September 8, 2014
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Leadership Updates
Janet L. Pierce, Past Chair, TESOL Affiliate Leadership Council

2014 TESOL International Convention and the Affiliate Leadership Council's Role

The 2014 TESOL International convention is over, everyone has gone home and is busy back in his or her own life, so I thought it would be a good idea to think back over my past year as Affiliate Leadership chair for the convention. At the end of every convention, the ALC board meets and discusses what has transpired at the convention—the pros and cons—and ideas for the next year. During these meetings, we’ve come up with ideas for the ALC Colloquium and all other ALC convention activities.


As incoming chair at the end of the TESOL International 2013 convention, I was listening to what everyone said the previous year, and, at our wrap-up meeting, discussed the idea of collaborating in our global world. Thus the topic for our 2014 Colloquium emerged. I already had good ideas for presenters, having gone to and listened to speakers and presenters at various ALC sponsored events, as Member A, and Chair-elect. While we had a few changes to make when we heard of the loss of dear ALC member Kevin Cleary, planning continued right up to the convention, with Chair-Elect Larisa Olesova gathering all the PowerPoint presentations together for the session. All in all, I think that all of our presenters did a great job, providing information about the varied aspects of collaboration.

Gabriela Kleckova, PhD, of the University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic gave a talk titled "Challenges of Collaborative Projects: Group Work Skills," pointing out examples from various projects she had taken part in; Rebekah Johnson, New York State TESOL affiliate representative and immediate past president of the NYS TESOL organization, discussed negotiation, managing people's strengths, and coordinating a group of volunteers who work for the organization on the side of their other jobs, so we could see another aspect of collaboration. Then Larisa Olesova, PhD, chair-elect, and instructional designer, George Mason University (Yakut TESOL); Elizabeth Ostrow Smith, TexTESOLV president, ESL program director, the Hockaday School (TexTESOLV); and Jey Venkatesan, PhD, publications copy coordinator, professor, Collin College (TexTESOLV), provided information on a successful TexTESOLV and Yakut TESOL partnership: 2008–2014, a shining example of collaboration despite distance and differences in cultures.

Affiliate Colloquium Presenters

Best of Affiliates
Throughout the year, the ALC sent out requests for affiliates to submit proposals for the Best of Affiliates presentations and, as needed, advised and helped each other plan the presentations.

Editors Workshop
Larisa and I stepped in and helped Jean Frantzy Italien, Member A, with plans for the Newsletter Editor’s Workshop (“Collaboration and Communication in 2014”). Because this is always a practical approach for current newsletter editors to share and learn from each other, it was advantageous that Larisa and I had some expertise in different types of newsletters (paper vs. technological).

Affiliate Booth
Valerie Borchelt, TESOL professional relations manager, was a tremendous help with the organization of the ALC Booth, and she also was a great help to me providing information to use when organizing the ALC Assembly. Larisa took over organizing the newsletter, because she had the most current expertise with the newer format used by TESOL International on the new website. We also had our yearly election of a new Member A, and Ana Maria Rocca, MA, professor, Universidad de Buenos Aires, joined our board.

New TESOL Affiliate: BC TEAL (British Columbia Teachers of English as an Additional Language)

New TESOL Affiliate: Asociación Nicaragüense de Profesores de Inglés (ANPI).

New TESOL Affiliate: Tunisia TESOL

SPELT 25th Anniversary Recognition

The Virginia French Service Award was received by a KYTESOL member on behalf of Dr. Margo Jang

We had a great time at TESOL 2014 and are in the midst of beginning to plan for next year’s convention. I am sure it will be a great time for all and look forward to seeing everyone in Toronto.

Janet Pierce, PhD
ALC Past Chair
Three Rivers TESOL Board Member

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