February 2022

Christy Williams University of South Florida, Florida, USA
Doreen Ewert University of San Francisco, California, USA

Christy Williams

Doreen Ewert

Happy New Year!!

In our last letter, we had hoped we would be experiencing life post-pandemic or at least “late”-pandemic, but it seems we are all still in the middle of another surge. Nonetheless, we hope ……

We are beginning our third year as an Interest Section and our second year of the Read-Voc Newsletter. It was delightful to receive two articles to share with you without much prompting at all. We certainly hope that continues into the future. Although we have submission deadlines listed, you are welcome to send us an article, book review, or other informative content (see the Call for Submissions) at any time.

In the current newsletter, we have two articles focused on academic vocabulary instruction. Both authors present creative ways to enhance explicit instruction of academic vocabulary. Arndt introduces several corpus-based applications for use in the classroom, and Miranda describes her initial implementation of an extracurricular academic vocabulary club. Both approaches promote learner motivation for and autonomy in vocabulary learning.

We are happy to report that the survey included in our last newsletter led to some excellent webinars. The first was in October, 2021, Reading Like a Writer: Using Readings to Teach Grammar with Alison Kuehner, and the second was in January, 2022, Engaging Latino Students During Read Alouds with Informational Texts in Dual-Language Contexts with Dr. Desirée Pallais, Luis Pineda, and Olga Quevedo. Please let Hetal Ascher, our Community Engagement Coordinator, know if you have other ideas about webinars we should hold or if you are interested in presenting on a relevant topic for our membership.

We have also included a short list of vocabulary and/or reading events at TESOL 2022 that are hosted by the RV-IS or led by members of the RV-IS. We hope to meet you at one or all of these events in Pittsburgh. You can read more about these events in RVIS EVENTS AT TESOL 2022.

One of our goals is to include diverse voices, contexts, and experiences in teaching and researching reading and vocabulary learning. To this end, we encourage you to respectfully respond to content in the newsletter by posting comments on the RV-IS Discussion Board in MyTESOL Community. Please check out the range of topics we are eager to include in future newsletters here. Our next deadline for submissions is July 1, 2022. Feel free, though, to send submissions at any time.

  • University classrooms: Critical Reading Strategies & Tiered Vocabulary
  • PreK–12 reading and vocabulary instruction
  • Reading learner communities in the classroom
  • Extensive Reading
  • Improving/Encouraging Reading Fluency
  • Vocabulary strategies specifically for ESL/EFL
  • Vocabulary retention strategies and application/transference of Vocabulary
  • Professional development in Reading and Vocabulary Topics
  • Potential technological aids for reading and vocabulary
  • Book/media review
  • Lesson plans
  • Handouts and activity sheets
  • Proposed joint research project

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter! Please invite others to join our community!

With utmost respect,

Christy and Doreen


Christy Williams is a Senior Instructor at the INTO University of South Florida. Christy is a mentor, instructional designer, and researcher on intercultural communications and mentoring as well as information and communication technology (ICT) and refugee education.

Doreen Ewert is a Professor in the Department of Rhetoric and Language and the Director of the Academic English for Multilingual Students Program at the University of San Francisco. She regularly teaches research writing courses for graduate and undergraduate international and domestic students and researches various aspects of L2 literacy development.