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21st Century Research Challenges
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Terril Nell, Ph.D., AFE Research Coordinator



AFE is laser-focused on supporting high-priority research projects with emphasis on providing results directly to the industry.

As research resources dwindle, markets change and new problems arise, the Endowment is more diligent than ever to provide solutions and respond to industry needs. 

Learn how the 21st century brings new challenges to the floral industry, and how AFE is helping solve those issues. READ MORE
Through the Eyes of Millennials: How to Overcome the Barriers for Purchasing Flowers
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Young consumers ("Generation Y" or "millennials") have specific reasons behind their purchasing decisions, as well as barriers that can keep them from purchasing certain products.

When businesses understand how millennial consumers decide to purchase (or not purchase) floral products, they can emphasize those motives in advertisements and promotions while developing strategies to minimize barriers. 

In order to better understand millennials' preferences and barriers for purchasing flowers... READ MORE

Behind Closed Doors: Plant Breeding in Corporations and Universities
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Abbie Clark with assistance from Jason Jandrew, Richard Craig and David Clark



What exactly inspires a breeder and how does that inspiration vary across the different environments of university, government or private enterprise?

Academic and corporate breeders share several aspects of their jobs in the plant industry. They are passionate about what they do and they are creative.

Most importantly, they all agreed that having vision... READ MORE

Water Requirements of Herbaceous Perennial Plants
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Stephanie E. Burnett, Shuyang Zhen, and Marc van Iersel


The amount of water applied to plants impacts growth and quality, yet, very little has historically been understood about how water impacts herbaceous perennial plant production.

The goal of this AFE research project was to determine how much water a variety of perennial plants need for high-quality growth.

It was concluded that it is possible to grow...


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