August 2013
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Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, MWIS Newsletter Editor, Northridge, California, USA

Who are we? According to the TESOL Community list, we are 829 writers, editors, sales managers, marketing directors, publishing directors, and government officials as well as teachers, teacher trainers, coordinators, and program administrators. Our members are from all over the world and every state in the United States. (There’s a map on our site that is woefully unrepresentative of our diversity. If you find yourself with a free moment, click on over to the map, log into the community, and add your location!)

Talking to each other face-to-face at the TESOL convention is probably the ideal way to get to know your IS. The upcoming conference is in Portland, Oregon, from 26 March to 29 March, 2014. If you have been Portland, you know what an idyllic city it is. If you have not been there, just look at this photo.

There will be an MWIS social hour and an annual business meeting during the convention. Both are great opportunities to network with colleagues and reconnect with friends you haven’t seen for a year. This year’s business meeting is especially important as we will be electing new and incoming chairs and starting the planning process for sessions at TESOL 2015. (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves...) We’ll provide more details about dates and times for our MWIS events in the next newsletter.

All of us have access to a wealth of resources in our MWIS community and the TESOL community at large. Use our MWIS e-list to share information, post questions, and network with the authors, editors, publishers, and other professionals who subscribe to the list. Use the MWIS Participant list to locate and e-mail individuals or groups in our community. (You can sort the list by name or organization, and you can search the list to find members who meet specific criteria.) Your connections go even deeper as a member of the TESOL community. If you have not yet registered, go to to sign up, complete your profile and start accessing the TESOL Library, Job Center, and Teacher Resource Center.

So many of us aspire to a work-life balance, and taking an active role in our MWIS community is an important part of that balancing act. The list is a great place to reach out for support, problem solve, and rebuild your equilibrium. In the weeks ahead, look for some “How To” questions posed on our list. Let’s see how many answers we can generate!

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