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March 30th, 2015

Greetings from the President
Theresa Colucci AIFD, PFCI


Spring Greetings!

Although there are still mounds of snow in the yard, it is melting fast and I hope to see daffodils before April!     The North East has been so busy for the past month, and have so much to be proud of!  What an amazing region we have!

The Philadelphia Flower Show was an amazing success!  Our AIFD display was amazing and won Best in Show among many other awards!   It was very exciting to see so many members working together to ensure our display would be a winner!  Many thanks to co-chairs Deryck de Matas  and Dan Vaughn, Liason Ron Mulray and all of the members who worked hard on the exhibit.   AIFD members Chris Kratt and Bill Schafer also took a gold medal for their display.  Congratulations to all!

The North East Floral Expo was a fantastic weekend!  An AIFD team designed gorgeous floral displays for the gala dinner “wedding reception” and runway bridal bouquet show.  The guests were treated to 4 seasons of reception décor and bridal bouquets!  The audience enjoyed every minute!  The success of the show goes to it’s four designers, Roberet DeBellis AIFD, Rebecca Carter AIFD, Patricia Patrick AIFD and David Siders AIFD.  Thank you for sharing your talent with all who attended!

We hosted a hands on workshop with Rene Van Rems AIFD on Monday, March 16.  Everyone who attended worked on learning great new techniques and several projects.  We also enjoyed Rene’s company as well as each others!

We have 2 more events on the horizon! 

*  I am hosting an AIFD NE member brunch on Sunday, April 12 at my home in New Paltz, NY.  I am looking forward to it and hope many members attend!

*  David Siders AIFD will be teaching a sculpture class to NE members on Sunday, April 26th in Schenectady, NY.  Please contact me for more information.

All the best for a fantastic spring.  After this long winter, enjoy every minute!


Theresa Colucci AIFD, PFCI
Northeast Chapter President   

 (845) 255-3866


No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.
Ramana Maharshi



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Best in Show 2015

The dust has settled, the lights are off, the last of the props are sorted, another year has come and gone at the Philadelphia Flower Show and the talent of AIFD has once again been in the spotlight. 

Rather than a literal take on a film, Dan Vaughn AIFD and Deryck de Matas AIFD decided to depict the 11 official Disney Princesses.  A red-carpeted exhibit called “Princesses” was brought to life by the team of talented AIFD designers creating unique displays. The idea was to reflect the “essence” of each of the Disney Princesses as horticultural arrangements. 

The incredible AIFD Northeast Chapter Team, led by Dan Vaughn and Deryck de Matas, with the assistance of the Ron Mulray liaison to PHS have done it again by winning numerous awards for their vision of the Disney Princesses for this year’s AIFD exhibit.


 - - Best in Show for highest scoring floral major exhibit - PHS Philadelphia Flower Show Cup
 - - Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award for film to flowers.
 - - SAF Award for artistic presentation of flowers and plants for public enjoyment in the floral category.
 - - Special Achievement Award of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.
 - - Philadelphia Flower Show Gold Medal

Those of you that have taken on an exhibit of this size know that without the support of people working in the background it would never happen…a big thank you to Cindy and Dean for all their hard work.

Dan and Deryck would like to thank all those that volunteered throughout the show for without your help and support there is no Philadelphia Flower Show on behalf of AIFD. 

The Princesses, as well as the team of super talented designers:

• Tiana – Laurie Lemek AIFD & Beverly McClure AIFD
• Ariel – Sue Weisser AIFD & Cres Motzi AIFD
• Belle – Kathy Whalen AIFD
• Snow White – Claire Won Kang AIFD
• Pocahontas – Nancy Kitchen AIFD
• Merida – Adriene Presti AIFD
• Rapunzel – Jane Godshalk AIFD & Theresa Colucci AIFD
• Aurora – Alisha Bell AIFD
• Cinderella – Carol Caggiano AIFD
• Jasmine – Leslie Miklos AIFD
• Mulan – Donna Piorko AIFD

And creating the entrance…

• Michael O’Neill AIFD
• Michael Brody AIFD

If you were not able to visit the show there are some great photographs on our facebook page…AIFD Northeast Chapter compliments of Spring Creek Photography. 

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Northeast Floral Expo 2015 Highlights
NERC Designs Runway Show; Chapter Workshop

The Northeast Chapter of AIFD once again participated in the Northeast Floral Expo 2015 held in Groton, CT on March 14 & 15th.  President Theresa Colucci AIFD worked with Michael Derouin AIFD and the CFA team members to coordinate a Bridal runway show for their dinner dance on Saturday evening. The design program, titled 'Eat, Drink & Be Married', featured four chapter members each designing table decor and bridal bouquets for the runway show.  Rebecca Carter AIFD, Rob DeBellis AIFD, Patricia Patrick AIFD and David Siders AIFD presented fabulous and stunning displays, each representing a season of the year.  Several other chapter members volunteered on their teams to help with this project.

Rebecca Carter puts the final touches on the table décor for summer.  

Patricia Patrick finalizes her fall table settings.

Rob De Bellis adds details to his winter décor table setting. 

David Siders adds floral décor to the wedding cake served for dessert at the show.  

Following the expo, a group of chapter members shared in a great workshop experience with Rene Van Rems, designed specifically for AIFD members. Rene demonstrated design techniques and bridal design tips, a great learning experience. The entire weekend was a great forum for florists sharing ideas and enjoying a wide variety of educational opportunities. 

Rene shares some unique design styles to Northeast members.

Submitted by Polly Berginc AIFD (March 2015)

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Mark Your Calenders
Fun times ahead

Mark your calendars for two very special dates in April....