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October 2013
Culture in the Classroom and the Language of Folklore
by Yuka Kuroda
Folktales contain a widely understood "language" that allows students to engage in cross-cultural discourse.
Handout included. Read More
Flipping Your EL Classroom: A Primer
by John Graney
This article breaks down the flipped instructional model into three easy parts, allowing you to engage your English learners in more cognitively demanding activities in the classroom. 
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Grammatically Speaking
by T. Leo Schmitt
In the October Grammatically Speaking column, grammar expert T. Leo Schmitt discusses prepositions, including general rules for use and teaching tips for ELLs. Read More
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Cuisenaire Rod Activities for Language Development
by Sarah Sahr

Cuisenaire rods are counting blocks used in math to help students with basic math functions. The activities here introduce you to ways to use the rods for language development with your lower proficiency students; work on comparisons, syllables, and parts of speech. If you don't have access to Cuisenaire rods, use the template provided here to create your own personal classroom sets! Read More

TC Quick Tip: Foreign Currencies as Materials to Teach Language and Culture
by Jeanne Beck

Money, like food or clothing, is universal, but the characteristics of world currencies are vastly variable, and can teach students about places and cultures all over the globe—or right where they're living. Jeanne Beck provides six topics about money, along with interesting facts and trivia, to discuss with your students, as well as activities to use in class. For Grades 3–8+. Read More

Association News
Call for Volunteers:  Get involved! Serve on a TESOL Standing Committee.
TESOL Comments: TESOL International Association submits comments to the Office of English Language Acquisition.
Call for Proposals: The Master’s Student Forum and Doctoral Forum, at the 2014 TESOL Annual Convention, seek submissions by 1 November.
Book Review: Look who's talking! See what ELT News has to say about the new ELTD series from TESOL Press. 
TESOL Awards & Grants: Now accepting award and grant applications/nominations. Funding for TESOL 2014 available. Deadline 1 November.
New From TESOL Press: Language Teaching Insights From Other Fields: Sports, Arts, Design, and More.
Symposium in Cameroon: TESOL International Association and CAMELTA host symposium in Cameroon.
Virtual Seminar on NCATE/CAEP Review: Prepare your ESL licensure program for NCATE/CAEP review. Get step-by-step guidance and all questions answered.
Preparing for Diversity: Resources for teachers.
Common Core ELA and ELLs: Instructional strategies for middle school teachers.
Guide: New guide to help states commonly define ELLs.
Multilingual Education in Africa: Lessons from the Juba Language-in-Education Conference.
Survey: British Council Survey of Policy and Practice in Primary English Language Teaching Worldwide.
Grants Available: ETS offers TOEFL small grants for doctoral research in second or foreign language assessment.

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