March 2014
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Leadership Updates
Janice Cate, NBCT

In this edition of the EEIS News we have information about the convention and sessions that will be of interest to our members. We have an article on working with preschool-age English language learners and dual language learners by Karen Nemeth. We have an article about reading instruction in EFL settings by Narentuya Ao. I hope you will enjoy reading these articles and consider writing about your experiences for a future edition.

The seasons are changing here in middle Mississippi. We have had some unusually cold winter weather, but today it feels like spring. I look forward to the changing seasons in my part of the world. As a general rule I don’t like change, but the change of the seasons keeps life interesting.

On the topic of not liking change, sometimes I stay in one place too long because I feel comfortable where I am. Looking back over my teaching career, both paid and volunteer, I find that I stayed in some places too long. I was enjoying what I was doing but keeping someone else from having a similar, rewarding teaching experience. I am writing all this as prelude to something I dread admitting. It is time to change EEIS News editors.

If you are interested in editing and writing for EEIS News, please let me or one of the EEIS officers know. It is possible for two people to share the job as co-editors. I am willing to advise and occasionally write an article. There is a very helpful training session for newsletter editors at the convention that the new editor(s) can attend. Working with the staff at TESOL has been lovely. They do all the heavy lifting of actual copyediting and formatting the articles for the online edition.

Please consider helping your Interest Section by continuing the work of all of the editors who came before me. You may contact me for more information.

Janice Cate, a National Board Certified Teacher, is Lead Teacher/Co-ordinator of ESL for Jackson Public Schools in Jackson, Mississippi. An ESL teacher since 1990 she is past-president of AMTESOL and past-chair of EEIS. She is President-elect of Mississippi Reading Association.

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