March 2012
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Christine Bauer-Ramazani

The Electronic Village (EV) at the 2011 TESOL Convention in New Orleans saw a record number of participants attending a record number of events. Thirty-two separate events were held in the EV, the Technology Showcase next door, and online, during the three days of EV events programming, all sharing the latest in CALL with over 750 conference participants.

Roughly 500 participants enjoyed the 25-minute rotating presentations at the EV Fair. Thirty-five participants came to see one or two of the EV Fair Classics—presentations that had been invited for a repetition due to their popularity at a previous EV Fair event. One hundred and seventeen participants redeemed their free event tickets for one of the popular mini-workshops. Twenty-seven came to see what was new regarding hardware and mobile technology, and 58 saw demonstrations of the latest Mobile Apps for Education, a new event created for the 2011 EV. The mainstay of the EV, the Developers’ Showcase, drew 40 participants. Ten participants stayed and applied what they had just learned in the CALL for Newcomers session. In between events and as a special event, our Ask Us sessions featured knowledgeable CALL practitioners fielding questions and requests for hands-on practice from numerous EV-goers.

Probably most noteworthy is the fact that 69 people joined the various events in the EV from distant corners of the globe via webcast, complete with audio conferencing and on-screen Web or PowerPoint presentation. They asked questions of the presenters via text or audio and received their answers through microphone/audio feed.

As always, EV-goers were warmly welcomed and expertly guided by a cadre of EV volunteers and guides, recruited from among CALLIS members, TESOL, and other interest sections.

All in all, the EV 2011 events contributed much to the success of the programming of the CALL Interest Section.


EV 2011

Technology Showcase 2011

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