March 2021
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Tom Robb, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the RVIS, ReadVoc!

This will be my only chance to greet you since Thomas Bieri, the current Co-Chair will be assuming the position of Chair once the forthcoming TESOL Virtual has finished.

Interest Sections exist to give the membership a forum for deepening their understanding of their specific professional interest. We have created the Reading & Vocabulary Interest Section after some of us had been wondering for many years about why we didn't already exist! After all Reading is one of the four basic skills, and perhaps the one that is most important since even those in regions with little or no opportunity to use English in their everyday life, may find reading of English a daily necessity. Well, it took us several years of trying, and now -- Here we are!

You obviously joined the RV-IS because you have a professional interest in either reading, vocabulary or both. I encourage you to use your membership to its fullest. I know that active participation as an officer in the IS may not be everyone's piece of cake. Participation, however, can take many forms and one simple way would be for all members to make use of our online forum on myTESOL. The main function of myTESOL should not be for announcements, but rather for YOU to ask questions and for members to discuss whatever is on their collective minds. We all look forward to seeing myTESOL used to its fullest. It's there year-round just for you!

Historically speaking, Interest Sections tend to have 'seasons'. The seed is planted at the previous Convention, but it doesn't start to germinate until TESOL announces the deadline for the IS Academic Sessions. After a few weeks of negotiations, the fruit has matured and sits there preserved until a few weeks before the event when the panelists take it out to prepare it for service at the coming event. Rather than this scenario, I hope that together we can make the RV-IS one that stays active throughout the year.

RV-IS, as of this writing, as 389 members, which is pretty good since we have only been in existence for less than a year. With your participation, and recommendation to colleagues, I hope that we can double the membership by this time next year.


Tom Robb

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