Volume 14, Issue 34 | September 25, 2017

Clean Energy for Your Home and Business

Reduce your environmental impact with our wind power products


Are you interested in powering your home or business with clean energy? WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy) can help you find the most effective way to reduce your environmental impact with the right renewable energy solution. You can learn about our renewable energy solutions in this week’s Energy Update, in the first article of a three-part series on clean energy.

Our wind power products allow you to reduce your environmental impact, while powering your home or business with electricity sourced from clean, renewable wind power. Electricity sourced from wind power is created using wind turbines that capture kinetic energy from the wind. WGL Energy offers a variety of wind power products, depending on where you are located and where the wind power is sourced. All of our wind power products are Green-e® Energy certified, which is your assurance that our products meet the environmental and consumer protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS).


Wind Power Products for Residential  and Small Business Customers:

National WindPower
National WindPower from WGL Energy is electricity sourced from wind farms across the country. It’s a cost-effective way for residents of DC, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania to have 100% of their electricity come from clean, renewable wind power.

CleanSteps® WindPower
CleanSteps® WindPower is electricity generated from regional wind farms in states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

If you live in DC, Delaware or Maryland, and want to improve air quality in your region, choose 50% or 100% CleanSteps WindPower.

PA WindPower
PA WindPower is electricity generated from wind farms located exclusively in the state of Pennsylvania. If you live in Pennsylvania and it’s important to you to protect the environment and improve air quality in your state, choose 50% or 100% PA WindPower.


Wind Power Products for Large Commercial Customers:

WindPower from WGL Energy
WindPower from WGL Energy gives your business a flexible way to support a cleaner environment without an investment in new equipment or capital improvements.

WGL Energy can facilitate block purchases of wind power or match a percentage of wind power to your existing electricity supply. You will also have the flexibility to choose Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) sourced from either local or national wind farms.


For more information about wind power, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on our website.

Editor's Note

Markets Pull Back

Weekly review for September 17, 2017 - September 23, 2017


On Thursday, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that working gas in storage as of Friday, September 15, 2017 was 3,408 BCF. This is an increase of 97 BCF from the previous week. Inventories are currently 136 BCF lower than last year at this time but 67 BCF above the 5-year average of 3,341 BCF.

Current forecasts are predicting temperatures to be above normal through the end of September and then a transition in early October to a cooler, more seasonal forecast.

After a higher than expected storage injection this week, forward markets pulled back after a slight run-up earlier in the week. The PJM West Hub Cal18 Peak curve ended with a slight 0.08% increase and the NYMEX natural gas 12-month curve fell 1.58% as the two commodities decoupled a bit this week.


This past week's market information is provided as a courtesy to our customers and is not indicative of, nor should be relied upon, as representative of future transactions.   

Investor Relations

WGL Holdings, Inc. and Washington Gas Light Company Declare Dividends


WGL Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: WGL) declared a regular quarterly dividend of $0.5100 per share of common stock. The quarterly dividend is payable November 1, 2017, to shareholders of record as of October 10, 2017.

Washington Gas Light Company, a utility subsidiary of WGL Holdings, declared regular dividends on all classes of its preferred stock as follows:

Class of Serial           

Preferred Stock      Dividend Per Share
$ 4.25 Series         $ 1.0625
$ 4.80 Series          $ 1.20
$ 5.00 Series          $ 1.25 

Dividends on the utility's preferred stock also are payable November 1, 2017, to shareholders of record as of October 10, 2017.

Common stock dividends have been paid for more than 166 years.


About WGL
WGL (NYSE: WGL), headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a leading source for clean, efficient and diverse energy solutions. With activities and assets across the U.S., WGL consists of Washington Gas, WGL Energy, WGL Midstream and Hampshire Gas. WGL provides natural gas, electricity, green power and energy services, including generation, storage, transportation, distribution, supply and efficiency. Our calling as a company is to make energy surprisingly easy for our employees, our community and all our customers. Whether you are a homeowner or renter, small business or multinational corporation, state and local or federal agency, WGL is here to provide Energy Answers. Ask Us. For more information, visit us at http://www.wgl.com/.

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WGL Holdings, Inc.
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Source:  WGL Holdings, Inc.

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Natural Gas Fundamentals

Natural Gas Storage Update



Current Week

Last Week 

Net Change 

This Week Last Year 

Prior 5 Year Average 


Stocks (Bcf) 

Stocks (Bcf) 


Stocks (Bcf) 

Average (Bcf) 

Total Lower 48







Rig Count for Natural Gas

Weekly Drilling Rig Update: The active U.S. gas rotary rig count for natural gas released by Baker Hughes for the week ending September 15, 2017 was 186 rigs. There was a decrease of one rig from the previous week. The count is 97 rigs higher than the count reported this same week last year. We are 51% below the five-year average gas rig count of 382.


NYMEX Natural Gas Monthly Settlements for the Past 12 Months

(Price per therm at the well-head)

This was the closing price of gas at the well head for each of the past 12 months. The closing price for a month occurs on the 3rd business day prior to the start of the month. 

























NYMEX Values per Month for the Forward 12 Months

Thursday, September 21, 2017

(NYMEX - Price per therm at the Henry Hub well-head)

















12-month avg.












Crude Oil


NYMEX Graph for Natural Gas - 12 Month Average Price per Therm at the Louisiana Well-Head

(Excludes Interstate Transportation)

PJM Electricity

PJM Graph for Electricity - 12 Month Average Peak Power Price

On-Peak 1 Year Forward Price


Local Cooling Degree Days*




Cooling Degrees Day** 


May - 17

June - 17

July- 17

Aug- 17

Sept - 17

Oct - 17















 Departure from Normal













**Cooling degree days are calculated by comparing the day’s average temperature to a 65 degree baseline.  If the day’s average temperature is below 65, there are no cooling degree days that day.  If the average temperature is greater than 65 degrees, then subtract 65 from the average temperature to find the number of cooling degree days.