July 2022
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Tamara Jones, Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland, USA

Tamara Jones is delighted to return as the Board Liaison for MWIS for a second year in a row. Elected to the Board of Directors in 2021, Tamara has called TESOL her professional home for decades. She has a soft spot for interest sections and is well aware of the important role they play in meeting members’ needs. In fact, it was at an IS open meeting way back in 2001 that Tamara first expressed interest in volunteering for TESOL. Tamara views MWIS as a wonderful support for experienced and new materials writers in our field, and she is, herself, a TESOL author and editor. Tamara edited Pronunciation in the Classroom: The Overlooked Essential and co-edited the recently released Listening in the Classroom: Teaching Students How to Listen. But, Tamara also subscribes to the MWIS mission, which states that we do not need to be published authors to benefit from membership in MWIS. All teachers are materials developers; we create warm up activities, make review games, develop practice worksheets, and write assessments for our classes and our schools. We are a creative, thoughtful, and resourceful bunch, and MWIS provides a comfortable and productive space for us.

Tamara Jones is the Associate Director of the ELC at Howard Community College and holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Sheffield in the UK. She is also currently a member of the TESOL Board of Directors.
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