This cultural unit incorporates literature, music, history, video, and plenty of opportunities for interactivity. 
Teaching ELLs specific strategies to better communicate in English helps them become more effective students. Learn to focus on strategic learning in your classroom. 
This lesson plan is an exercise in cultural awareness and allows students to choose and present on the worldwide holidays of their choice.


More Features

Peer editing of written work can be a trial for both teachers and students. These tips, for university students of all proficiency levels, can help address students' reluctance to correct another students' work, a lack of student confidence in his or her criticism, and a lack of motivation. 

The New Ways series is a collection of activities and exercises for classroom practice. Get three free activities from New Ways in Teaching Vocabulary here. These activities will help students individualize the revision of vocab, focus on a particular type of vocab, and extend the range of meanings for known words. 

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TESOL Resource Center, Reinvented: Have a resource you would like to share with ELT professionals around the world? The TRC is now open and ready for business!
Funding Available: Funds for adult education classroom materials; deadline 31 January 2014.
Pre- & Postconvention Education: Make the most of your TESOL convention experience with K–12 Dream Day and Pre- and Postconvention Institutes
The Future of English Language Teaching & Learning: More than 500 attendees gathered for TESOL's Symposium in China; President Deena Boraie shares her experience. See photos of the event here.
TESOL Symposium in Cairo, Egypt: TESOL Unplugged: Back to Basics, 27 January 2014. Registration now open!
Webinar: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Toward a Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Model for ELLs.
Article: Key factors & challenges in transition from primary to secondary schools in ELT: an international perspective.
Webinar: Technical Assistance for Networks for Integrating New Americans (NINA) initiative–3 December.
Report: Early Education for Dual Language Learners: Promoting School Readiness and Early School Success.
Report: International study up in the United States.
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ESL Teaching Fellowships at U.S. Embassy Projects, English Language Fellow Program, Worldwide

Lecturers, Center for English as a Second Language, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky USA

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