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Theresa Colucci AIFD, PCFI
Merry Christmas
Jo Jarvis AIFD
PFCI Audition Presentation Guidelines
The Floral Industry's Speakers Bureau
Poinsettia Day
The Poinsettia as a Show of Love
Magical ideas for decorating with poinsettias
Flowerbook App for Florists
Hannah Dunne
Keep Your Profit By Keeping Cogs In Line This Holiday Season
Katie Hendricks
40 Years of Feeding and Flowering London
Helen Evans
Interesting article on Wreaths
Home Depot
How to use Social Networks (NOW) to Lock in Weddings for Next Summer
Michael Lyons...Global Petals November 18, 2014
Launch of Floral Fundamentals
Fusion Flowers
A Plant is for Life not just for Christmas
Emily Cooper The Florist
The Rules and Hazards of Presenting Flowers in Ballet
By ROSLYN SULCAS NOV. 20, 2014 Florist 2.0
Techniques, Mechanics, Profit
Hitomi Gilliam AIFD
10 Smart Things to Do When Writing and Updating Your Business Plan
By Hal Shelton Posted Nov 24, 2014
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Editor: Jo Jarvis AIFD, CFD

November 30, 2014

Greetings from the President
Theresa Colucci AIFD, PCFI

Hello Everyone,

I’m writing as I watch the snow fall the day before Thanksgiving!  We are expecting up to 14”!  Under normal circumstances, I would be waiting on customer’s, but unfortunately, there are no one on the roads!  I hope most of you are experiencing less extreme weather and have a profitable Thanksgiving at your shops.  But more importantly, I hope you all took the time to enjoy the blessing of family and friends and all that you have.

This weekend I will be decorating my home for the holidays.  After visiting Versailles twice this month, I am inspired to overuse gold in my holiday décor!  I decided on a color scheme of white, cream, gold and butter yellow for my color scheme.  I think the yellow will give it a warm richness and am looking forward to the challenge of using yellow in my palette!  I think it will work well with the mixed evergreens and the grey juniper. 

While we’re on the subject of holiday decorating...  Send Jo some pictures of your shop or studio all decked out for the season.  We would all enjoy seeing the creativity and various themes you are decorating with!

Happy holidays to you!  Remember to laugh a little while you are working hard filling orders.  The sap will be off your hands in 4 weeks!

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Theresa Colucci AIFD, PFCI
North East Chapter President  


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Merry Christmas
Jo Jarvis AIFD

Originally I was not going to send out a newsletter in November however on reflection I changed my mind, hey I am female we are known for doing this a the drop of pin.

You might notice there are no diary dates in this issue, apparently nothing happens in December, other than most florists are run off their feet.  As the photo below from The Florist magazine shared states it quite categorically. 

 "Kudos to Neville MacKay from Novia Scotia for telling his customers how it is ... enjoy the last weekend!" 

It is hard to believe that this year is just about over and 2015 beacons, I know for me next year will be one of being on more planes than I have since landing in the states.  The old saying you never know what is around the corner will certainly be true for me.  On the off chance I invited Francoise Weeks to teach a workshop at the Floral Studio owned by Sue Weisser AIFD, in October 2013, and since then we have really hit it off and for one reason or another (lucky me) there will be various overseas trips teaching together.  Talk about a bonus.  So you never know what will happen when you attend a demonstration or a workshop, not only will you learn new ideas, techniques, skills but you could change your floral direction.  Life is surprising at the best of times....

Talking about workshops, demonstrations and sharing leads me to mention Hitomi Gilliam AIFD, "Sharing" is her second name.  Hitomi has a passion for this industry and loves to share with others, at the moment she is putting together videos of hints, tips, techniques and mechanics as well as how to make a profit from your designs and everyone who can hit a button can tap into these fundamental and educational videos via Youtube.  If you are not a friend already on face book then make sure you friend Hitomi on either her page or Design 358, also you can find info on

This issue has a few articles on plants for Christmas, information on business and marketing, a new exciting app for Florists, how to perfect your speaking/commentating skills from PFCI, ways in which you can increase your profits for Christmas and an article that was interesting on where all the Christmas wreaths come from for Home Depot. Plus a few other bits of news in the floral world in the last month.

It goes without saying that I wish everyone a profitable December and hope that you have a few minutes to have some fun and possibly read the newsletter. 

Merry Christmas to everyone.....


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PFCI Audition Presentation Guidelines
The Floral Industry's Speakers Bureau

 Professional Floral Communicators - International is a network of professional floral business educators certified by SAF. Each member of PFCI has proven, through their education and experience, their ability to speak authoritatively about the principles and elements of floral design, the proper care and handling of flowers and effective business management techniques.

If you love talking about flowers and present programs for garden clubs or industry groups, you're half way to getting the recognition you deserve.

  Need help with your PFCI Audition DVD? Watch this video.  It was produced for the benefit of prospective PFCI candidates wishing to produce and submit an audition presentation to be evaluated by the PFCI Board of Trustees. The video will cover the points listed on the PFCI Application.

For more information and to download the PFCI Membership Application, go to The PFCI Application Deadline is Jan. 31, 2015.

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Poinsettia Day
The Poinsettia as a Show of Love

 2014 ChristmasStar Classic06  

December 12 has traditionally been celebrated as Poinsettia Day in the US. Ever since the mid-19th century, Poinsettia Day has been taken as an opportunity in the United States to show appreciation to loved ones. Unlike Valentine's Day, however, poinsettias and not flowers are given on Poinsettia Day - a custom that is likely to find favour here in Germany too.

The winter date can be traced back to the day on which Joel Poinsett died. As the first US ambassador to Mexico, Poinsett brought the poinsettia from Mexico to the US some 200 years ago, after which the plant was named after him. Starting from America, the poinsettia then proceeded to conquer the world. In the mid-19th century, the US Congress designated December 12 as Poinsettia Day in honour of the diplomat and plant lover.

In Europe, the poinsettia has been at the top of the hit parade of flowering potted plants for many years. As a popular present during the Advent and Christmas seasons, it can be found in almost every household in the winter months and has become an integral part of Christmas decorations over the course of time. In France, the poinsettia is not only called "Étoile d'Amour" but has also-as in the US-enjoyed long use as an expression of love, in other countries roses are almost always given for this purpose.

However, as far as grace, elegance and diversity are concerned, the poinsettia is well able hold its own against the rose. For poinsettias now blossom in a countless variety of shapes and colours, from the classic red to bordeaux, pink, apricot, rosé, lemon-yellow and creamy white. Two-tone variegated or white speckled poinsettias with pointed, rounded and ruffled bracts can also be found. They grow in large and small versions and as slender saplings. Plant breeders surprise us with new varieties for each season, making it possible to find the right poinsettia for anyone.

So those who wish to make a clear statement or want just once to show themselves from their best side need no longer wait for Valentine's Day: December 12 is Poinsettia Day.


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Magical ideas for decorating with poinsettias


Year after year, the poinsettia makes a welcome return over Advent and the Christmas holidays. This season the popular Christmas flower takes on an especially warming glow in a fairytale setting: Imaginative arrangements and surprising decorations are inspired by the Grimm fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. Be it upside down over the dinner table or in glass Christmas baubles, the poinsettia shines in any setting.

Once upon a time there was the Christmas star... Poinsettias are an essential ingredient for the festive season. Presented as if in a fairy tale, they exude a magical charm and create a wonderful Christmas flair in your home.

Whether you have them hanging upside-down over the dining table in a Snow White scene, nestled in glass Christmas baubles inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, or as Sleeping Beauty's hanging wall garden — this Christmas, these new poinsettia arrangements bring the fairy-tale forest to your living room and offer wonderful alternatives to traditional poinsettia decorations.
Christmas tree decorations of glass   

An indispensable part of the Christmas holidays is the Christmas tree, which this year can look forward to an extra special decorative touch. Little poinsettias in their traditional scarlet, resplendent like Little Red Riding Hood's cape, are the perfect way to decorate your tree. Glass plant-baubles are first lined with moss and then a small poinsettia, after removal from its plant pot, is inserted into each. All you do now is cover the opening of the baubles with moss to stop any loose potting soil from falling out, and your Christmas tree is ready to shine with its coat of Christmas stars. Preparation is so easy that even little Christmas Elves can help with the decoration.

Sky Planter   

For Christmas décor at the dining table, Christmas flowers take on a particularly spell-binding appearance when they are planted upside down to hang magically from the ceiling in "Sky Planters". The festive dinner will be a special experience when your friends and family, like Snow White's seven dwarves, are greeted with not only their own plate but also their own "Sky Planter".

"Sky Planters" are available in stores and online and are guaranteed to surprise and impress your guests. To achieve this look, poinsettias are removed from their plant pots and inserted into the "Sky Planters". A net at the bottom of the pot prevents soil from dropping out when the plant is hung upside down. Watering is also very simple: A terracotta insert at the top of the "Sky Planter" regulates the water supply and prevents any drops from above.

 Vertical Garden   

A Christmas winter wonderland becomes reality with the "Vertical Garden", a seemingly enchanted wall garden of poinsettias. With surroundings as dreamlike as those experienced by Sleeping Beauty, your family will have an unforgettable fairy-tale Christmas. The "Vertical Garden" is made in a few easy steps with water-proof planting bags, which are specially designed for mounting on walls.

Just fill the planting bags one-third full with potting soil, carefully remove the plants from their pots and place them in the planting bag leaning slightly towards the front. Next, fill the planting bag with soil. Now the "Vertical Garden" is ready to take its place on the wall. If handled properly, the waterproof bags protect your furniture and walls from moisture and stains. While watering, take care to pour the water directly onto the slope at the rear of the bag. The water will drain down into the planting bag, where it is captured for gradual release to the roots. Watering regularly and in small portions will avoid waterlogging, just as with a normal flower pot.


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Flowerbook App for Florists
Hannah Dunne

It's been downloaded over 2000 times, with some florists calling it brilliant and claiming it will be indispensable for doing business. The creators of the new Flowerbook app hope to make your life a hundred times easier – if it's on your download list, let us know what you think of this forward-thinking tool.

We stumbled upon Robin Hesselberth and Fabian van Dijk at the IFTF fair in Holland where they were making their first big splash into industry. Robin, who has gained a ton of knowledge as a buyer for Flowervision, tells us "with our app all your flower-related questions can be answered, instantly."

Flowerbook is a discovery tool which aims to help florists find specific flower varieties for all types of projects and designs. Whether you're working on a colour-themed event and need flowers in just the right kind of maroon, or you just need to know what's going to be available this season, Robin and Fabian hope that the Flowerbook app will help.

"Breeders get in touch with us and arrange for their products to be uploaded to the app as soon as they're created." So signs are Flowerbook could become a strong platform for gaining up-to-date info from the earliest stages of the flower chain.

Designed to make life easier, it lists each flower against a colour guide with pictures plus clear information including whether there is limited availability, if it is grown all year round and where it is grown.

The duo have already collected over 5,000 photos so that you can search by variety, type or colour, with the aim to give you more confidence when quoting what will be available to your customers.