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Still time to sign up for two great workshops this weekend....
Seneca College Hosts 1st Alumni Event
Design School Welcomes Alumni
Leamington to Bloom at Chelsea Flower Show
Sarah Horne AIFD
Raising the Profile of Floristry
Well Cool Project--Raising money for water aid
Janet Black AIFD, PFCI Recognized for TPIE in Florida
A big Thank You to Janet
International Floral Art 2014-15
Northeast Chapter member Deryck DeMatas
Measuring your Blog's Success
The Best Metrics to Use
'Premium' twigs go under the hammer
It seems you really can sell anything if you use the right words
Floral Angels
Sharing smiles with flowers.....
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Editor: Jo Jarvis AIFD, CFD

March 31, 2014

Spring Greetings from our President

A Welcome Spring to all North East Members,

Spring has finally arrived here in the North East Region, and our members have been very active in the floral world with a very busy schedule of events these past weeks. Well-deserved congratulations to our Philadelphia Flower Show Team this year for winning ‘Best of Show Floral’ from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Other awards included the PHS Special Achievement Award, Best Achievement in Contemporary Floral Design, The Garden Club Federation of PA- Special Achievement Award, Exhibit of Unusual Excellence in the Horticulture Category, and the SAF (Society of Florists) Award for Best in Show Floral.  This year’s AIFD exhibit, ‘Treasures from Korea:  Art & Culture of the Josean Dynasty’ was designed vertically with 5 large black metal rings, with a center focal point designed with sculptured metal work.  PFS liaison Ron Mulray AIFD, Co-Chairpersons Dan Vaughn AIFD and Deryck de Matas AIFD, and Korean Cultural Advisor and show designer Claire Won Kang AIFD interpreted the symbolisms in a unique and stunning display. Rounding out the featured designers were David Siders AIFD and Rudy Grant AIFD,  Adriene Presti AIFD, Sue Weisser AIFD, Bill Murphy AIFD, and Michael O’Neill AIFD. Ron also coordinated two large floral panel screens in the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which were also maintained during the show. My sincere thanks to the design team, and the many other AIFD designers and volunteers who helped during set-up and tear-down of this large event.  It was truly a spectacular and rewarding team effort, and a true vision of design excellence. For pictures of the entire exhibit, please visit our Facebook page at AIFD Northeast Chapter. 


The North East Chapter was also well represented at the North East Floral Expo at the Mystic Marriott Hotel in Mystic, CT on March 8th and 9th.  Theresa Colucci AIFD PFCI and Michael Derouin AIFD PFCI coordinated this venture, along with the support of many members from our chapter. An on-stage educational design program with designers Bev McClure AIFD, Al De Luca AIFD, and Tim Walker AIFD was beautifully presented and well-received by those attending. We also participated in the show’s trade fair, representing AIFD with a unique floral display at our NERC booth, the display beautifully designed by Deryck de Matas AIFD.  Janet Black AIFD, Patricia Patrick AIFD, and Mary Robinson AIFD, as well as others, talked to many attendees about membership in AIFD, and our goal to educate, mentor and encourage florists and students to seek membership in our organization, offering information and support as needed. I very much enjoyed meeting many new people and regional AIFD members, and sincerely want to express my appreciation to the Connecticut Florists Association for hosting this wonderful event and for their hospitality and helpfulness during the Expo. My sincere thanks to all of our NERC members who helped in any way to make this such a successful event.

As we look forward to warmer weather, our SAIFD chapters will be having their year-end programs.  We appreciate our student chapter advisors and teachers for their training, mentoring and dedication to better preparing these students for their careers in the floral design world. We will be looking forward to seeing many of them compete in the student competitions at ‘Transition Transformation’ in Chicago. 

Ron Mulray AIFD is once again Chairman of the AIFD Foundation Fundraising Event this year at symposium, and we need your help!  This year’s theme to create ‘Shoes: The Art of the Pump.’ The shoes may be designed as art pieces (to sit on table) or can be wearable art fashion. Think of the endless possibilities and fun you can have when designing these heels!  If you are willing and interested in being part of this important event, email Ron Mulray at: for a detailed set of guidelines and criteria for designing these shoes.

This year, the participation of and volunteering of our region’s members has been overwhelming; your passion and dedication to AIFD and the floral industry is truly inspiring. If you are attending symposium in Chicago, and have some time to volunteer in some way, contact the symposium volunteer coordinator Laura Parker. It is a rewarding experience and a new way to help with the different aspects of symposium. I look forward to seeing many of your in Chicago! 

Polly Berginc AIFD
North East Chapter President




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I am finally getting the hang of this....

Looks like I am finally getting the hang of the idiosyncrasies of the programme used to produce the AIFD Northeast newsletter.  There are still a few things to iron out like the copy and paste from an external source as the programme has a mind of its own and sometimes you are lucky and you are able to paste an article other times no matter how many times you try it laughs at you and refuses to cooperate guess those typing lessons do come in hand that I took in school all those years ago. 

I thought I might as well introduce myself to the members of our region who do not know me. My name is Jo Jarvis and I have been a member since 1992 and was inducted in Boston, I am not ancient but when you look at the fact we are in the year 2014, it seems like I might well be.

This is the third issue of the North East Newsletter that I have been editor and I am sure by now that some of you may be wondering why certain words are spelt differently from the way you would spell them.  I am originally from England however have lived in many states in the US as well as Germany as my father was in the US Air Force, my mother is English and I was born and lived most of my life in England.  In the autumn of 2011, I once again found myself traveling across the pond so that I could be closer to my family and have settled in Pennsylvania for the time being.  It is closer to my family in Virginia than London but still far enough away that I can have freedom to do as I please with my life. 

You may have noticed if you read the newsletter that I have included information on what is happening in the UK with not only AIFD members but with the general floral industry. That is due to me having been the editor of what was the Society of Floristry magazine for over 5 years and as such still have a lot of contacts who send me what is happening and interesting articles with regards to the floristry world in the UK and Europe.  Also am more acquainted with more of the AIFD florists in the UK so keep up to date with what is happening. 

As our region encompasses; Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and the Canadian Providences of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and the United Kingdom.  It would be great if members from area would share information with the rest of North East at least a few times a year.

I was actually one of the UK members who voted to join the North East Region instead of being International, it was a long time ago and at the time there were more UK members of AIFD and we even had two London Symposiums both were chaired by Sylvia Bird NDSF AIFD and the second one I had the dubious honour to be the co-chair, I think this was because I was good at getting product and flowers sponsored and also was good at conditioning all the flowers that arrived for the designers.  Unfortunately since Sylvia moved to the US some years ago there has not been another London symposium so the interest from florists who were already members waned, however it does seem like in the last few years interest is once again getting a foot in the door.  Who knows in the future there may be another London symposium.

It would be great if members every state or providence would forward any information of what is happening in that region, workshops, demonstrations, honours for AIFD members, things that fellow members would find interesting and enlightening to me I would be more than grateful.

At the same time if anyone would like me to research more on an item please feel free to email me and I will endeavour to find out more on the subject.  I am trying to include a bit of business as well as what is going on in and around our region in each issue.

Wishing everyone a great Easter.





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Philadelphia Flower Show 2014

Some wonderful pictures courtesy of Spring Creek Photography of the AIFD Best in Show exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2014.  The team led by Ron Mulray and Claire Won Kang, with designers Dan Vaughn, Deryck DeMatas, Adriene Presti, Sue Weisser, Rudy Grant, David Siders, Bill Murphy, and Michael O'Neill. Well-deserved congratulations to our Philadelphia Flower Show Team this year for winning ‘Best of Show Floral’ from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Other awards included the PHS Special Achievement Award, Best Achievement in Contemporary Floral Design, The Garden Club Federation of PA- Special Achievement Award, Exhibit of Unusual Excellence in the Horticulture Category, and the SAF (Society of Florists) Award for Best in Show Floral.   

Ron Mulray and Claire Won Kang shortly after winning the Best of Show Cup.


Here are some more pictures from AIFD BEST IN SHOW at The  Philadelphia Flower Show

Sue Weisser's photo.








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AIFD Represented at North East Floral Expo

The North East Chapter was also well represented at the North East Floral Expo at the Mystic Marriott Hotel in Mystic, CT on March 8th and 9th. Our thanks to the Connecticut Florists Association for their warm welcome.

Rosemary Agostinucci and Michael Derouin welcome attendees at registration.

   An on-stage educational design program with designers Bev McClure AIFD, Al De Luca AIFD, and Tim Walker AIFD was beautifully presented representing AIFD.

Commentator Theresa Colucci reviews a beautiful calla arrangement made by Al DeLuca.


Bev McClure demonstrates her parallel garden design.


Tim Walker works on one of his creative designs.  

Janet Black AIFD, Patricia Patrick AIFD, and Mary Robinson AIFD, as well as others, talked to many attendees at our trade fair booth. The group talked about our goal to educate, mentor and encourage florists and students to seek membership in our organization, offering information and support as needed. The striking and unique booth display was designed by Deryck de Matas AIFD.


Polly Berginc, Mary Robinson, Lisa Greene, Theresa Colucci, and Patricia Patrick gather during the trade fair. 

Article Submitted by Polly Berginc

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Workshops at PAFA this weekend!!!
Still time to sign up for two great workshops this weekend....

It is not too late to still sign up for one or both of these workshops taught by Northeast AIFD members Wendy Andrade and Neil Whittacker all the way from England.....both designers are Internationally known and travel the floral world sharing their techniques, skills and passion for the art of floristry.

 for full membership discounts e-mail and mention that you would like to register with the Delaware Valley Floral or Potomac Floral Membership discounts!!!!!!!!!!



Bill Schaffer's photo.



On Sunday Neil Whittacker will be at PAFA IN BLOOM 




 Neil Whittaker




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Seneca College Hosts 1st Alumni Event
Design School Welcomes Alumni

Seneca College in Toronto, Canada  held their first Alumni Event on December 4, 2013. The Alumni attendees were from the years 2003 up to 2013. The college hosted a cocktail buffet with food and drinks. The Alumni gathering were given an overview of our activities since their graduation, and of courses promoted  for the upcoming events of our Chapter.  Since Symposium this year is very close we were able to generate some serious interest in the Chicago Symposium. Each attendee was given a gift bag, and promotional materials were included from AIFD.  The evening was very successful, and participants enjoyed networking and exchanging ideas.   

Marianne Suess AIFD welcomes the Alumni.

Submitted by Marianne Suess AIFD,

Coordinator of Floral Design Program at Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada   


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Leamington to Bloom at Chelsea Flower Show
Sarah Horne AIFD

The exhibit design for Leamington's entry into the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Hothouse Pod


Aviary Café Pod

Royal Leamington Spa is taking a piece of the spa town magic to RHS Chelsea Flower Show - and everyone can get involved! Sarah Windrum discusses Leamington’s exhibit.

 Northeast AIFD member Sarah Horne AIFD has teamed up with Debbie Cooke of Creative Garden Design in Leamingnton Spa, England to represent the town at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show this year. The exhibit will be in the Great Pavilion and is going to be 6 metres in diameter and 4 metres in height making it one of the largest exhibits ventured by even a city let alone a town the size of Leamington.

Leamington’s exhibit for Chelsea is the genius of Sarah Horne AIFD, the Chelsea award winning florist, and Debbie Cooke of Creative Garden Design, who also has a stream of awards to her name. And Debbie’s presentation at the Mallory Court Hotel simply took my breath away. They have captured every element of
the town from the Regency buildings to the River Leam, from the beautiful simplicity of a picnic in the Pump Room Gardens, to a walk through the sophisticated boutiques and independent shops the town is proud to boast. It is truly incredible.

But the story of Leamington at Chelsea gets better and better. Clive Sanderson of Charles Branson Design is donating about £6,000 in labour hours and materials to construct the metal framework structure, Vinteas Tea Room are donating chairs, Round Oak School in Warwick are growing plants, George Worrell Engineering are making the water feature, Kingsley donated design space, Stoneleigh Park are providing space to assemble the exhibit, and the list goes on and on. Listening to the inspiring Stephanie Kerr from BID Leamington speak, I quickly realised this is a project that is going to touch the hearts and lives of every single resident and the exhibit will be coming back to the town as a lasting legacy of what we all achieved working together.

As soon as I left the meeting I got involved simply by signing up to be a Blooming Buddy on their website Make a small donation and you will be entered into a prize draw to win much sought after Chelsea tickets too! Businesses can get involved in sponsorship or you may be able to help with the wish-list, or know someone else who can. Things like accommodation, storage, greenhouse space for plants, compost, to name just a few! Whatever you can give, I just know this is something we are all going to want to say we were part of to our children, our grandchildren, and for generations to come.



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Raising the Profile of Floristry
Well Cool Project--Raising money for water aid


Ever wonder how you could raise awareness of professional floristry to your community and at the same time raise money for a project that is important to you?

Northeast member Tina Parkes NDSF, Dutch master, AIFD CFD from England, is doing just that with the support of not only her business Academy of Floral Art but with master florists from all over the UK.

It all began with the Tina and Julie Collins (business partner) asking themselves the question "What would we do if we won the lottery", they came to the conclusion that they would donate money to water aid to give people easy access to water worldwide.  No they didn't but the winning ticket but they did decide to do something about bringing water to people and so they started the WELL COOL - project.

The project aim besides raising at least 5000 pounds (@$8000) to set up as many water wells as they are able to worldwide and to bring awareness to the public of the need for easy access water and promote professional floral skills and designs at the same time.


So far they have 10 committed volunteers on board and have planned 5 floral shows around the country.  The shows are a completely new concept involving top Master Florists and Chelsea Floristry medal winners making floral designs on stage, with music and lights to create the mood of Africa. 

They have set up a business and marketing plan as the Academy of Floral Art is all about teaching professional floral skills.  All profit, after expenses, will go to Water Aid for the Well Cool fund.

There have been two demonstrations to date with the next the 8th April and two more to follow one in June and the other in August.  To date the team have raised a massive 4130.76 pounds it looks like they are well on the way to hitting their goal and surpassing it.

The first demonstration in November 2013 so inspired one of the attendees that she has joined forces with the Academy to raise funds in her Beauty Salon.  The power of passion and flowers knows no bounds. 

For more information and to see photographs of the designs go to 

If you have anything that you would like to share with our members please feel free to contact me at


 academyofflorlart                     academyofflorlart








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Janet Black AIFD, PFCI Recognized for TPIE in Florida
A big Thank You to Janet




Good day,
I am tardy in sending this email, but the sentiments are no less sincere for their lateness.  I wish to thank the AIFD Board of Directors and AIFD for once again partnering with TPIE (Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition) and FNGLA (Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association) to offer exceptional educational programs to the attendees of TPIE.  Plant producers are realizing the days of growing a plant and selling it in a nursery pot to a consumer are passing. Creating relevant and beautiful applications for plants  to increase appeal and value is becoming more and more mainstream and no one does it better than the professionals who wear the AIFD credentials.
With the encouragement, solid ideas and very hard work of Janet Black AIFD we were able to offer the AIFD/TPIE Program as the central program of the Create Theater, a special space on the show floor which attracted people during and even in between the workshops, due to the exciting product displays put together by AIFD members.  I’ve attached a couple of photos for your interest. This was our first bride at TPIE. J
I wish to recognize Janet Black for the truly amazing and tireless efforts she put into the entire program. From conception to tear down, Janet was the one who made everything come together in a beautiful and beneficial way for all who participated.  She lined up the program, lined up the team, found the plants and props, the bride, the dress, spent hours with her team making the foliage creations including corsages and floral awards to give away, loaded and unloaded supplies (as did her husband, Jet) and did 3 of the presentations herself, all the time remembering to promote the suppliers, sponsors and AIFD.  No doubt you already know this about Janet, but she is a tremendous advocate and cheerleader for AIFD, its members and Symposium. As someone who has been in association management for 30 years, I know you can’t buy that kind of service. It truly comes from the heart.  So thank you, AIFD, for sharing Janet with us. She is a treasure and I look forward to working with her again.
TPIE will once again be participating in the Partner Expo at the AIFD Symposium. I hope to get some of our Florida companies to join forces with me this year.  It will be my pleasure to see you in Chicago this summer. Again, thanks for not only the partnership we have, but the friendship we share as well.  I’m learning more and more it’s the ROR – return on relationships – that makes associations so vital and valuable!
Linda Adams | Chief Operations Officer
Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA) Orlando, FL


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International Floral Art 2014-15
Northeast Chapter member Deryck DeMatas

Congratulations to Deryck on being selected as one of the floral designers whose work will be in the new issue of....


Photo: Deryck de Matas
Featured in
International Floral Art
Jubilee Edition

Many thanks to
Michael Gallitelli 


  This design was featured in the
International Floral Art 2014-15

Photo by Michael Gallitelli


Deryck DeMatas's photo.



Deryck DeMatas's photo.

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Measuring your Blog's Success
The Best Metrics to Use



It is hard to know if your blog is successful if you do not track and measure its results and failures.  It is like trying to win a race while wearing a blindfold.  You won't be able to take any real steps forward because you won't be able to see what is in front of you.

In your blogging strategy, everything needs to be clear.  You need to know what's working and what isn't.  You need to be aware of what can come in the future.  You need to be knowledgeable about what happened in the past.  You need to know where your are wasting money.  You need to know the areas where you need to spend more money.

A caveat: Blogging isn't necessarily easy.  Success is rarely born form a random accident.  The authoritative blogs you see---the ones that are pulling in hundreds of thousands of visitors consistently---have a system in place that tells them what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.  The are not making choices erratically; most of the decisions they make have reasons behind them.  These "reasons" are really goals that they are trying to meet.  These goals could really be anything, but let us condense them into three main objectives:

     Increased Traffic and Visitors

     Increased Sales and Revenue

     Increased Brand Awareness 

That is where most business blogs should aim.  But you will not reach these goals without installing a real system to track what you are doing right.  This is why you need to use metrics.

Blog Visitors, page views and search engine rankings

After you add a new post to your blog, you want to know a few important thinks:

     How many visitors your new post receives

     How many repeat visitors you get on that post

     The length of time that they stay on that particular post or page 

Over time, you will see that certain types of posts yield different results---some will work better than others.  You will be able to see what is popular with your community and that will enable you to provide more optimised content that is custom-tailored for their wants and needs.

But that is not all.  You need to track how many new visitors come to your blog.  In particular...

     The exact percentage of unique visitors that come to your blog

     Find out where these new visitors came from.  Did someone link to your site?  Or is this from the search engines? 

     The amount of pages they view when they visit your blog.  This will tell you how interested they are 

     Take note of any posts that will cause you to climb in the search engines.  And find out why you climbed

    What inbound links did you receive?  And from where? 

You also want to take note if there is any sudden spike of traffic to your blog.  If a sudden spike occurs, it could be from a number of things---you received a backlink from a high-traffic site, your content is being shared via social media, or SEO efforts are finally paying off. 

Prospects, call-to-actions and conversions 

Your business blog needs to have a sales focus.  At the end of the day, a blog is another avenue for revenue, and if you do not realise that, you have misconstrued the purpose for having a business blog.  But it is a slippery slope.  You can not force-feed your product or service to your blog visitors or they will promptly reject what you have to offer.  You need subtlety.  A deft, graceful hand is effective,  And you need to measure that effectiveness.  A simple way to do this is through having a track able link in every call-to-action. (CTA)

     Know how many visitors clicked on your CTA link

     Know how many visitors bounced from your sales pages/web copy/order checkout page

     Know how many visitors were ultimately integrated into your sales cycle 

     Know what posts have yielded the most purchases, signups, etc 

When you have split=tested different CTA's and post headlines, and when you know the types of posts that deliver the most sales, it becomes much easier to make your blog into a revenue-generating machine. 

Once you know what works, you can replicate and multiply it 

Community engagement, social media and brand authority

The best blogs are pillar authorities in their niche.  You need to have an active community that will comment on your posts, share your content, and make others more aware of your brand.

     Take note of what posts yield the most blog comments

     What content is getting shared the most?  Who is sharing your content?

    What posts receive the most social media interest (likes, retweets, votes, etc) 

Where to go form here

You need to measure as much as possible.  The more data you accumulate , the easier it is to know what direction to take.  The metrics that you track will relate to your marketing goals.  When you meet these goals, your blog will reach the next level.


The Best Metrics to Use When Measuring Your Blog's Success by Rome K 


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'Premium' twigs go under the hammer
It seems you really can sell anything if you use the right words

 Screengrab of the six twigs for sale on eBay

 A seller has proved you really can sell anything on eBay after a lot of six premium twigs attracted two bids within minutes of it being listed.

Bidders have until Thursday April 3rd to place an offer on the sticks from London's upmarket De Beauvoir Square in Hackney--which have oddly which have been listed in the 'creative toys and activities' category.

The seller describes the twigs as "travel size" and "each with a unique personality".  He even bizarrely lists the dimensions of each one.

Then, as if location matters, the listing boasts "It should be noted that these twigs come from De Beauvoir Square, a part of London where a room in a shared house costs a minimum of 600 a month excluding bills, and a sandwich starts at 4.20.

The seller concludes that this makes the twigs "premium and not every day rubbish". 

While the listing might seem tongue-in-cheek, two bidders wasted no time in placing bids, bringing the 99p starting price up to 9.50 within 10 minutes of the listing going live.  The winning bidder will have to pay 3.20 postage to.

The seller Hackney based musician and cartoonist Babak Ganjei-- who goes by the seller name Whackychop--is also selling Fresh Prince of Bel Air lyrics handwritten by him and a voucher with a five year guarantee--spelt guarantee.

It's understandable when something unusual makes cash on eBay in the name of charity= like unwanted Brussels Sprouts - but we can't get our heads around this one.

By: Becky Barnes 


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Floral Angels
Sharing smiles with flowers.....

From time to time I find interesting articles that make me smile and also remind me of the power of flowers to people of all walks of life.  The following article is an uplifting write up on a great service to people who would not normally receive flowers.  Yes it is based in England but there are places in the USA that have been involved in "Recycling flowers" in many states.  A great idea and one that brings joy and a little sunshine into peoples lives if only for a moment.

It is also fantastic to see that the floral industry is behind this venture and have wholeheartedly supported the "Floral Angels"....sit down grab a coffee or tea and read on, who knows it might inspire you to start something in your area after all life is about sharing and caring for others.... 

New Covent Garden Flower Market welcomes Floral Angels

Passionate About Flowers


Floral Angels team at New Covent Garden Flower Market

Angels are real. And they come bearing flowers, bringing joy to those in need in and around London. These are Floral Angels; the Flower Market's newest resident.

Floral Angels are a wonderful charity that recycle donated flowers from weddings, events, florists and retailers and restyle them into beautiful bouquets/arrangements, which are then delivered to those in need within the community.

The Angels deliver to hospices, care homes, women's shelters and cancer centres as well as many other deserving beneficiaries.

They give flowers to those who rarely, if ever, receive them, brightening their day and improving their wellbeing.

New Covent Garden Flower Market is delighted to support this amazing venture. Floral Angels have been overwhelmingly welcomed by the Market's customers and we are thrilled to give them a home in the Flower Market.

Frances Hunter, co-founder of Floral Angels, says: "The Flower Market was simply the natural place for Floral Angels to be. It was where we always thought we would like to be based – it's the centre of all things flowery in London and the best possible place for us to reach out to the flower community."

How it all began

Floral Angels is the brainchild of Frances Hunter, Amanda Romain and Julie Ritter (L-R below) who met on a floral design course in London.

 Floral Angels creators at New Covent Garden Flower Market

While there, they could see that flowers were often discarded after corporate events and weddings, despite still being in perfect condition. They felt there must be a way to not only give these flowers a second life, but also to give something back to the community.

And so in April 2013 Floral Angels was born.

Industry Support

Since its inception the Angels have created and delivered hundreds of bouquets and have received support and donations from some of the UK's top florists and Flower Market regulars including Simon Lycett, Shane Connolly, Pinstripes & Peonies, Neil Birks, Okishima & Simmonds and Elizabeth Marsh.

Floral Angels have joined forces with Pollencrew, who deliver flowers to them free of charge, enabling florists to donate more easily.

Their team of volunteers take turns to work Mondays and Fridays at their unit in New Covent Garden Flower Market, 're-purposing' the donated flora arrangements as they come in.

On the morning we visited they had just taken a large delivery of used flowers from a bride who had donated via Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design. The flowers were being reworked into 35 bouquets which would later be delivered to George Potter Nursing Home in Battersea.

 Just the week before, The Angels had broken their record for the most bouquets in one week; a massive 75 bouquets made specially for International Women's Day.

Moved to tears

The feedback Floral Angels have received from the recipients of their bouquets has been heartfelt.

 Floral Angels sponsor Crysal delivering flowers

Hestia Women's Refuges have said that the women in their projects have been moved to tears upon receipt of the beautiful floral arrangements. A bouquet means much more to these women that it does to most.

You can read more testimonials on the Floral Angels website.

The future

In one year Floral Angels have already achieved so much, but they're just getting started. This year their goals are to raise their profile, secure funding for future years and to get a delivery company on board. They also plan to launch the first of their floral workshops.

In the immediate future, the Angels will be hard at work in the run up to Mother's Day, when they will be delivering a bouquet of flowers to every mother in the Italian wing of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

How you can get involved...

Floral Angels have received financial support from Chrysal and a workspace from New Covent Garden Market, but they are always looking for more support.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved, including:

Floral Donations: Calling all London florists - could you donate the flowers after one of your events?

Sundries Donations: Floral Angels need sundries (it's one of their biggest costs right now). Any unused vases, pots, glassware that you can spare will be hugely appreciated.

Volunteer: Floral Angels are actively seeking volunteers to help create arrangements at the Flower Market currently on Friday mornings but possibly one or two other mornings a week later in the year.

Drivers: Floral Angels are enjoying such success that they are in need of more volunteer drivers for a few hours a week on a Monday or Friday to help make deliveries.

To help out in any of the above ways, please call Floral Angels on 07506 964575 or email

Inserted from <>



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Klaus Wagener Workshops at Seneca College
May 13, 15th Sessions in Toronto

Klaus Wagener, Internationally recognized Master Floral Design Artist.

World Champion Floral Designer, lecturer, and writer Klaus Wagener brings his creative talent, dynamic presentation skills, and superb work to Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in  May 2014. Klaus Wagener will demonstrate alternative techniques in contemporary bouquet and arrangement design.

Klaus will be holding 2 workshops: Advanced Floral Design, on Tuesday, May 13th, from 9 am to 5 pm. The 2nd workshop will be : Floral Design Master Class, on Thursday May 15th, from 9 am to 5 pm.

For more infomation contact:
Coordinator Marianne Suess, AIFD, CAFA, 416.491.5050 Ext. 24090

The Workshop Flyers are attached below:   

Designing for Excellence Information Package.pdf 

Master Class Information Package.pdf 


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NERC Face Book Page
We Did It!!!!

 Adriene Presit AIFD

Our facebook page is listed as AIFD Northeast Chapter.  If you even search 'Northeast' it comes right up.  Without your support, our page will not be gettting the attention it deserves to spread the word on floral related issues.  So please support our Chapter and look us up on facebook! 

A few pictures of the recent instalment on behalf of AIFD Northeast at the Philadelphia Museum of Art....

For pictures of what Northeast has been up to recently check out the NERC face book page.... 


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NERC Memorial Scholarship Application
Scholarship Application for 2015 is now Available

The deadline has past for this year's Scholarship application, and the committee is reviewing the applications of the promising designers that have applied. We are thrilled to have had so many applications this year, and look forward to sending one of these designers to the 'Transition Transformation' Symposium this July in Chicago.

If you know of a promising floral student or intuitive designer who would like to attend symposium next year in Denver, encourage them to apply for our NERC Memorial Scholarship.  If they are not already CFD or AIFD designated, they are eligible to apply.  Scholarship and grants are also available through the AIFD  Foundation.

 North East Regional Chapter Memorial Scholarship

Please review the Scholarship Criteria page, as there have been some recent amendments to better serve our applicants applying for the scholarship.

Our scholarship liaison is Mary Robinson.  The attached application can be downloaded. Please follow the application instructions, and return the application to Mary at:  24 Cassidy Dr. Saratoga Springs NY 12866

The date for the Memorial Scholarship application is 1 month earlier this year.  Application for the 2015 scholarship due by February 1, 2015.

NERC Memorial Scholarship App 2015 link is below:

NERC Scholarship App 2015.doc 


AIFD Foundation Scholarships funded by the North East Regional Chapter

 The following Scholarships & Grant Applications are available to apply for at the AIFD Foundation:  
                                                                       2015 Student Application
                                                                       2015 Grant Application        
                                                                       2015 Symposium Scholarship 

 To find these apps:  Go to:

 Look under the 'Scholarship Information' Tab on Toolbar

Choose the 'Scholarships & Grants' Tab

Download the application forms listed above

Deadline for the Foundation Scholarships & Grants is January 31, 2015.
The applications must be received at Foundation Headquarters by that date.  


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NERC Chapter Pins Available
Make sure you have a chapter pin....

If you do not already own our chapter pin, they are still available to purchase. Members have been requesting information on how to acquire one.  The beautiful gold colored pin represents our chapter with a spray of acorns and oak leaves, which are prevelant throughout the entire Northeast region. The pin is approximately 1" W x 3/4" H.

The pin price is $25.00 (plus $5 shipping). To purchase a pin by mail, please contact Janet Black. Her email address is: Janet's cell Phone # is: (207) 514-3500.

The pins will also be available for purchase at upcoming NERC sponsored events.  Get your pin soon!   


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Calendar of Events
Upcoming dates for your diary....

April 1, 2014

April Fools Day 

April 4 -6, 2014

PAFA IN BLOOM, Philadelphia, PA

April 4 -6, 2014

Southern Conference

Sea Palms Golf & Tennis Resort
5445 Frederica Rd.
St Simons, GA 31522


April 20, 2014



April 20 - 26, 2014

Administrative Professionals Week 

May 11,  2014

Mothers Day 

 July 3-7, 2014

2014 AIFD Symposium
“Transition Transformation”
Hilton Chicago
720 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605


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Northeast Regional Chapter
Board Contact Information

 Includes Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,
 Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and the Canadian Providences of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick,
 Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and the United Kingdom.

 Regional Officers:

 President - Polly Berginc 724-679-2872
 President-Elect - Theresa Colucci  845-255-3866 
 Vice President - Janet Black 207-514-3500
 Secretary - Colleen Kelly 570-642-1058
 Treasurer - Ken Norman 201-675-5946
 Past President - Lisa Greene 978-902-2754

Board of Directors:
 Michael Brody (2015) 570-522-6476 
 Dot Chenevert (14) 845-229-9336
 Rob DeBellis (16) 609-270-7884
 Deryck de Matas (14) 518-207-6879
 Jane Godshalk (15) 610-896-8292
 Susan Krabill (13) 302-697-3273
 Crescentia Motzi (16) 610-518-1270
 Bill Murphy (717) 679-9009
 Patricia Patrick (14) 519-856-9237

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Northeast Newsletter Contact Information
Editor: Jo Jarvis AIFD, CFD

Please contact Jo Jarvis or Polly Berginc  with any news stories or information you wish to submit by email to: or  We are always looking for news involving our members and regional upcoming events, so PLEASE help us keep the newsletter interesting by submitting leads and information.

Please Note: All photos submitted should be sent as a jpg file; We can re-size the images to fit into the newsletter format as needed.

Please also visit the national website at for additional news and information.  Current and back issues of our NERC Newsletter are available on the NERC Chapter page. 

If you have a change of address, or a new email address, please forward me the information for our contact distribution list update. (Otherwise, you may not receive future newsletters to your email)  

NEXT ISSUE beginning of May

Deadline for articles for next issue is April 25th, 2015===so if you have any news or something of interest to share please send it in to either of the above emails to ensure it is published...

If there is anything that you would like to see in the newsletter, business, design trends, techniques, new products please let me know so that I can endeavour to be able to research in order to put it in one of the issues....this is a work in progress and I need to know what you want to read....Jo 


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AIFD North East Region,
720 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
TEL: (410) 752-3318
FAX: (410) 752-8295