I've met over the years are
my family.  And I have a soft spot in my heart for all of you.   Thank you
all for everything you do for the Northeast AIFD.  Here's to a bright


Colleen Kelly AIFD


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San Francisco, Here we come...
Don't forget to wear flowers in your hair

If you're going to San Francisco, don't forget to dig out your "hippie" garb for the opening welcome reception!  David and Leanne Kesler and their team have been working hard to bring attendees an exciting line-up of exciting educational programs and events. The hosting Northwest Chapter has also arranged events such as a San Francisco street scene, flower bars for flowers-in-your-hair, tattoo parlors, California wine tasting and 'surprises'.  So, see you soon in San Francisco where we will
Dream, Create and Share…
IMAGINE, just imagine….

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Regional Chapter Meetings
Symposium Meeting Information

The Northeast Regional Chapter annual membership meeting will be held in San Francisco during  symposium.  The meeting is on Tuesday, July 5th, at 9:30 AM, in Yerba Buena 10.

The NERC Board of Directors will meet at 7:45 AM on Tuesday, July 5th in the same room.

The AIFD general membership meeting will follow at 11:00 AM in Yerba Buena Ballroom 8 & 9.


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5 Inductees to be Welcomed by NERC

The NERC will welcome 5 new members as they are inducted during ceremonies to be held in San Francisco.

They are:  Tina Parkes from the UK, Rebecca Carter, Heather Sullivan, Inta Taurins, and Azheny Zdeb.  Please introduce yourself to them and welcome them to our region. 

Congratulations to Azheny for receiving an 'honorable mention' for her colorful reef design at the WAFA recently held in Boston.

We look forward to your induction and enjoy symposium! 

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Sarah Horne Awarded RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2011
Sarah wins Gold at Chelsea 2011


Sarah Horne AIFD of Leamington Spa, UK has won the coveted gold prize at the Chelsea Flower Show this year.

Although the medalists were announced on Thursday May 26th, it wasn't until Saturday afternoon in the Grand Pavilion at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show that Sarah Horne received her official trophy.

Presented by Raymond Evison, a member of the RHS Executive and leading clematis grower from Guernsey, the limited edition, engraved Dartington Glass vase signifies the ultimate prize for a contestant in the Floristry section.

Speaking exclusively to f&wbTV after the presentation, Sarah, whose design called heavily on the Vintage style she has embraced over the last year, said: “I am so proud and delighted. After years of competing, including three times in the new look section, I began to think I would never win! This is my dream come true.” For a full interview with Sarah look out for the rest of our Chelsea highlights next week.

Sarah receives her trophy for RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2011.

Photo by

Our warmest congratulations to Sarah for an outstanding design performance!


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28th World Flower Council Summit
Quintessentially British....with a twist...

Here is an update on the World Flower Council Summit being held in London, UK in September

Six NERC Members will Present Program in London

The Team is putting together a fabulous programme for delegates attending the seminar in London at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel Heathrow.
Fours of days of floral fun beginning with the welcome reception on Thursday evening around the tropical pool at the Skyline Sheraton, meet old and new friends who all have a passion for everything botanical.

Friday is an early start to the day with a visit to New Covent Garden Market in the centre of London this is the leading flower market for the UK...while walking around the market take in beautiful and diverse range of floral product for sale...take time to sit and watch some of the live demonstrations by some of England’s well known floral designers. 
Then after all the buzz and excitement of the market we are off on a tour of London with a stop off at one of our more famous landmarks Buckingham Palace. The visit will comprise of the 19 State Rooms and the public rooms where investitures take place.  An added bonus will be viewing The Royal Collection which this year is featuring Faberge collection, this is the world’s greatest collection of the Russian goldsmith and jewellers.

Saturday we start the day off with My Country Designs, showcasing delegate’s creations.

In the afternoon there will be an optional workshop featuring Wendy Andrade NDSF AIFD CFD FBFA.
”Wearable Art”... Wendy is at the forefront of this exciting modern concept - handmade intricate designs interlaced with fresh flowers and foliage.   The workshop will be incorporating stunning jewellery pieces for you to create and wear if you wish at the Gala Night and to take away with you fantastic design ideas. 

To round off the day, Saturday night we will be on the Thames on a dinner cruise enjoying the sights of London all lit up.  We will be aboard the Elizabethan.  This perfect replica of a 1890s Mississippi Stern-wheeled Paddle Steamer beautifully reflects the style and craftsmanship of that bygone era. Concealed, however, behind her Victorian exterior are truly elegant surroundings and facilities that would not be out of place in a five star restaurant or night club.

With a sliding roof, two spacious decks, a unique upper-deck promenade walkway and an experienced professional crew she is in a class of her own.  The Elizabethan is one of the largest vessels on the Thames for private charter, with an enviable reputation for excellent cuisine and service. She makes the perfect venue for any type of event.

Sunday begins with an eye opening demonstration by two of England’s best designers both Chelsea Gold Medal winners ...Sarah Horne AIFD CFD and David Ragg. These two highly creative, innovative designers will keep you glued to your seats with their designs and as great entertainers with amazing stage presence will keep you wanting more.
David’s’ philosophy; “is uncomplicated!  Working with flowers should be fun, inventive and exciting; the finished product must stimulate and generate reactions.
Contemporary floral design is not about forcing issues but letting the material beauty of flowers speak for themselves and declare their own personalities.”
Sunday afternoon there will be an optional workshop with Sarah and David featuring innovative wired work.
 One of Sarah’s greatest pleasures is creating intricate bridal designs. This stems from a time when she supplied clients such as Liberty of London and Jenners of Edinburgh with handmade bridal headdresses formed using the silks from bridal gowns. She now uses her intricate techniques to weave fresh flowers and plant material together with delicate crystals, textiles and beautiful decorative wirework.  Sarah is renowned for her wire work and exploring new techniques and mechanics to keep her creative designs current and setting trends for others to follow.  

There will also be an optional tour of Windsor Castle.
Sunday night is the Gala dinner...”Midsummer Night’s Dream” formal attire is required.
There will be a competition for the best wearable design made by you to suit the gala nights theme.

For more information on the featured designers....
Sarah Horne    and
David Ragg
Wendy Andrade  

For up to date information please go to face book site and like

Submitted by Jo Jarvis AIFD CFD


Floral Jewellery....’Wearable Art’ optional hands-on workshop
Saturday 24th September   £30.00 inclusive of materials
3pm – 5 pm
Featuring Wendy Andrade NDSF AIFD CFD FBFA
If you are keen to develop your technical skills and seek your inner talent in a new and exciting way, then sign up for this exclusive floral workshop.
Wendy is renowned in the industry for her imagination, creativity and patience for detail when it comes to intricate designs and structural work, and her designs are featured in international magazines worldwide.

This jewellery makes a delightful alternative to more conventional designs. Her intricate and unique work has been featured in bridal catwalk shows in the UK and the USA.
This workshop offers a unique opportunity for those attending to immerse themselves into the world of texture, wires, intricate and inspirational ‘Wearable Art’ with a truly gifted designer.
Space on the workshop is limited so reserve your space now.

You will need to bring your knives, wire cutters, pliers, scissors and if you wish, decorative pearls and beads to make your design unique to you.
To see more of Wendy’s beautiful work go to


2 Scholarships being awarded to UK Florists to  attend Summit in London

Continuing Professional Development
A term that is regularly used in the industry is Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It refers to study taken by an individual to upgrade their skills and knowledge within their chosen profession.

The World Flower Council is all about promoting floral education/CPD through yearly summits held around the world. In conjunction with CPD the Floristry Training Fund is providing 2 Scholarships for UK florists to attend the summit in London.
For further information and an application form please apply with a stamped addressed envelope or contact by email to:
Sue Stones, Hope Farm, Nether bury, Bradford, Dorset, DT6 5LZ


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SAIFD Trillium Chapter Spring Program
Exotic Florals and Foliages Featured

1750 Finch Ave. East


DATE: February 22, 2011

The SAIFD Trillium Chapter hosted the annual Air Program in February of this year, with Guest Designer Glen Fidler AIFD.
Glen has been a member of the floral industry in Canada for over 30 years.  He has been involved in numerous Floral Design shows and panels and is giving workshops at various institutions throughout the city.
His workshop focused on the creation of dynamic, visually exciting floral arrangements with the exclusive use of foliages and Exotic Floral materials.
Glen stressed that using traditional greens and foliages in non-traditional ways challenged the designer to expand his/her notions of what constitutes an “arrangement”. He also stated that foliages and other items such as branches, seed pods, and grasses were often less expensive than conventional flowers and their exclusive use in arrangements could result in savings for the florist.
The second part of his presentation included a hands-on workshop with the SAIFD members who were so excited to experiment with the techniques Glen was demonstrating.
Students experimented with Kiwi Branches, grasses, seeded Eucalyptus and a selection of foliages and created their own concepts.
Glen’s workshop was a great success and every student was filled with ne w inspiration.
March 15th, the Trillium Chapter invited a guest speaker who graduated from the Floral Design Program in 2007, and since then established his own company “ECO STEMS” in downtown Toronto.  He is also a former SAIFD member. He was invited to talk to the group about his journey in establishing his vision for his own company and his experiences so far having opened his shop in the spring of 2009. Everyone was very curious and excited to ask all these so important questions in regards to all the many details we need to consider in our industry. He also showed a power point presentation with pictures from a recent Event where he used large quantities of Curly Willow Branches and suspending Cymbidium Orchids in single blooms from the individual branches.
April 13th our Chapter is participating in a Floral Exhibit which takes place at the Japanese Cultural Centre and is part our Departments Year End Fashion Show.
 And very soon we are going to start preparations  for the Student Competition in San Francisco which promises to be another exciting Event.

Marianne Suess AIFD, CAFA
Program Coordinator
Floral Design Program






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SAIFD SUNY Cobleskill Spring Program
"Go Green or Go Home"

SUNY Cobleskill AIR Program Shouts "Go Green or Go Home". The Artist in Residence Program took place at the State University of New York Cobleskill Campus on April 12, 2011 at 7 p.m. Two nationally known AIFD members came to the campus for the event titled “Go Green or Go Home.” Jim Dempsey AIFD of Miami, Fla. was an influential designer showing how to work with supermarket bouquets and recyclable materials. Mary Robinson AIFD of Schenectady, N.Y. showed the attendees wonderful spring party and baby shower décor.

Theresa Colucci AIFD was our commentator and talked about the designs during the show so that individuals without knowledge in the floral world could understand what was happening in the designs. Students worked with designers prior to the show and did hands on design with Jim. The club was able to auction off designs to the attendees after the show. This event brought in approximately 40 attendees from the community and campus.

The event was made possible by two floral industry leaders, Seagroatt Riccardi of Latham, N.Y. and Bill Doran and Co. of Albany, N.Y. Cupcakes, cookies, and lemonade were provided at a refreshment table during and after the show. A good time was had by all!



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NERC Memorial Scholarship 2011 Recipient Announced
SUNY Cobleskill Student Wins Scholarship

This year's NERC Memorial Scholarship recipient is Sara Scheeren.  She is a member of the SAIFD Chapter at SUNY-Cobleskill and will be graduating this year.  Sara is planning to make a career for herself in the floral industry.  She just did her internship at an orchid farm in Hawaii and is currently working part time at Experience with Mary Robinson AIFD, Rudy Garant AIFD, and David Siders AIFD.  She is extremely excited about attending symposium and will be designing for student competition. 

Our thanks to SAIFD Program Coordinator Theresa Colucci AIFD and her team for their devotion and work with the students. Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to Sara as she attends her first Symposium and competes in the student competion. 

Please welcome Sara at symposium and best wishes to her in the student competion.


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NERC Member Releases 2 New Books
Bill Murphy AIFD

Bill Murphy's 2nd solo book release, "Creating Floral Centerpieces" demonstrates step-by-step the creation of more than 25 impressive floral diplays. The book is beautifully photographed with design details such as wiring and foliage techniques, with ideas for seasonal displays, holiday designs, and special event decor. 


Bill's other book recently released is "The Bridal Bouquet Book". This large portfolio has over 400 gorgeous color photographs of bridal bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres in stunning designs. This book is a joint venture with 3 other designers, photographers, and writers.  

If you see Bill at symposium, ask him about his new books, they are worth seeing.

The books are available for sale from Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 4880 Lower Valley Rd, Atglen, PA 19310. Ph: (610) 593-1777, Fax: (610) 593-2002.  Email:  


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AIFD Announces New CEU Requirements for AIFD Members
Program begins in 2012

Dear Members,

As AIFD members, we are proudly recognized as leaders within the floral industry.  Recently a subtle, but important, change was incorporated in to our Continuing Education process.  This subtle change will better allow AIFD members the opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to the floral industry, local business or community affairs, and church or school activities.

In the past, each AIFD member was required to earn 25 CEUs (remember - 20 points can come from attending National Symposium) every three years. Under the new guidelines, beginning in 2012 AIFD members will now include within their report at least five units of the twenty five submitted being ‘Service/Leadership’. It is the goal of AIFD to demonstrate that its members are not only talented design artists but also individuals who are truly dedicated to the mission of AIFD which is to advance the art of professional flower design through service and leadership. This small change helps us to further our efforts in achieving this goal.

Service/Leadership CEUs are easy to earn. They can be gained by being an officer/committee chair/committee member of AIFD or any other floral industry organization or, for that matter, in any business or community organization such as your Chamber of Commerce, charitable organization, local business or community organizations, church or school activities. They can also be earned by being the presenter of floral design education. Again, this Service/Leadership requirement will go into effect beginning with those who submit their CEUs in 2012.

Remember, AIFD members only need to report CEUs every three years for the first 21 years of their membership. There is no fee associated with submitting your report. For a list of CE opportunities please visit

As always, thank you for your membership in AIFD and for your commitment to advancing the art of professional floral design. Together, we continue to grow AIFD - our industry’s leading floral design organization, and in so doing are bringing greater recognition to you, our valued member.

Thanks for your investment of time and talent.



Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI
2010 – 2011 AIFD President


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Calendar of Events

July 2-3, 2011
Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE)
San Francisco Marriott

July 4 to 9, 2011
AIFD National Symposium 2011 - "Imagine"
San Francisco Marriott

July 9, 2011
AIFD Foundation Workshop
San Francisco Marriott

Sept. 14-17, 2011
SAF 127th Annual Convention-Palm Springs, CA
Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA

Sept. 22-26, 2011
Quintessentially British...with a twist...
Design Program featuring NERC Members
Sheraton Skyline Hotel
London, UK



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Northeast Regional Chapter
Board Contact Information

 Includes Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and the Canadian Providences of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick,
Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and the United Kingdom.

Regional Officers 

President - Colleen Kelly  570-785-5322
President Elect - Suzanne Sampson 781-910-5803
Vice President - Lisa Greene 978-352-8172
Secretary - Ken Beebe 631-665-8877
Treasurer - Polly Berginc 724-679-2872
Past President - Ken Norman 201-891-2060

Janet Black (13) 207-514-3500
Theresa Colucci (12) 845-255-3866 
Rick Cuneo (11) 856-428-1089
Jim Dempsey (13) 732-552-7287
Michael Derouin (11) 203-661-5600
Maryetta Barlett-Downing (12) 973-471-6480
Sue Miller (13) 570-337-4848
Steve Parker (12) 856-722-7034
Mary Robinson (11) 518-584-2445


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Northeast Newsletter Information

Please contact Polly Berginc  with any news stories or information you wish to submit by email to:

Please also visit the national website at for additional news and information.  

If you have a change of address, or a new email address, please also forward me the information for our contact list. 

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AIFD North East Region,
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