October 1, 2017
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Sarah Elia, Anne Henry, & Ravneet Parmar, NYSTESOL

Warm greetings from New York State (NYS) TESOL! NYS TESOL is an association of professionals concerned with the education of English language learners at all levels of public and private education in New York State. Our interests include classroom practices, research, program and curriculum development, employment, funding, and legislation. Our vision is to advocate, advance, and enrich TESOL education and professionalism statewide.

2017 TESOL Convention in Seattle

NYS TESOL was well-represented at this year’s TESOL Convention in Seattle.

The leadership team of NYS TESOL is happy to report that New York educators not only attended but also contributed to the field by presenting on a wide variety of topics. Drs. Maria Dove, Andrea Honigsfeld, Carrie McDermott, Helaine Marshall, Beth Clark-Gareca, and Laura Baecher, to name a few, presented on topics ranging from K-12 mainstream to teacher education. We are proud to claim these internationally renowned professors and researchers as fellow New Yorkers and members of NYS TESOL!

As a way of welcoming TESOL professionals from New York, we hosted the annual NYS TESOL convention gathering at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. It was attended by approximately sixty NYS TESOL members. We were honored that the attendees included Dr. Andy Curtis (TESOL President 2015-2016) and Dr. Liying Cheng, both of whom joined as new members last year.

NYS TESOL members with TESOL Past President Andy Curtis (center)

Members networking at the a
nnual convention gathering

The officers, Anne Henry, Ravneet Parmar and Sarah Elia, along with the business manager, Cynthia Wiseman, were at the affiliate booth on Thursday, 23 March in the exhibition hall to greet fellow TESOLers. We shared bagels to highlight an item that is famously associated with NYC, and promoted upcoming regional and statewide events.

NYS TESOL Affiliate Booth in Seattle, Washington

In addition to attending many interesting presentations, the leadership team represented NYS TESOL at numerous affiliate sessions. These sessions included the Leadership Forum and the Affiliate Council Assembly. These were fantastic opportunities for us to network with affiliate leaders from the United States and around the world.

During the TESOL leadership luncheon, President-elect, Ravneet Parmar, and Past President, Sarah Elia, were delighted to meet current and former TESOL board members and share information about NYS TESOL with them.

NYS TESOL Upcoming Events

The NYS TESOL Executive Board is proud to announce that the 47th Annual Conference will be held 3-4 November 2017 at Hilton Long Island Huntington, Melville, New York. The theme is Empathy in Action: Social Pedagogy and Public Advocacy for English Language Learners. This theme was carefully selected not only due to the current political environment but to also meet an important aspect of the organization’s vision which is to advocate, advance, and enrich TESOL education and professionalism statewide. The Board is grateful to TESOL’s leadership and stance on advocacy and the work that it does to promote high quality education for multilingual learners in the United States and across the globe. We greatly acknowledge that there is no time like the present to share our beliefs and to encourage other educators and administers to advocate for their students. Please visit www.nystesol.org for detailed information on the annual conference and regional events throughout the state. The Vice President for the Annual conference, Dr. Ching Ching Lin, welcomes educators, within and outside of New York State, to participate.

Other noteworthy items for NYS TESOL are the publications and the “member of the month”. Because NYS TESOL recognizes the dedication and hard work of its members, a member is highlighted each month for his/her outstanding commitment to the profession. Please visit our website to read about the current and past members of the month. In addition to special recognition of its members, NYS TESOL is proud to have a quarterly online newsletter, Idiom, and a peer reviewed Journal. Both publications can be accessed at www.nystesol.org.

In an effort to share information and maintain an open line of communication with the membership, NYS TESOL is very active on social media and welcomes you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you would like more information about the organization or have a question, please contact info@nystesol.org

Finally, we would like to congratulate Dr. Luciana de Oliviera, who is a member of the NYS TESOL Journal advisory board, on her new role as President-elect of TESOL International Association! We are honored that Dr. de Olivera is an important and contributing member of the organization. We wish her all the best in her new role and look forward to her presidency.

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