March 2014
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Leadership Updates
Hayriye Kayi-Aydar, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR USA

Dear ALIS Members,

Greetings to all and best wishes for 2014! We are all excited while getting ready for the 2014 TESOL Convention in Portland. Before moving on to some important details and announcements regarding the convention, I would like to thank Eli Hinkel (current chair) and Kara Hunter (past chair) for all they have done for the ALIS. From the proposal review process to new chair elections, Eli and Kara have contributed to ALIS in many ways. I also would like to thank each of you for choosing ALIS as your primary Interest Section as well as for your continuous support.

My first task as the incoming chair was to organize the ALIS Academic Session and at least one InterSection. I am very pleased to tell you that for the 2014 Convention, ALIS organized one Academic Session and collaborated with Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening and Intercultural Communication ISs in organizing two InterSections. If you are new to TESOL, you may not be familiar with Academic Sessions or InterSections. Here is a quick introduction for you. Each Interest Section in TESOL is expected to organize one Academic Session for the convention by inviting leading scholars in the field. InterSections, similar to Academic Sessions, are organized through the collaboration of at least two Interest Sections. As stated on the TESOL’s website, these sessions focus on “topics of relevance to and across interest sections, providing a collaborative forum for attendees and seeking innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches and situations.” Therefore, Academic Sessions and InterSections are the highlights of the convention each year.

This year at the convention, in the ALIS Academic Session, Bonny Norton, Patricia Duff, Kelleen Toohey, and I will be talking about new directions in identity work. From the use of technology to language socialization and new theoretical frameworks, we will address various exciting topics. This session is scheduled for March 29, 9:30–11:15 am. The InterSection, titled “Social Interaction and ELT Across Settings,” will host panelists Richard Young, Joan Kelly Hall, Gale Stam, and Elaine Tarone on March 28 at 3 pm. In another InterSection ALIS is involved in, Adrian Holliday, Bonny Norton, Thomas Nakayama, and Joe McVeigh will discuss building intercultural competence. I invite each of you to join us at these exciting sessions.

Finally, as the incoming chair, I would like to briefly address my major goals for the ALIS:

  • Increasing our membership by at least 15% by the 2015 convention and expanding our visibility within TESOL International Association; I hope you will help me accomplish this goal by inviting your colleagues to join ALIS
  • Creating new networking opportunities among current members (details soon!)
  • Strengthening communication among members
  • Creating collaborative research opportunities and helping members stay on top of the latest research and instructional practice
  • Increasing the number of proposals and reviewers for the 2015 convention by at least 15%

You will hear more often from me after I officially become the chair at the convention this year. As always, I am open to hearing additional ideas and plans you might have. You can reach me either at or through the ALIS email list. I really hope you will join the 2014 ALIS Academic Session and the InterSections as well and continue to support your very own ALIS. Looking forward to seeing you in Oregon!

Hayriye Kayi-Aydar

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ALIS Open Business Meeting
Please join us on Thursday night (3/27) during the TESOL conference for the Applied Linguistics IS meeting from 6:45-8:15 p.m. in room B117 of the Convention Center. We will be celebrating our 40th year as an interest section! We hope to see you there!
ITAIS Open Business Meeting
Please join us at the TESOL conference on Thursday night (3/27) for our ITA Interest Section Open Meeting from 5:00 pm–6:30 pm (C121 Convention Center). We look forward to seeing you there!
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