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AFE Funding More Than $350,000 in New Research Projects
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Lori Ostrow, AFE Communications Manager


The Endowment has announced more than $350,000 in research funding for the 2017-2018 fiscal year on projects addressing important floriculture/horticulture issues.

The funding will support four new projects and eight continuing projects. The goal of all AFE research is to provide knowledge that helps the industry grow stronger.

Read more for the list of research projects.


Take Your Poinsettia Cuttings for a Dip
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Rose Buitenhuis, Vineland Research & Innovation Centre


Where do pests come from?

There are a few possible sources, but despite the best efforts by propagators to deliver clean material, pests may be coming in on propagative plant material like cuttings or plugs.

Large numbers of cuttings can be rapidly treated by...


Importance of Sustainability to Millennial Consumers
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Lori Ostrow, AFE Communications Manager

Millennial consumers are key players in the floral industry's future. A new study from the American Floral Endowment and Floral Marketing Research Fund helps all segments of the industry, including growers, understand millennials' purchasing behaviors.

Millennials are more likely to purchase floral products from a company with sustainable practices.

According to the study, one of the most important sustainable attributes to millennials is...


Managing the Disease Downy Mildew on Coleus Cultivars
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Margery Daughtrey, Blair Harlan, Sheila Linderman, and Mary Hausbeck


Downy mildew on coleus


Prior to the occurrence of the downy mildew pathogen, coleus cultivars were selected based on consumer preference and ease of propagation.

Knowledge of the tolerance of coleus cultivars to downy mildew would be beneficial to both growers and consumers.

If a grower chooses to grow a cultivar that is susceptible to downy mildew...


AFE Focused on Industry Labor Challenges
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Lori Ostrow, AFE Communications Manager


Thank you to those who participated in the poll that was featured in the previous issue of Growing Further!

The poll question was: What will be your greatest challenge in 2017?

Approximately 75% of respondents said that labor would be their biggest challenge.

AFE has several programs targeting this issue...


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