February 2017
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Don't miss these events at this year's Convention. The TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo will be held 21-24 March, 2017 in Washington State Convention Center (705 Pike Street Seattle, WA) and Sheraton Seattle.

How to Manage, Facilitate, and Teach About Culturally Sensitive Issues

Thursday, 23 March, 9:30 am, Room 618

This panel discussion addresses the need to manage, facilitate, and teach about culturally sensitive issues. Panelists representing the ITA, IC, and ILGBTF Interest Sections examine topics ranging from respecting students' own cultural beliefs and perspectives to outlining strategies used to orient learners to diversity-related issues.

NNESTS Negotiating Identity and Securing Legitimacy: Personal Accounts

Wednesday, 22 March, 1 pm, Room 204

The session explores professional experiences of NNESTs and how intercultural communication intersects with negotiating identity. Panel members a) describe challenges and b) how these were addressed institutionally, and c) examine how successful examples of identity negotiation may be transferred to other contexts for the language classroom and in preservice/in-service training.

The Role of Explicit Anti-Bias Training in Teacher Education

Thursday, 23 March, 2 pm, Room 303

Recent incidents of police brutality have highlighted the need for anti-bias training not only in the police force but all institutions. This session discusses the impact of bias on our students and demonstrate specific ways to conduct anti-bias training in teacher education courses.

Developing Our Intercultural Skills When Interacting With Students and Colleagues

Thursday, 23 March, 3 pm, Room 303

As teachers, we often concern ourselves with developing the intercultural competence of our students, but we also need to continuously practice our own intercultural skills. This panel discusses methods for being more critically responsive when teaching, culturally competent in our relationships with colleagues, and globally minded in our pedagogy.

Culture and Context Matter: Intercultural Education for the EFL Classroom

Friday, 24 March, 1 pm, Room 618

This session explores the following topics around ICC in EFL contexts: a) conceptualization of ICC in Ecuador, b) ICC education in Hungary, c) U.S. State Department global teacher training, d) ICC with ELLs in Japan, e) TEFL through local folk tales in Mozambique, and f) ICC communication courses in China.

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