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Letter from the Chair
Lisya Seloni, SLWIS Chair, Illinois State University, Illinois, USA

SLWIS Chair Lisya Seloni summarizes events at TESOL 2012, updates members on the proposal process for 2013, and encourages continued participation in the upcoming year. Read More

Letter from the Editors
Margi Wald, SLW News Managing Editor, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Please welcome the new members of the editorial staff and learn about how to join the team. Read More

A Graduate Level TESOL Program in the United States: An Action Research Study
Sarina Chugani Molina, Jen Marshall Lagedrost, and Deborah Sundmacher, University of San Diego, California, USA

International students bring distinct perspectives that deepen cross-cultural understanding. However, it is important to consider their needs, particularly regarding academic writing. This article reports on an action research study in which scaffolded writing support was provided to international graduate students at a university in Southern California. Read More

Scholarship on L2 Writing in 2011: The Year in Review
Tony Silva, Carolina Pelaez-Morales, Crissy McMartin-Miller, and Mei-Hung Lin

This overview aims to assist second language writing professionals and other interested parties by synthesizing scholarship on second language writing published during 2011. Read More

Scholarship on L2 Writing in 2011: The Year in Review, References
Tony Silva, Carolina Pelaez-Morales, Crissy McMartin-Miller, and Mei-Hung Lin
 Read More
Review of Teaching and Researching Writing (2nd ed.)
Susan Olmstead-Wang, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

This approachable book offers rich content that is thoughtfully situated at the intersection of key concepts, writing research, and research methods. It provides a clear introduction to key issues, a comprehensive orientation to research approaches in the field, and logical links to a variety of traditional and online resources. Read More

Review of Voices, Identities, Negotiations, and Conflicts: Writing Academic English Across Cultures
Fiona Memmott, California State University, San Bernardino, USA

The aim of this book is to broaden the view of academic writing across cultures and to challenge the status quo of English academic writing conventions that are prevalent in Western institutions of higher learning and publishing houses. Academics must play the game or be excluded from scholarly publications. Read More

Second Language Writing IS Contact Information

TESOL’s Second Language Writing IS provides a forum for researchers and educators across grade levels and institutional settings to discuss and exchange information in the area of second language writing. Join the conversation. Read More

SLW News: Call for Submissions

SLW News is soliciting articles on second language writing theory, research, and pedagogy in all ESL/EFL settings. Consider sharing your ideas with SLW colleagues by submitting a piece for the next issue. Read More

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