February 2022

Thomas Bieri, Nanzan Univ, Japan

Dear ReadVoc Readers,

I will keep this message short and, hopefully, sweet, knowing that our editors, Doreen Ewart and Christy Williams, have given an overview of the important things to say about this newsletter and the Reading and Vocabulary Interest Section (RV-IS). Once again, I would like to start by thanking you, our readers, for taking an interest in our newsletter, and I encourage you to add your voices to our active community of practice by submitting articles for future newsletters, responding on myTESOL to articles found here, and/or initiating discussions there.

At this time of year we are keenly anticipating the annual TESOL Convention, and many of us are excited to see that there will once again be opportunities for meeting face to face. There is also an option of joining some elements virtually for those of us, like myself, prevented by circumstances from attending in person. While personally sorely disappointed not to be able to be physically present at the event, I am thankful that virtual participation has remained an option.

The RV-IS Steering Committee members have been working behind the scenes to help put on some of the sessions at the convention, including our academic session and two intersections - sessions where two or more interest sections combine resources to engage with a topic that intersects their respective areas. Our academic session, Improving L2 Vocabulary and Reading Skills in K–12, will focus on building skills in young learners of English. RV-IS is hosting an intersection in cooperation with the Computer Assisted Language Learning IS, titled Online Resources for Reading Fluency and Vocabulary Building, in which the presenters will help guide us in finding and choosing effective online resources. We have also cooperated with the Bilingual-Multilingual Education IS on Reimagining Translingual Pedagogy in Multilingual Reading Instruction and Assessment. This is a prerecorded panel discussion on promoting bi/multilingualism and social justice in varied contexts via translanguaging practices.

Finally, I hope that you will find this newsletter, RV-IS webinars, posts and discussions in myTESOL, and the sessions at the international convention to be not only useful in your professional practice but also enjoyable.


Thomas E. Bieri

Thomas E. Bieri is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration and Deputy Director of the Center for International Affairs at Nanzan University. He has over three decades working in tertiary language education, primarily teaching EFL in Japan.