June 2017
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Marybelle Marrero-Colón & Sarah E. Elia

Marybelle Marrero-Colón
Center for Applied Linguistics,
Washington, DC, USA

Sarah E. Elia
Haggerty English Language Program,
State University of New York at New Paltz,
New York, USA

Greetings Secondary Schools Interest Section!

The 2017 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo has ended and we have begun planning for the 2018 convention in Chicago.

Our team is looking forward to introducing new activities and opportunities. For example, we wish to connect the TESOL SSIS with our state affiliates to cosponsor webinars, conferences, and meetings.

We will continue sharing information, thoughts, and ideas through our TESOL Secondary School Digests, the TESOL Lounge Digests, and our wonderful SSIS newsletter, Secondary Accents. We also are active on Facebook. Please like our page and feel free to share photos and information about your regional events with us. We will help you spread the word! Our chair-elect and member-at-large elections are coming up very soon, so you will be meeting even more team members who are definite resources in the fields of secondary and English language learner (ELL) education.

In addition, we are very lucky to have the opportunity to partner with two other interest sections for next year’s convention. Although the topics and focus are still under construction, we are planning a panel discussion with the Elementary Education Interest Section (EEIS) revolving around the topic of the response to intervention and ELLs. A second panel discussion is being planned with the Second Language Writing Interest Section (SLWIS). We are looking for a topic that may involve different aspects in secondary writing for ELLs who are newcomers, students with limited or interrupted formal education, and/or long-term ELLs. As mentioned, these topics are still under review and possible changes will be taking place, but we are looking for individuals who may be interested in volunteering and helping out with the panel.

That said, do not forget to submit your own proposal to next year’s convention. It is important that the field of secondary education is well represented. Our secondary ELLs need a voice out there, and that is where each of you comes in. The proposal due date for the 2018 TESOL convention is 1 June 2017.

Some of you may have heard about the knowledge-based member communities (KBMCs) proposal at the convention. This involves the development of a proposal that spells our interest section’s mission and vision. Each interest section will be developing its own proposal and will be asking the membership to chime in with suggestions. The membership will vote on whether it supports the developed proposal. You will be receiving more information on this in the near future, either through another newsletter or the Secondary School Digest (or both). So keep an eye out for updates.

Finally, we have a request for you, our SSIS members. We would like you to share with us your achievements, activities, and functions. Let us know what your affiliate group is doing. If possible, let us know the time and place, so that if other members are available, they may visit and join your activities. If we can help, let us know—because we are a resource for you and every member. The more interconnected we are, the more we have to offer our teachers, administrators, staff members, and most important, our students. So, in other words, don’t be strangers.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Secondary Accents. This issue is primarily a result of the many connections that we made at the TESOL convention in Seattle. We are proud to have contributions from around the world:  Nepal, Tanzania, Colombia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Egypt, and the United States. We also received many photo submissions to brighten our pages. Our next issue will be in September, so please consider writing for us!

Thanks for your time. We hope to hear from you.


Marybelle Marrero-Colón
SSIS Chair 2017

Sarah E. Elia
Newsletter Editor 2017

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