October 1, 2017
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Debbie West, TESOL Affiliate Leadership Council, Chair, Paris, France

2017 going into 2018 is going to be a wonderful year of new things, procedures and opportunities to serve and contribute to TESOL International Association.Rosa Aronson has left TESOL and her presence will be missed. Nevertheless, Chris Powers, TESOL’s new executive director is busy learning about all aspects of what the association is involved in. I had the opportunity to meet Chris as he was with us for three days at the TESOL Advocacy Summit, June 2017.

As you know, each time there is a change in staff in any organization there is a change in the group dynamics, perspectives and sometimes procedures. The Affiliate Leadership Council is currently Ana Maria of Argentina TESOL; myself, Debbie of TESOL France; Elizabeth of Tex TESOL V; and the newbie on the block, Uli of MEXTESOL. We were voted onto the Council, but the future members of the new Affiliate Network Professional Council (ANPC) will be determined through a different application process. We will participate in ensuring an appropriate application process that enables more people to help with the tasks at hand.

Some people have a hard time with change and we all feel more secure when things are familiar. Yet with each change, we need to help the association and all our leaders to implement these changes in procedure, technology, and the way we relate to one another.

The Board of TESOL International Association has been taking a look for the past couple of years at how to move towards positive growth that helps all of us relate and know and serve one another better. This next year will bring about the manifestation of some of those changes.

The Affiliate Leadership Council will become the Affiliate Network Professional Council. One of the major changes is that this new council will enable more people to be involved for specific short- or longer-term commitments. It will allow people who have special or specific skills to be able to assist in the activities of the Council and give all of us more opportunities to join in, contribute, improve how we learn, communicate and spread the teaching of English throughout the world.

Perhaps you have ideas and skills you would like to share. It is a great honor to be a part of this affiliate team of TESOL and I hope you will be able to join us, contribute, keep us on track, and be able to, in turn, help those in your affiliate to grow and continue teaching in a way that benefits the students of all ages and all levels.

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