Volume 31 Number 1
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EEIS News is soliciting articles on research and classroom methods, materials, and practices related to English as a second or foreign language in any elementary education classroom setting.

EEIS News welcomes articles that apply to classroom situations and that focus on ESL/EFL classroom practices/instruction, second language acquisition, language assessment, advocacy, administration, parent/public concerns, and other related topics. In light of the newsletter’s electronic format, authors are encouraged to include hyperlinks and digital object identifiers.


Articles should

  • include a title, author, and author’s e-mail address
  • be no longer than 1,500 words
  • contain no more than five citations
  • follow APA style guidelines
  • be in MS Word or ASCII format

Please direct your submissions and questions to Janice Cate, esol115@yahoo.com , or Amy King, kingas@umkc.edu.


June 30 Submissions due to EEIS News editors
July 31 Compiled EEIS News submitted to TESOL for copyediting
August 30 Newsletter distributed to EEIS members

November 15 Submissions due to EEIS News editors
December 15 Compiled EEIS News submitted to TESOL for copyediting
January 30 Newsletter distributed to EEIS members

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