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Editor: Jo Jarvis AIFD, CFD

June 25th, 2014

Farewell from our President

Dear North East Members,

The long sweet days of summer are finally here, and many of you are in full swing with wedding season. Our members throughout the region have been participating in programs, educational workshops, international flower shows, and design contests.  Our chapter is in the final planning stages for a design contest/program at Hillcrest Gardens in Paramus, NJ on July 15th, and we need at least 4 to 6 more AIFD designers to help with designing and judging.  Dot Chenevert AIFD has been has been working with Eric at Hillcrest to set up this unique panel design show and contest for us, and we need to finalize this week.  Please be part of this event, and contact Dot immediately at to help. The flyer and information are detailed below in the newsletter.  

I hope to see many of you at symposium in Chicago. 'Transition Transformation' is sure to be an exciting event this year, with a fabulous line-up of programs sure to inspire. We look forward to welcoming three new inductees into our region, and encouraging their active participation with us. Please welcome them  and our new CFD's to our region if you are coming to Chicago. 

  Ron Mulray AIFD is once again Chairman of the AIFD Foundation Fund raising Event this year at symposium, and we need your help!  This year's theme to create ˜Shoes: The Art of the Pump. The shoes may be designed as art pieces (to sit on table) or can be wearable art fashion. Think of the endless possibilities and fun you can have when designing these heels!  If you are willing and interested in being part of this important event, email Ron Mulray at: for a detailed set of guidelines and criteria for designing these shoes. Ron, again, my sincere thanks for all you do for our region and AIFD; you never cease to amaze me!

Jane Godshalk AIFD of Haverford, PA  had the prestigious honor of representing the US at WAFA, (The World Association of Flower Arrangers) in Ireland this past week, and is also just released her first book on floral design, which Jane will have available at the Partner’s Expo at Symposium. Our congratulations to Jane for her accomplishments and for representing so beautifully the floral profession and AIFD.  

For our members 'Across the Pond' my congratulations to Sarah Horne AIFD and her design team for placing Silver at Chelsea; and also to Neil Whittaker AIFD for the honor of representing the UK at the World Cup in Berlin, Germany in 2015.  We are so proud to have you as part of our regional chapter.

Co-chairs Dan Vaughn AIFD and Deryck de Matas  AIFD are in the planning stages of our Philadelphia Flower Show exhibit for 2015; I can hardly wait to see what this team of creative minds and talents will do!  I know our membership will give Dan and Deryck the support they need for another fantastic show. Adriene Presti AIFD will be the Chairperson for 2016, and Ron Mulray AIFD continues to do a fabulous job as our liaison to PHS.    

When I attended the national meetings last year in Baltimore, John Kittinger asked us to write out our goals for the coming year, and offered support in helping us reach our goals.  His gift to us was to ‘Enjoy the Journey’. I can truly say that this has been an amazing journey; full of commitments, accomplishments, meeting new members, and making my goals for our chapter become a reality. There is still work to be done, but I can leave my term feeling that I have fulfilled several goals for the betterment of the NERC.  But this has truly been a team effort; and without the hard work and assistance of my current board and other active members within our region, these achievements could not have been successfully reached. I thank each and every one of you for your commitment to our region and AIFD.  Your support has been incredible; when asked of you to help out with a task or to lend a hand, you delivered. I also want to thank John Kittinger for his support and for sharing with us our ‘Best of Show’ celebration at the Philadelphia Flower Show. 

 As I am very busy working at wrapping up this year's projects in our region, I look forward to incoming President Theresa Colucci and the new officers and board continuing with our region's goals and achieving new accomplishments, and offer the new board any help needed. My sincere congratulations to the new NERC officers and board members for the upcoming year. It has truly been an honor representing the NERC and serving as your President, and I will continue to support our chapter in the future. Wishing you are prosperous and enjoyable summer season, and hope to see many of you in Chicago! 

Polly Berginc AIFD
North East Chapter President  



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Hillcrest Gardens July 15th Panel Design Show & Contest
Wedding & Funeral Designs Featured at Show

Eric Levy and his team at Hillcrest Gardens are going all-out for their first ever design Face-Off Design Competition at their business.  All Hillcrest customers are eligible to enter, and the event will be combined with a Design Panel Show by AIFD designers. Our Chair-person for this event is Dot Chenevert AIFD, who has been working with Eric to coordinate this show.  

The design contest theme, "Color Outside the Lines",  encourages contestants to think 'outside the box' and create a high-style arrangement in mainly fresh product.  This is a fantastic opportunity for florists to show their talents, with a chance for cash prizes and gift certificates. 

This is where we need your help.....We need at least 4 to 6 AIFD members for the design panel and to help with the judging......and we are counting on our members to help make this happen.  Please contact Dot Chenevert  at or her home phone # at 845-229-9336 as soon as possible to help with this program so we can print and finalize the flyer. 

The 1st link below show the information and time frame for the event, plus all the vendors. The 2nd link contains all the contest rules and prizes. 

Please help us bring this great educational opportunity mixed with a fun design competition a reality!

Sincerely, Polly Berginc AIFD - NERC President


Hillcrest design show flyer 1.pdf 

Hillcrest design show flyer 2-Contest rules.pdf 

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NERC Member Book Release
Jane Godshalk AIFD


Jane Godshalk AIFD

  NERC Member Jane Godshalk AIFD, from Haverford, PA recently published her 1st book on design. Jane teaches at Longwood Gardens, one of the finest botanical gardens in the US. She teaches floral design, and frequently demonstrates and conducts workshops across the country.  She has received numerous awards, and just this past week represented the US at WAFA (World Association of Flower Arrangers) in Ireland. Jane's new book will be available at the Partner's Expo at the Chicago symposium. Congratulations to Jane for her outstanding accomplishments in the field of floral design, well done!   

Flower Arranging Secrets---Natural Designs for Everyday Living will help anyone design and create the perfect flower arrangement for everyday living, from your kitchen table to a festive party with friends. The book features step-by-step tutorials and lavish color photography to show readers exactly how to find the right flowers, structural materials, and containers to get started, and teaches the process to make the perfect design for the perfect place. 
Jane has taught hundreds of flower lovers how to work with flowers and create beautiful arrangements.  She teaches at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and lectures across the United States and in Europe. 


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RHS Chesea Update
Silver and Gold

 Well we did it; we took Royal Leamington Spa to Chelsea 2014 and received a coveted RHS Silver Medal.



Sarah putting the finishing touches to one of her stunning floral ‘Pods’ whilst Clive Sanderson of who created the beautiful metal structure for our exhibit and Darren Cooke who built all the walls and hidden support structure, look on.  I’m not sure how helpful they were being.  


Before......                                                                               and After....Stunning!