October 2017
Nigel Caplan, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, USA

Dear SLWIS colleagues,

The Second Language Writing Interest Section (SLWIS) continues to be a vibrant home for research and practice into second language (L2) writing concerns. We were well represented at the annual TESOL convention, with a lively academic session (on the myths of the five-paragraph essay) and three substantive InterSections (with Teacher Education, Elementary Education, Materials Writers, and Video/Digital Media ISs) as well as almost 100 other sessions on L2 writing. Representatives of the interest section also participated vigorously in conversations about the future of TESOL’s constituent groups, a process which has continued throughout the spring and summer. Though the final shape of the new “communities of practice” is still under discussion by the TESOL Board of Directors, we are confident that SLWIS will remain an important source of community and information for our members.

One indicator of the strength of our IS is the record number of proposals we received for the 2018 Convention in Chicago: almost 300! Due to the limitations of time and space, our acceptance rate was under 20%. Thank you to everyone who submitted and reviewed proposals. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. In addition, our email list has more than 2,000 members, and I hope you will continue to use it to share ideas, opportunities, and questions about teaching and studying L2 writing. We are also planning webinars so that we can provide and participate in continuous professional learning throughout the year.

I’d like to end by thanking our newsletter coeditors, Ilka Kostka and Elena Shvidko, for all the work that goes into producing this important publication. Ilka has been assiduously editing the newsletter for 2 years, and Elena was recently appointed as coeditor, having previously edited the Graduate Student Spotlights section. If you have an idea for an article for SLW News, please contact the editors. Finally, we are gearing up for SLWIS leadership elections. Please look out for emails with the nomination process and consider joining our team as we look ahead to a new future for SLWIS.

Thank you for supporting this community, and I wish you a successful academic year. Enjoy the newsletter!

Nigel Caplan

2017–2018 Chair, SLWIS