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Leadership Updates
Christel Broady

Dear Members of the Elementary Education Interest Section:

A Happy New Year 2011 from your Chair-Elect Christel Broady. All of us are very busy at work again after the holidays. Many of you are involved in state testing or preparation of testing procedures. Data needs to be compiled and analyzed. It is often difficult to feel enthusiastic about the procedure. At this time it is not appealing to think about any more things on your plate than you already have. However, it can be argued, it is actually a good time to think about attending a convention that may boost your enthusiasm, renew your professional knowledge, and help you meet others just like yourself! I would therefore invite you to consider attending the TESOL convention in New Orleans. If you decide to attend the convention, please make an effort to connect with your friends in the Elementary Education Interest Section (EEIS). There are several meetings and events that are designed just for you and your peers. Many of us are working hard on creating a program that will make your attendance at the convention worthwhile. The EEIS is the second largest interest section in TESOL. You can be proud of carrying such a strong voice in the TESOL organization. Please try to attend the EEIS business meeting to meet your leaders and other members. If you are interested, there are many ways to get involved in the leadership of your interest section. There are positions on the steering board as well as offices that open up annually. We will have several time slots to staff a table in the TESOL area of the convention hall. We would love to invite you if you are interested in volunteering at the table to represent the EEIS and meet and greet visitors. All that is required of you is a smile on your face and passion for elementary education! Also, if you cannot attend the convention let your leaders know if you would be willing and interested in evaluating professional proposals for the 2012 convention. Your voice counts and you represent the profession. Make it count!

Attendees at the convention will find a special Elementary Education section in the program book listing all sessions that we leaders hope may be especially useful and interesting to you. Two highlights of the presentations are the Academic Sessions and InterSections. First, let me explain what those are. Then, I will share more about them so that you can decide if you would like to attend one or both of them.

An Academic Session is a longer meeting that is the highlight of all sessions in the interest section. The session is presented by a panel addressing topics of current relevance to TESOL communities and enabling respected experts to contribute to the program. Specialists will present the current status of the discipline to practitioners.

An interest section InterSection is a presentation in which one interest section joins one or more interest sections in one topic where both sections intersect. Again, such a presentation is also longer and will be presented by a panel of experts from both InterSections. According to the TESOL rules, InterSections should

  • Address a topic that cuts across the fields of the interest sections involved and

  • Feature recognized experts on the topic.

Such joint presentations are usually rejuvenating because they show evidence that many of us in different positions and perspectives ponder the same issues. It holds true that it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel when we begin to learn from each other.

Let me now share with you what IS InterSection you can expect to find in your New Orleans program.

The session is entitled “Technology in ESOL Classrooms and Preparing Teachers for Successful Integration.” There will be 250 seats available to interested attendees. The panel will explore how successful integration of technology can be achieved in ESOL classrooms. Panel members will explore this topic from different perspectives:

  • Why is technology important in elementary ESOL? Research findings will be shared.
  • How can technology be best used in elementary ESOL? Practical examples and demonstration of technology will be provided.
  • How can educators be trained for the ever-changing world of technology? Panel will discuss how teachers can be successfully prepared in teacher education programs.

In this session, participants will have time and opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences. The panel will consist of teachers, school administrators, and teacher educators from different states.

The Academic Session title is “Provide Dynamic Leadership in Your School and Benefit Your ELLs.” In the field of English as a second language, leadership is a vital part of an ESL teacher’s life. Advocacy and training of others is a daily reality. This session will provide insights into the possibilities in which leadership can be asserted in your work life. The panel will include an author, teachers, teacher-trainers, and researchers.

We sincerely hope that you will find the time and resources to be inspired by attending the 2011 TESOL New Orleans Convention and to engage in some contact with your EEIS events and leaders. If you aren’t able to attend the convention, consider joining the electronic discussion list and dialogue with others like you. You will be amazed how many others ponder the same issues you do!

We hope to see you in New Orleans and hear from you online.

Christel Broady, Chair-Elect

My first day of classes in January 2011

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