May 2012
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Leadership Updates
Diane Cotsonas, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

I hope by now you have all logged in the TESOL Community and posted a profile pic, a bio, or your conference materials. At the moment, there are 600-plus people signed on to the ITAIS Community. However, I think many of them just checked the box to join but don’t remember they did so because there is little to no traffic on the ITAIS part of the site.

Our main goal in encouraging members like you to sign on is so that we can “test drive” the Community to decide whether to start using TESOL’s e-list and/or web space. I’ll have an article in the next newsletter, but for now, I just want to nudge you all to log on and at least post your handouts, slides, and other materials from your sessions in Philadelphia. Those of you who could not attend: Please log on and view these materials and ask questions of the presenters. We would like to have more of an “on-TESOL” presence (on the TESOL site), and soon we will need your input on what to do about our off-TESOL e-list and web space.

Write me at with any questions or concerns and I will forward them to our fearless leaders! Thanks!

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