September 2019

Amy Cook, Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan, USA

One of my considerations when taking on the role of editor of this newsletter was that much of the work for this first issue would take place during the slow summer months. The summer months have come and gone with no sign of slowing down.

Not running classes in our intensive English program this summer would seemingly result in a lighter administrative load. Yet, I experienced the opposite. I suspect the same is true of other administrators who are dealing with lower enrollments. Fewer students can precipitate more work as administrators explore new initiatives, restructure programs, and once again trim their budgets.

Administrators also bear the weight of making difficult decisions, which is one of the ideas Jason Litzenberg explores in his article, “Achieving Accord in the Status Discord of ELT.”

Despite the current difficulties many administrators are facing, it is important not to lose sight of our mission of providing quality language instruction to our students. Ilene Winokur, Kelle Hutchinson, and Heba ElHadary (or El-Hadary) share about their experience reviewing and revising curriculum in their article, “Reflections on a 5-Year Journey to a Quality Program.” We must also look ahead to the future of learning, work, and skills, as Sara Davila explores in her article, “Preparing Today’s Language Learners for the Future of Work.”

So, whether you’re experiencing that elusive slow time or are struggling beneath a myriad of administrative tasks, I invite you to take a few moments to join fellow administrators as they share challenges and insights in this issue.

Amy Cook

PAIS Newsletter Editor