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April 10, 2016

North East Regional Chapter Presidential Report
Janet Black AIFD


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
                                                                                                                         Harriet Tubman

The members of the North East Region have been extremely busy! We participated in the North East Floral Expo again this year under the coordination and leadership of Michael Derouin AIFD. Laurie Lemek AIFD chaired the event and spent numerous hours at the sewing machine preparing the dresses, jackets and vests for Friday’s evening event, “FLORACOUTURE”. Members adorned the clothing with florals that dazzled the audience.  Participants were; Theresa Colucci AIFD, Dot Chenevert AIFD, Lisa Greene AIFD, Robert Whitney AIFD, Beverly McClure AIFD. Industry Partners making donations of product were; Kelly Mace from Smithers Oasis and Denise Lee from Sullivan’s. In addition, workshops and programs by Northeast members were provided by Rebecca Carter AIFD, Michelle Miracle-Feld AIFD, Lauriel Maistre AIFD, James Watson AIFD and Cat Epright AIFD. Jennifer Plasky AIFD, Bev McClure AIFD, Susan Sampson AIFD and Theresa Colucci AIFD evaluated the design competition.

The same weekend kicked off the famous Philadelphia Flower Show at the Convention Center entitled, “Exploring America” the 100th Anniversary of National Forests. Adriene Presti AIFD chairman and Ron Mulray AIFD walked us through the Redwood Forest. The Pennsylvania Horticulture Society Gold Medal was won along with The Philadelphia Flower Show Silver Trophy for a major exhibit receiving the second highest number of points. The Special Achievement Award by the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania was bestowed for unusual excellence.

It takes many talented floral artists to achieve excellence, those participating were; Polly Berginc AIFD, Valerie McLaughlin CFD, Lindsie Carter CFD, Dan Firth AIFD, Janet Black AIFD, Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, Jenny Thomasson AIFD, Dan Mitchell AIFD, Alisha Bell AIFD, Michael O’Neill AIFD, Cres Motzi AIFD, Theresa Clower CFD, Bill Murphy Jr AIFD, Maureen Christmas CFD, Darcia Garcia CFD, Shannon Toal CFD, Renee Tucci CFD, Ken Norman AIFD, Susan Krabill AIFD, Susan Sampson AIFD, Rick Cuneo AIFD, Jane Godshalk AIFD, Jo Jarvis AIFD, Michael Brody AIFD, Sue Weisser AIFD, Dan Vaughn AIFD and Rupali Shete Sadalage AIFD.

The magnificent display by Schaffer Designs under the direction of Bill Schaffer AIFD and Kristine Kratt AIFD captured the striking photography of Ansel Adams in the Rocky Mountains. Florals in black and white, tints, tones and shades danced across the three dimensional floral designs depicting the sharp crisp images of the photography. Awards obtained were; The Pennsylvania Horticulture Society Silver Medal and the SAF Award for Artistic Presentation of Flowers & Plants. Numerous AIFD members from around the country joined Bill and Kris to place 22,000 flowers in this designing experience.

Looking ahead to OC with great “Inspiration” Rob De Bellis AIFD will chair the hospitality night with the help of our 12 new inductees and Northeast members. So bring your red, white and blue beach party best and have fun with your AIFD friends on July 4th.

Janet Black AIFD
North East Regional Chapter President 2015-2016 

  Our 2015-2016 Northeast Regional Chapter Board
r-l/ Dot Chenevert AIFD treasurer, Dan Firth AIFD Vice President,
Janet Black AIFD President, Rob DeBellis AIFD President Elect, Theresa
Colucci AIFD Past President, Chris Ondrak AIFD, Rick Cuno AIFD ,
Laurie Lemek AIFD, David Siders AIFD,Adreine Presti AIFD Philadelphia
Flower Show Chairman,  Crescentia Motzi AIFD, Marianne Suess AIFD,
Susan Krabill AIFD Secretary, Alisha Simone Bell AIFD, Michelle
Miracle-Feld AIFD, Rebecca Carter AIFD

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A fantastic exhibit