September 2020
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Suzanne Bardasz, University of the Pacific, International, Stockton, California, USA
Larry Udry
, IELI Instructor, Divine Word College, Epworth, IA, USA

Suzanne Bardasz

Larry Udry

Hello CALL-ISers!

What a crazy few months this has been! From the abrupt transition to remote learning to the continued changes of fall school opening plans, CALL and online teaching has been of increasing importance to ESL/EFL teachers throughout the world.

This newsletter includes highlights that we feel will be of use to you as many continue remote teaching and learning this fall. New to this newsletter edition are submissions from authors who never met each other, but collaborated with each other online in order to write this article. These interactions symbolize what many of us are going through right now, where we are working and collaborating together from our respective places to get things done. We hope that this newsletter will provide new ideas and inspiration for continued teaching this fall.

If there is something that you would like to see in our newsletter, or if you’d like to join the newsletter team, please feel free to contact us.

Suzanne and Larry

Suzanne Bardasz is the Academic Coordinator at University of the Pacific, International. She previously taught at UC Davis for 6 years and at the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, South Korea for nearly 5 years.

Larry Udry has worked at Divine Word College, a small Catholic seminary in Epworth, Iowa, since 2003. He has published the CAL- IS Newsletter and has served on the CALL IS Steering Committee since 2009. Recently, he published an environmentally-themed ESL e-text with Kendall Hunt. Prior to his position at Divine Word College, he worked in UT Martin for eleven years, where he published the TNTESOL Newsletter.

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Which of the following has been the biggest challenge with transitioning to virtual English language instruction in recent months?
Converting course materials to a digitally friendly format
Student access to hardware and reliable internet connections
Student engagement and participation
Assessment and monitoring student progress
Supporting students individualized needs

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