October 1, 2017
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Ulrich Schrader, Editor, Affiliate Leadership Council & Valerie Novick, Staff Liaison, TESOL International Association

With over 100 affiliates, TESOL International Association faces the enormous challenge of keeping the reciprocal channels of communication with each affiliate open; that is from TESOL to the Affiliates and their members and from Affiliates and their members to TESOL.

The Affiliate Leadership Council (ALC) represents affiliates and works with others in TESOL to address affiliate issues and concerns. The 4 members of the council, along with a TESOL Board liaison and TESOL staff liaison serve as the affiliates’ channel of communication to TESOL. Aside from direct communication with the ALC, one of the other major hubs for this communication flow takes place through the Affiliate Leaders Community on myTESOL.

Stay Connected
In order to stay connected with TESOL and receive communication from the myTESOL Affiliate Leaders Community, each affiliate must submit an annual Affiliate Leadership Update Form. Up to 5 affiliate leaders can be designated to be part of the Affiliate Leaders community in myTESOL. These 5 affiliate leaders include the President of the Affiliate, the official liaison, and three members of the current board.

It is vital that the Leadership Form be completed as soon as possible after a change in the Affiliate’s governing board so that contact and the flow of information can be maintained without interruption.

Communication on myTESOL
As members of the myTESOL Affiliate Leaders community, leaders will be able to see updates and discussions posted in the Affiliate Leaders community. These updates include Affiliate activities at the annual TESOL Convention, opportunities for benefits and services from TESOL, as well as the responsibilities of being a TESOL Affiliate. To receive notifications via email, leaders should set up their community notifications to either “Daily Digest” or “Real-Time”.

Aside from notifications sent by TESOL, leaders will also be connected with the global TESOL community and can share events, ideas and concerns with the worldwide affiliate community. Members can post questions and comments on the myTESOL site via the “Discussion” feature. Complete video tutorials on using myTESOL can be found on the myTESOL homepage.

We urge you to explore the TESOL Affiliate webpage and the myTESOL Affiliate Leaders community to see what is available to you and your Affiliate and how you and your Affiliate can connect with the global TESOL Affiliate community.

Lost? Confused?
Don’t worry. You can contact Valerie Novick or any of the current members of the Affiliate Leadership Council for help on how to join the Affiliate Leaders community in myTESOL.

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