June 2017
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Laura Jacob, Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, California, USA

Dear SRIS Membership,

I feel extremely honored to write this letter as chair of such a vibrant, passionate, and important interest section.

While we are not sure exactly of what changes might come to interest sections (as the board is meeting this season to make decisions), what I do know is this: There has never been a greater need for passionate TESOLers to fight for social justice, positive social change, environmental responsibility, and human rights. Our profession and many of our learners are in need of such a voice, now more than ever.

I am thankful for a strong SRIS Leadership Team. Thank you to Elisabeth Chan, Myles Hoenig, Riah Werner, Anastasia Khawaja, Heidi Faust, Carter Winkle and Kimberly Mitchell. If you would like to be a part of the leadership team in the future, please feel free to reach out and send me a personal email. We would love to have you join us in a capacity that you are comfortable with.

This year, we will be devoting time and energy to organize our efforts “behind the scenes” of the interest section. In order to do that, we need to know who our membership includes and what your areas of expertise and passion are within the umbrella of social responsibility. Please take this survey. (Thank you to those of you who have already taken it!)

If you have ideas for us as we move forward, please share!

Many thanks to Riah Werner and Anastasia Khawaja for working hard on this newsletter!


Laura Jacob

2017–2018 SRIS Chair

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SRIS Survey
We are conducting a survey of our membership and your areas of expertise and passion within the umbrella of Social Responsibility. Please take it online here. Thanks to everyone who has completed it!
Next Issue's Theme: Identity, Inclusion, and Advocacy
How does your identity affect your involvement in social responsibility? What ideas do you have for inclusive classrooms? How do you include diverse voices in your advocacy? Submissions due 1 August.