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Who wants to win a $1000?????
Read on.......
Lights, Camera, Bloom!
Phildelphia Flower Show 2015
AIFD at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Take a trip down memory lane....Jo A Jarvis AIFD
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January 30, 2015

Greetings from the President
Theresa Colucci AIFD, PFCI

                      Plantation Flowers, Scotland 

Hello members,

I know all of you are putting time and effort into making Valentines Day a success this year.  The NE has taken too many weather hits in the past few years, and we deserve a break!  But, last year, despite the storm many of you used your years of experience and planning and managed to pull it together for a pretty successful holiday!  Bravo!  This year we have the challenge of a Saturday holiday.  SAF is suggesting we market to customers to send their flowers on Friday.  While our shop has never had much success with senders buying into the day before delivery, this year could prove very different if it's marketed correctly.  SAF members should take advantage of marketing tools for advertising and social media available on their website.  Also wholesalers, Kenicott Brothers Company in Chicago, came up with 2 fantastic ads for retail florists to use to promote Friday delivery.  I am putting them to use through radio for our shop as well as all social media that is used to promote and market the business.  For more information email them at

Please take advantage of our special workshop exclusively for our NE members!  This fantastic workshop was designed so we could educate ourselves, and have time to socialize and network with each other at an unbelievable price!  More info on this in the newsletter.

Hope to see you at The Philadelphia Flower Show, The NE Florlal Expo, and The Rene Van Rems workshop!

All the best for much success and a good frame of mind, 

Theresa Colucci
Northeast Chapter President  

"Expect problems and eat them for breakfast"
Alfred A. Montapert

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Who wants to win a $1000?????
Read on.......

Money always it has been known to grab peoples attention...but before I let on how you could win $1000 and now that you are reading one of the articles in the newsletter, plus the president (Northeast Chapters not the Commander in Chief) wanted me to bring to all members notice of the Educational programme being offered directly after the NorthEast Floral Expo.

The board thought that the NorthEast AIFD members could use some inspiration and have a bit of a get together, so what better time than the day after the Floral Expo, as so many members will already be there.  The hotel will honour the special room rate for the extra day. 

I am sure everyone has heard of the fabulous Rene van Rems, so why not treat yourself to what I am sure will be a fantastic workshop after all it is at a special rate of only...$50.00 for AIFD Northeast Members.


This hands on breakfast program would normally be offered at $175.00. Class is limited to 30 people.  Please email Janet Black or Theresa Colucci if you are interested. or

Date:   Monday March 16, 2015   TIME:  9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.


OK....I will get on to the real reason you are reading this page in the newsletter the $1000 and how to win it...first you need to attend the Floral Expo and next you need to register. Now once you have checked out the Floral Expo you will notice that there is a design competition that lets you go to town with your floral skills with the bonus of a prize of $1000, I didn't say it would be easy. For more information and the ins and outs of it...go to of check out the facebook page CT Florist Association for updates and a video of the fantastic line up of designers....Good Luck



  The North East Floral Expo, commonly known as NEFE, is planned for March 13-15 and the theme this year is “(re)engage.” This expo will be held in Mystic, Conn. and is as close to National Symposium as you can get! Great design shows, hands on classes and business seminars. They also host a mini “Partners” style trade show and Saturday night dinner extravaganza! Our North East Chapter will be the designers for a wedding reception style dinner and runway bridal show. Our featured designers are: Patricia Patrick AIFD, CFD, Robert DeBellis AIFD, CFD, PFCI, Rebecca Carter AIFD, CFD, David Siders AIFD, CFD and Rudy Grant AIFD, CFD. Many of our members attend from our region and throughout the country as stage talent and attendees. A wonderful educational weekend to consider!   

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Lights, Camera, Bloom!
Phildelphia Flower Show 2015

  The 2015 Flower Show will "Celebrate the Movies" with the world's great floral and garden designers taking inspiration from the world's great cinema.

 “Lights, Camera, Bloom!” Co-chairs, Daniel Vaughn AIFD, CFD and Deryck DeMatis AIFD, CFD have put together an amazing team of designers and have been collaborating on the set and displays. I don’t want to give away any secrets, but our booth will be sure to delight audiences of all ages! If you are interested in volunteering, be sure to give one of them a call. If you have never been to the Philadelphia Flower Show, this is the year to do it. The Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest indoor flower show in the world and it is on the list of “100 things you must do before you die.” So make plans to see it and visit with your North East AIFD Family!"

Dan and Deryck  wanted to give everyone a heads up about the AIFD exhibit at the 2015 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show.  However at the same time keep the minutiae details close to their hearts so that it is a surprise to all.  So here is a sneak peak.

Visitors young and old are transformed into a magical mood as they enter the red carpet experience created by the American Institute of Floral Designers. The Eleven Official Disney Princesses, from the first Snow White to the last Merida are depicted in a floral interpretation of their individual style and story. Spectacular flowers in brilliant colors give each viewer the opportunity to imagine something special about every Princess.

The Princesses, as well as the designers, are listed below.

• Tiana – Laurie Lemek AIFD & Beverly McClure AIFD
• Ariel – Sue Weisser AIFD & Cres Motzi AIFD
• Belle – Kathy Whalen AIFD
• Snow White – Claire Won Kang AIFD
• Pocahontas – Nancy Kitchen AIFD
• Merida – Adriene Presti AIFD
• Rapunzel – Jane Godshalk AIFD & Theresa Colucci AIFD
• Aurora – Alisha Bell AIFD
• Cinderella – Carol Caggiano AIFD
• Jasmine – Leslie Miklos AIFD
 Mulan – Donna Piorko AIFD

And creating the entrance…

• Michael O’Neill AIFD
• Michael Brody AIFD

Opening day is Saturday, February 28 with the conclusion on Sunday, March 8.  Preview for PHS members starts Friday prior at 12:00 pm. 

Designers will complete their work on Wednesday & Thursday, February 25th & 26th.

We are sure you are aware this undertaking is very labor intensive.  As chairmen of this year’s exhibit, we would like to take this opportunity to invite members and friends to join in this venture.  All members & friends are encouraged to come and assist.  There will be processing of flowers, set up, clean up, strike, maintenance every evening at the close of the show.  It would be great to enough manpower to staff the exhibit during show days.  Please feel free to contact either of us should you decide to lend a hand… EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!!

We are thrilled and excited to see the designers bring to life the vision months of planning have taken.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve as chairmen for this spectacular world acclaimed flower show!


Dan & Deryck

 Don't be shy if you would like to be a part of this exciting floral display then email either Dan or Deryck to offer your assistance...  


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AIFD at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Take a trip down memory lane....Jo A Jarvis AIFD

Being a person who has a very inquisitive mind and yes I did drive my parents mad with the “WHY” word when I was a child, (well until I could read reference books and do research on my own), so it goes without saying that I would be want to know “How, When and Why” AIFD became involved in the Philadelphia Flower Show. 
I contacted a couple of people who gave me invaluable information on how it all began, thank you Ron Mulray AIFD for chatting to me and giving me some background and Sylvia Bird AIFD who photo copied back issues of Focal Point and posted them to me with articles on AIFD’s involvement.  To the editors of Focal Point I want to say thank you for such a wealth of information.

“How”, It all started with the ambitious vision of the then AIFD president Lynn Lary McLean AIFD and the urging of Executive Director Tom Shaner to be part of the show.

The “When” AIFD began its journey takes us back to 1995, yes it all started 20 years ago with the planning stages of AIFD being involved in the Philadelphia Flower Show. 

That leaves the “Why”, in my mind that goes without saying…to promote professionalism in floral design to the public.  After all nearly 300,000 people (at that time) visited the show not to mention that the media reported on it.  Remember this was the age when Social Media was not the be all and end all of marketing.  The flower show is a very big event for the city of Philadelphia.

This year will be the 20th time that AIFD exhibits at the Philadelphia Flower Show as you may guess things have changed over the years and evolved from being a National project (1996 – 2002) in 2003 it became a North East Chapter undertaking.  With the support and a stipend from the PHS each year, AIFD is able to showcase the talents of the membership to the general public. 

To be part of the Philadelphia Flower Show offers the opportunity to AIFD the chance of enlightening the public of our goals, talents and professionalism in floral design on a large scale. 

The role of Chairperson takes a tremendous amount of energy and commitment not only are they the creative person/persons for that years exhibit, there are lots of planning sessions, sketches/ideas, sourcing props, contacting prospective designers, writing press releases, jumping thru hoops, to name but a few of the matters that have to be done way before ever stepping foot in the hall. 

In 2005 the position of AIFD Liaison was created to establish a continuity thread and to build a relationship between AIFD and PHS.  Ron Mulray AIFD took on this important position and has been in it ever since, his knowledge and understanding of the workings of both organisations is invaluable to all concerned.

The designers, helpers and “goffers” who are involved with the show give their time and talents free of charge.  This is a labour of love, not to mention on a lot of floral designers bucket lists. 

I have enjoyed researching about AIFD’s involvement in the Philadelphia Flower Show and thought it would be nice for people to either reminisce or for new members to read a little about the first 10 years of AIFD’s involvement in this issue.  I will continue the next 10 years in the next issue.

The first 10 years……

AIFD first exhibited at the Philadelphia Flower Show in March 1996, AIFD’s Floral Gallery “Museum” was a 40’x 40’ x 15’ high Greek Revival structure.  Frank Laning AIFD was the chairman of the project, with the exhibit funded by a generous grant from the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society.

“The concept of the AIFD presentation was to provide a classically-inspired backdrop that was to showcase the creativity and excellence of AIFD.” Frank Dowling AIFD said in Focal Point, Fall 1995.

The display itself was a classically-styled floral art gallery and garden entitled “Reflections”.  It was located near the show’s main entrance and contained designs which captured the many global influences on American floral design.

It must have been a hit with the public and the PHS as AIFD was awarded “Best in Show”, as well as being invited back to exhibit for 1997 and 1998.

1997 saw Michael O’Neill AIFD taking over the reins of chairman, entitled “Homage: Form, Function, Flower”, the eight-column, pergola-style exhibit was inspired by the design concepts of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Within this context, ten spectacular floral sculptures were showcased highlighting the principles of design.

For a second year in a row, AIFD was presented with the “Best in Show” award.  It also received the prestigious Society of Florists Award for “artistic presentation of flowers and plants for public enjoyment in the floral design category.”

La Passion du Jardin” was the theme of the 1998 Philadelphia Flower Show, the AIFD led by Rudy Grant AIFD and David Siders AIFD walked away with the Best Achievement in Floral Design Award for the 30’ by 50’ for the exhibit “Las Passion des Artistes”, showcasing a “gallery” in which 12 AIFD members interpreted 11 artists such as Monet, Renoir and van Gough.  So beautiful was the AIFD exhibit that “Good Morning America” and Home Gardening Networks featured the work on their news coverage.

1999,  Frank Laining AIFD once again took the reins of chairman for the flower show, this year’s exhibit was entitled “Nature Embellished”, with the combined efforts of a fantastic team of designers AIFD once again were awarded “Best in Show”.

Natural Synergy – Futurism in Floral Art” was the intriguing title for AIFD’s exhibit in the 2000 Philadelphia Flower Show.   Dan Vaughn AIFD was the stalwart leader for this year’s entry which took the town by storm, winning three major awards and scoring 100 points in the judging; an unheard of affirmation of the terrific AIFD team. Best in Show in Floral Design, Most Distinctive Exhibit in Floral Design and the Society of American Florists Award for the Most Artistic Presentation of Flowers and Plants for the Public Enjoyment.

The exhibit was thronged by people who could not get enough of the designs created by AIFD members. 

If working on the exhibit was not enough dedication and work for some of the designers on the Monday March 6th, Frank Laning AIFD organised an all-day series of on stage design programmes featuring, Claire Won Y. Kang AIFD, Sylvia Bird AIFD, Tracy Proctor AIFD, Gary Brewer AIFD and Curtis Godwin AIFD.  Frank topped the day off with a programme of wedding designs and a bevy of AIFD designers.

For the first five years that AIFD exhibited at the Philadelphia Flower Show it took home the “Best in Show” award.  It was decided that in light of our mission as educators that we no longer would compete for show awards.  The fact that we were not competing for any awards did not stop us from demonstrating our excellence in floral design.

Michael O’ Neill AIFD led the 2001 entry which featured the creative works of 13 AIFD members, each asked to explore a natural phenomenon. “Mysteries of the Living World” was a hit with the public.

Al DeLuca AIFD summed it up best in Focal Point (April 2001), “It was the mission of the AIFD designers to recreate some phenomenon of nature.  This then brought out the best in each designer.”

2002 saw AIFD moved to be part of central feature at the show.  The theme “Products of the Garden”, Ron Mulray AIFD and Adriene Presti AIFD were the co-chairs.  Every year a few major exhibitors are rotated into a central feature exhibit.  The exhibitor partners with the PHS and creates an expanded version of the usual exhibit.  It covered over 5,000 square feet and feature 30 AIFD designers and almost 100 volunteers and was seen by over 400,000 flower lovers.

AIFD’s central feature, was awarded the PNC Bank Award for “Magnificence of Execution”, this award came despite the fact AIFD had voluntarily removed itself from contention for awards in 2001.

Colores…Amores…Flores” a favourite at the 2003 Philadelphia Flower Show, once again AIFD was the talk of the show.  Deryck de Matas AIFD led a group of 30 designers and volunteers to educate the public in the principles of floral design by acting as a living colour wheel with each design employing attributes of colour theory.