September 2015
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Larry Udry, Divine Word College, Epworth, Iowa, USA

Greetings all! I hope you’ve had a chance to slow down and enjoy some time off this summer.

I’m pleased to share with you the latest edition of On CALL. This issue has links in the sidebar to the Electronic Village Online (EVO); the call for proposals is found here. Proposals are welcome on any topic relevant to TESOL (not only CALL) and sessions run between 10 January and 14 February 2016. Potential moderators can find instructions on how to create proposal pages here. Proposals are due 6 September 2015. For information on past session types, look here.

On the CALL homepage, there are also links to webcasts and presentations from the Toronto convention. While on our homepage, please take a few minutes to take our poll; I am interested to know how people read our newsletter.

Finally, in this newsletter there are a few articles that explore pedagogy and teaching using CALL. Stephanie Korslund of Iowa State University, Jack Watson, CALL-IS chair-elect, and Aaron Schwartz collaboratively explore the history of the CALL-IS, as we celebrate TESOL’s 50th anniversary. The article highlights some of the great things about our IS and is well worth the read. Thanks, too, to Vance Stevens, who wrote his perspective on the history of the IS. Vance (in case you didn’t know) was one of the early founders of the IS and continues to be very active.

Also in this issue: Ju Seong Lee and Jon Bair offer some research on language and intercultural learning through a tele-collaborative project between American and Spanish universities. InFrom the Students’ Perspectives,Jenifer Edens recaps her presentation on the top 10 uses of a private Facebook group for your students. Melanie Jipping offers an alternative to PowerPoint presentations in an article entitled “Why Not Teach Prezi for Listening and Speaking?”. Heather Gaddis gives us four sound principles for effective online teaching (and all teaching); Edo Forsythe reports on THE JALT CALL conference; and Suzan Stamper, in her 10th anniversary “Making Connections” column, introduces some of the faces (new and old) in CALL-IS: Jose Silva, Katie Mitchell, John Madden, and Nina Liakos.

I would like to especially thank the newsletter editing team of Justin Nicholes, a PhD student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Camille Bondi in Kuwait; Grazzia Maria Mendoza, MEd, Zamorano University Honduras; Ravneet Parmar, an ESL teacher who is now studying criminology; and Christina Kitson, an instructor who is working on a TESOL PhD at Kansas State University. I wouldn’t have been able to put this newsletter out this year without their help.

If there is something that you would like to see in our newsletter (or if you’d like to join the newsletter team), please contact me.


Originally from Cincinnati, Larry was a Peace Corps volunteer in Rich, Morocco from 1986–88, and then graduated with an MA in TESOL/linguistics from Ohio University in 1992. He has worked with Partners of the Americas in Venezuela, and he lived in Isahaya, Japan, for a year. Prior to his position at Divine Word College, he worked in UT Martin for 11 years, where he published the TNTESOL Newsletter.

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CFP is here. Proposals on any topic relevant to TESOL. Sessions between Jan. 10 and Feb. 14, 2016. Potential moderators find instructions on how to create proposal pages here. Proposals are due Sept. 6, 2015. Past session types, look here.
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