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November 8, 2011

Greetings from our President

Hello Northeast Members,

The Fall season has been flying by. October is already over, and the holidays are getting under way. With all the Fall activity that we are all doing and getting ready for the holidays, it was wonderful that florists took the time to turn out to educate themselves to come and attend our Fall program.


We had a very successful Fall program at Baystate Farm Direct in Wilmington, MA.  Theresa Colucci AIFD and Michael Derouin AIFD did such a wonderful job to create beautiful collection of arrangements. Lisa Greene commentated, and always expressed the descriptions of the pieces so well.
Time is so valuable, and it is with great pride that I am part of such organization that gives so much of one’s time to only better themselves, as well as the industry that we all love so much. May you all have a successful Fall season.


Your NERC President,
Suzanne Sampson


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NERC Fall Design Show

The Northeast Region held their Fall design show on September 28th at Bay State Farm Direct Flowers in Wilmington, MA.

President-Elect Lisa Greene coordinated and was commentator for the event, the theme based on 'The Language of Flowers, Fall and Christmas'.  Theresa Colucci AIFD and Michael Derouin AIFD PFCI, were the program designers, and presented a beautiful and creative collection of holiday design work. 

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Baystate for their generosity and support of this AIFD program, which was well received by atttendees.  The NERC Board also wishes to express their appreciation to Theresa, Michael, Lisa and all  the NERC members who attended and helped with the program in any way.

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Tony Palmieri Wins National Designer of the Year

Our warmest congratulations to Tony Palmieri of Middletown, CT on his recent win as "National Designer of the Year", which took place at The Mall of America in Minnesota.

The CFA is hosting a reception on December 1st at the Inn at Middletown, Ct. Come join the celebration for Tony, the information is below. 

Please Join Us for
A Reception to Honor the
2011 National
Floral Designer of the Year
Thursday, December 1, 2011
Inn at Middletown
70 Main Street
Middletown, CT
$25 per person includes chef's selection of hors d'oeuvres. Cash bar.
 Call to register-800-352-6946 or register online on Facebook



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NERC Members Active All through the Northeast

Our region is truly fortunate to have so many active members who give of their time and talents above and beyond their daily employment.  Below are a few articles that have been sent in for the newsletter, thank you for keeping us updated!

Bert Ford Presents Holiday Program

The Long Island Retail Florists Association held its fall meeting on Wednesday September 21, 2011.
Teleflora sponsored designer Bert Ford AIFD, PFCI, who wowed the audience of about 60 professional florists with sensational party designs. Bert's performance included party designs for Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years eve, and a children's birthday party.

Above Article Submitted by Ken Beebe, Long Island Retail Florist's Association


2011 SAF Convention 

 Lisa Greene AAF,AIFD,PFCI presented on a panel with Brian Wheat AAF, PFCI at the 2011 SAF Convention in Palm Springs CA. The program was titled “How does your Plant Biz Grow?” and Lisa and Brian shared their insight on new trends in plants and how the retail florist can incorporate these trends into their business. The program was well received and Lisa has been in touch with many convention attendees to answer questions.
From Laura Weaver at SAF:
A BIG thank you for participating on the How Does Your Plant Business Grow panel at the SAF Convention.  The session got great reviews and that is due to all your hard work on this program.

Brian Wheat, Vince Butera and Lisa Greene present program together at SAF.

A moss garden is shown for a current trend that is selling well in many areas. 

Above article Submitted by Lisa Greene


Raw Artists Showcase in Boston

Azheny Zdeb with her design work at the Boston Artist's Showcase.

Above article from Facebook.


Jane Godshalk Design published in PHS Publication

Jane designed a unique  free-standing bouquet structure for 'Green Scene' magazine Sept/Oct 2011 issue, published by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

Submitted by Polly Berginc, excerpt from 'Green Scene' magazine.

Polly Berginc Designs at Vase-Off Competition


Polly Berginc received awards representing her Chapter at the District IX Annual Meeting of the Garden Club Federation of PA  on September 28th in Pittsburgh. Fresh cut locally grown garden flowers were mainly used for the designs, which added to the fun and challenge.

Above article Submitted by Polly Berginc   




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Members Needed to Serve on National Committees

Ann Jordan has requested that if any of our Northeast members are interested in serving on an AIFD National Committee to please contact Ann Jordan at Contribute to the future of AIFD, volunteer!


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NERC Chapter Pins Available

If you do not already own our chapter pin, they are still available to purchase. Members have been requesting information on how to acquire one.  The beautiful gold colored pin represents our chapter with a spray of acorns and oak leaves, which are prevelant throughout the entire Northeast region. The pin is approximately 1" W x 3/4" H.

The pin price is $25.00 (plus $5 shipping). To purchase a pin by mail, please contact our President Suzanne Sampson. Her email address is:  Suzanne's shop phone # is: (603) 382-3033.

The pins will also be available for purchase at upcoming NERC sponsored events.  Get your pin soon!   


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Calendar of Events


March 4-11, 2012
Philadelphia Flower Show 2012
Hawaii; Islands of Aloha
Philadelphia Convention Center

March 9-11, 2012
Northeast Floral Expo 2012
Flowers: A World of Wonder
Sturbridge, MA
Connecticut Florists Association

March 24-25
Hands-on Workshops
 - Arrangements: Everyday & Sympathy
 - Personal Flowers: To Wear or Carry
 SS Pennock Co.
 Philadelphia, PA

July 10, 2012
Professional Floral Design Evaluation Session (PFDE)
Miami, FL

July 12-16, 2012
Symposium 2012 - 'Caliente'
Hyatt Regency, Miami, FL

July 16
2012 Foundation Workshop
(Following Symposium)
 Miami, FL

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NERC Memorial Scholarship Application
Download Application for 'Caliente' in Miami 2012

"Imagine" is now a fond memory, and plans are well underway for the 2012 Symposium "Caliente", which will take place in Miami, FL on July 12-16, 2012.  If you know of a promising floral student or intuitive designer who would like to attend the next Symposium, recommend to them to apply for our Memorial Scholarship. If they are a 1st time attendee and are not already CFD or AIFD designated, they  are elgible to apply.

Our new Scholarship Liaison is Mary Robinson.  The attached application below can be downloaded. Please follow the application instructions, and return the completed application to Mary.

The Applications are due by March 1, 2012. 

NERC Scholarship App 2012.doc

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AIFD Announces New CEU Requirements for AIFD Members
Program begins in 2012

Dear Members,

As AIFD members, we are proudly recognized as leaders within the floral industry.  Recently a subtle, but important, change was incorporated in to our Continuing Education process.  This subtle change will better allow AIFD members the opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to the floral industry, local business or community affairs, and church or school activities.

In the past, each AIFD member was required to earn 25 CEUs (remember - 20 points can come from attending National Symposium) every three years. Under the new guidelines, beginning in 2012 AIFD members will now include within their report at least five units of the twenty five submitted being ‘Service/Leadership’. It is the goal of AIFD to demonstrate that its members are not only talented design artists but also individuals who are truly dedicated to the mission of AIFD which is to advance the art of professional flower design through service and leadership. This small change helps us to further our efforts in achieving this goal.

Service/Leadership CEUs are easy to earn. They can be gained by being an officer/committee chair/committee member of AIFD or any other floral industry organization or, for that matter, in any business or community organization such as your Chamber of Commerce, charitable organization, local business or community organizations, church or school activities. They can also be earned by being the presenter of floral design education. Again, this Service/Leadership requirement will go into effect beginning with those who submit their CEUs in 2012.

Remember, AIFD members only need to report CEUs every three years for the first 21 years of their membership. There is no fee associated with submitting your report. For a list of CE opportunities please visit

As always, thank you for your membership in AIFD and for your commitment to advancing the art of professional floral design. Together, we continue to grow AIFD - our industry’s leading floral design organization, and in so doing are bringing greater recognition to you, our valued member.

Thanks for your investment of time and talent.



Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI
Past President AIFD 2010-2011


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NERC Facebook Page

For those members that are familiar with social media, please visit and post on our Facebook page often. To find our page, type 'AIFD Northeast Chapter' in the search box. NERC upcoming events will also have information posted there.

So keep in touch with fellow NERC members and check our page often for information on upcoming events.  Thanks to all who have contributed to our page in the past.


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Guess Who's coming to Dinner?

This is Big Tom, he is a frequent visitor to our yard and bird feeders, along with his other feathered friends.  He is always welcome for dinner, but will not be 'served up' for Thanksgiving. He is one beautiful bird!    

Happy Thanksgiving!

Submitted by Polly Berginc


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Northeast Regional Chapter
Board Contact Information

Includes Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and the Canadian Providences of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick,
Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and the United Kingdom.

Regional Officers:

President - Suzanne Sampson 603-382-3033
President-Elect - Lisa Greene 978-352-8172
Vice President - Ken Beebe 631-665-8877
Secretary - Polly Berginc 724-679-2872
Treasurer - Janet Black 207-514-3500
Past President - Colleen Kelly 570-785-5322

Board of Directors:
Theresa Colucci (12) 845-255-3866 
Deryck de Matis (14) 518-207-6879
Jim Dempsey (13) 732-552-7287
Michael Derouin (14) 203-661-5600
Maryetta Barlett-Downing (12) 973-471-6480
Sue Miller (13) 570-337-4848
Steve Parker (12) 856-722-7034
Patricia Patrick (14) 519-856-9237
Robin Weir (13) 860-543-2104


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Northeast Newsletter Contact Information

Please contact Polly Berginc  with any news stories or information you wish to submit by email to:   I am always looking for news involving our members and regional upcoming events, so PLEASE help me keep the newsletter interesting by submitting leads and information.

Please also visit the national website at for additional news and information. 

If you have a change of address, or a new email address, please also forward me the information for our contact distribution list update.  

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AIFD North East Region,
720 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
TEL: (410) 752-3318
FAX: (410) 752-8295