March 2021

Doreen Ewert, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California Christy Williams, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Dear Colleagues, we have put together a list of newly published articles from 2019 to this month that discuss various reading and vocabulary theories and strategies. The articles come from writers around the world, and the selected research encompases various levels of education as well as both an EFL and ESL perspective. We sincerely hope that our including the name of the peer reviewed article and its doi will inspire you to further investigate, explore, and try some of the new ideas presented.


“Narrow reading, vocabulary load and collocations in context: Exploring lexical repetition in concordances from a pedagogical perspective” (2021) doi:

“Reading comprehension strategies of the EFAL Learners in the FET Phase: Teacher perspectives” (2020) doi:

“Extensive reading and viewing as input for academic vocabulary: A large-scale vocabulary profile coverage study of students’ reading and writing across multiple secondary school subjects” (2020) doi:

“Incidental learning of a grammatical feature from reading by Japanese learners of English as a foreign language” (2020) doi:


“Effects of content support on integrated reading-writing task performance and incidental vocabulary learning” (2020) doi:

“Learning vocabulary through reading, listening, and viewing Which mode of input is most effective?” (2020) doi:

“The relationship between vocabulary and viewing comprehension” (2020) doi:

“Toward the establishment of a data‐driven learning model: Role of learner factors in corpus‐based second language vocabulary learning” (2020) doi: