March 2019
Christine Sabieh, Notre Dame University, Beirut, Lebanon

A happy new year indeed with all the good news to report!

Our foremost newsworthy announcement—twofold proud—is in sharing with you that not only has Justin Shewell been awarded the 2019 D Scott Enright Award for his CALL-IS Service, but he will be serving on the upcoming TESOL Board. Justin always has and continues to serve the CALL-IS wholeheartedly.

We carried out our first webinar collaboration with another international association—IATEFL. On 9 November from 1–5 pm GMT, we collaborated with the Learning Technologies Special Interest Group in a joint interactive online event entitled The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in English Language Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Either Friend or Foe?. Around fifty participants interacted with organizers Georgios Vlasios (CALL-IS SC member), Christine Sabieh (CALL-IS Chair), Sophia Mavridi (IATEFL LTS Coordinator), and Heike Philp (IATEFL LTS) and speakers Karen Price, Gilbert Dizon, Ron Lee, Abir Ghenaiet, Robert Szabo, and Tarek Besold debating the pros and cons of AI in the education setting.

The CALL-IS continues to collaborate with the strands as well as develop its own CALL activities. This year at the convention we will have three locations to carry out the Electronic Village and Technology Showcase sessions. In support of all this development, the webcast team is busy planning the necessary steps to ensure the outreach is made possible to all participants interested in integrating technology in their education settings. The Electronic Village will be located in the Exhibition Hall. Placed in another area, the Technology Showcase sessions have been diversified a bit this year, given that the Academic and the Intersection Sessions will also be held in another place. For example, different this year, the Technology Showcase will have five Hot Topic sessions this year; one hot topic session will be a panel discussion entitled Technology and the 6 Principles: An Oversight?The role of technology in TESOL's most successful publication this year--The 6 Principles--was not addressed. The panelists will address the role of technology vis a vis each of the principles. The other four Hot Topic sessions will have presenters discussing, for 15 minutes, hot topics related to current tech-issues or country specific tech-issues. Likewise, to showcase the year-long efforts of the EVO team and the topics of interest made available to TESOLers through the Electronic Village Online sessions, two Technology Showcase sessions will be scheduled to share The Best of EVO 2019. In the third location, the CALL-IS Intersection sessions are entitled Open Educational Resources (OER) in K-12 Education: Balancing the Nexus of Infinite Possibilities with Instructional Efficiency (CALL-IS with EE-IS) and The Blended Learning Classroom and the ESL Teacher (AE-IS with CALL-IS and Video PLN), and our Academic session is entitled SMALL - Research, Practice, Impact of Social Media-Assisted Language Learning and will be in collaboration with Video PLN as well.

Interest remains high when it comes to technology integration in the many teaching/learning spaces. As CALL-ISers, we continue on our mission to enhance the learning or the learning space with technology. We remain thankful that the CALL-IS is able to attract presenters and appeal to large numbers of attendees. The Electronic Village and Technology Showcase remains central to all those interested in technology; TESOL organizing committee allocates our space and we situate ourselves and set up base and make the most out of it—attracting keen supporters and curious newcomers. As I said in previous newsletters, we function as a family, flavored and unique, and we speak one language! We are all engaged in our own CALL world… we come together from all parts of the world to share a passion—a way of life. And I as do many of us make a physical appearance at the TESOL convention, reunite for CALL: We meet, we brainstorm, we decide, we socialize, we network…

See you in Atlanta!


Dr. Christine Sabieh
CALL-IS Chair 2018-2019

Dr. Christine Sabieh, Full Professor at Notre Dame University, is an American who lives in Lebanon. She is a Rotarian (PP 2014) and a Paul Harris Fellow. Her memberships include ASIACALL (a Past President for 5 years, Lebanese Psychological Association (Founding member & a Past President for 3 years), former TESOLArabia (Testing SIG Member at large), AACE, WACRA, & TESOL (CALL-IS: serving SC & EV). Currently, she is the CALL-IS Chair-elect.