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SIA Opposes Use of Classroom Barricade Devices

Classroom barricade devices can cause more harm than they prevent, the Security Industry Association (SIA) is warning in support of an effort launched by the Door Security & Safety Foundation.

As school administrators consider ways to protect students and staff from violence, particularly active shooters, some are purchasing barricade devices that prevent all entry into a classroom when deployed. These devices, however, often violate fire codes. In addition, the possibility that a bully or violent student who is already in a classroom could use the device to prevent school staff or first responders from entering could put students at greater risk.

Read more: http://www.securityindustry.org/Pages/PressReleases/2017/SIA-Opposes-Use-of-Classroom-Barricade-Devices.aspx

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SIA Opposes Use of Classroom Barricade Devices
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