March 2021

Christy Williams University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
Doreen Ewert University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California

Christy Williams 

Doreen Ewert

Happy New Year to you all!

Due to the pandemic and the resulting transitions, our inaugural newsletter was delayed, but we hope you will find it worth the wait.

One of the goals of the Reading and Vocabulary Interest Section, and this newsletter, is to share our joint expertise to help each other in improving how to teach these fundamental skills to our students. To that end, we have two articles and a book review for you in this first edition as well as information on current research on reading and vocabulary. One article is specifically tailored to reading and the efficacy of Repeating Reading, by Mr. Ethan Lynn, and one article is specifically tailored to vocabulary and what we need to consider in teaching vocabulary, by Dr. Rob Warring. Our book review, from Ms. Janice Cate, discusses a reading phenomenon that can be used in all levels of education. Mr. Lynn will be presenting at the TESOL 2021 conference, so this will be an opportunity to get to know them before you see them. Dr. Waring is a professor at Notre Dame Seishin University in Okayama, Japan. He is a well-respected expert in extensive reading and vocabulary and recently published Teaching Extensive Reading in Another Language with Paul Nation. Ms. Cate, a former president of AMTESOL and past chair of EEIS, is a very active TESOLer. In the author’s byline, there is a link connected to their email. Finally, we are also including a section about recent research on reading and vocabulary as well as a review on a new reading website.

We would love to hear from you and what you would like to see in the July newsletter! We will be accepting contributions for the July newsletter up until June 21st of 2021, and we would like to have articles and reviews from K-12 and Higher Ed as well as ESL/EFL perspectives.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter!

With utmost respect,

Christy and Doreen


Christy Williams is a Senior Instructor at the INTO University of South Florida. Christy is a mentor, instructional designer, and researcher on intercultural communications and mentoring as well as information and communication technology (ICT) and refugee education. She is currently teaching Beginning Reading and Vocabulary.

Doreen Ewert is a Professor, Rhetoric and Language and Director, Academic English for Multilingual Students Program at the University of San Francisco. She is currently teaching Writing for Psychology and How Language Works.