June 2017
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Samantha Cosentino, Fujikoshi Technical High School, Toyama, Japan

Hello, my name is Samantha Cosentino, and I work at Fujikoshi Technical High School as a part of the JET Program in Toyama, Japan. Fujikoshi is a private school overseen by the Nachi Company that focuses on preparing students to work in the manufacturing industry. There is also a group of students within the school that are interested in engineering and build very impressive robots! As an assistant language teacher, my job is to make learning English as enjoyable as possible and provide students with ample speaking opportunities. My animated students broke my expectations of what I thought a Japanese classroom would be like. A great majority of my peers in the program have an issue with silence, while I have had the opposite challenge!

There are only about 9 females in a school of around 420 students. Almost all of those students are interested in sports and bursting at the seams with incredible energy. Due to the specific nature of my students, I try to utilize their kinetic talents through competitive and active games. My goal is to get them out of their seats and to view English as a pleasant pursuit they could continue! Although I was surprised at first, I have come to look forward to seeing their smiling faces and excited greetings every day.

Nyuzen Flower Road in Toyama Prefecture

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