The results from a TESOL 2019 dialogue session shed light on issues such as support and communication strategies in language–content specialist collaboration. 
Writing, performing, and recording your own lectures for listening assessments can solve many issues that come with using existing materials. 
Pennington covers a variety of practices and strategies for approaching pronunciation teaching and shares an extensive array of online resources to further your expertise. 


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With the uptick of hate crimes in the past few years, what can TESOL professionals do to prepare and equip their ELs, who are likely at a higher risk of being targeted than others? Learn what you can do in the classroom to proactively address and prepare students for the troubling reality of such crimes. 

TESOL President Deborah Healey and Executive Director Chris Powers discuss TESOL's commitment “to equity, diversity, multilingualism, multiculturalism, and individuals’ language rights,” elaborate on what it means to include diverse voices in the association and the profession, and share news about the new TESOL Diverse Voices Task Force. 

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TESOL 2020 Election Slate: The election slate is now available. Voting will open 15 October.
TESOL 2020: Save the date for the ultimate ELT learning experience! Network with more than 6,000 English language professionals, learn from experts at 1,000+ educational sessions, attend special events and programs, and much more. Registration opens 1 October.

TESOL Statement: TESOL Supports the SPELL (Supporting Providers of English Language Learning) Act in U.S. Congress. Read the full letter of support.
Article: Building an ELL Program From Scratch (Edutopia)
Webinar: Embedding Critical Thinking Into Classroom Practice (Cambridge University Press)
Article: The 4 C's of 21st Century Learning for ELLs: Collaboration (MultiBriefs)
Blog: 5 Apps for English Learning and Teaching (The TESOL Blog)
Article: 43 Million American Adults Have 'Low' English Literacy Levels (Language Magazine)
Article: Study Shows Exposure to Multiple Languages May Make It Easier to Learn One (University of Washington News)
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National Expert, English Learner Services; WestEd, Washington, DC, USA

English Teacher (Children and Adults); eTeachAbroad, Beijing and others, China

Associate Director; English Language Institute, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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