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August 16, 2010

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Nominating Committee Fills in 2010-2011 Slate; Scanlon, Thomas, Ford Are Proposed as APTA Officers

APTA’s 2010 Nominating Committee convened Aug. 6 in Denver to select nominees for APTA officer and director positions. After a review process that APTA Past Chair and Nominating Committee Chair Dr. Beverly Scott described as “many weeks of preparation,” which included a review of more than 90 individual nominations and APTA’s recently adopted bylaws changes, the committee announced a slate of 47 nominees to lead the association in 2010-2011.

In her report to the members, Scott described “the most competitive election process our association has ever seen” and noted that the committee was guided by the new APTA governance structure approved by vote of the APTA membership in March of this year. Consistent with that structure, the executive committee will no longer include modal and functional vice chairs, but will instead include 14 members-at-large who will serve without portfolio.

Similarly, the APTA Board of Directors will no longer include regional directors. It will instead combine representatives of APTA’s highest-dues-paying transit agency and business members, the chairs of 25 core APTA committees, and 30 directors-at-large with the executive committee.

Scott anticipated the anxiety likely during any substantial governance change, but expressed the Nominating Committee’s belief that the new officers and directors “will forcefully and enthusiastically support all of our members as we transition to the new governance model.”

Michael J. Scanlon, the current APTA first vice chair, heads the slate of nominees as the 2010-2011 chair; Gary C. Thomas is nominated as vice chair, and Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. as secretary-treasurer.




Nominated for one-year terms as executive committee members at-large were J. Barry Barker, Doran J. Barnes, Alison Hewitt, Jerome C. Premo, and Peter J. Varga, while Christopher P. Boylan, Greg Evans, M.Ed., Sharon Greene, and Alice Wiggins-Tolbert were nominated to two-year terms and David J. Armijo, Sharon McBride, James Weinstein, Charles R. Wochele, and Alan C. Wulkan to three-year terms. These initial terms were staggered to ensure an orderly evolution of the executive committee in future years, with each future selectee serving for a full three years.

Nominated for one-year terms on the APTA Board of Directors as directors-at-large were Michael J. Blaylock, Joseph A. Calabrese, William Correa, Paul E. Davis, Rufus Francis, David A. Hillock, Christian T. Kent, Reginald A. Mason, John A. Somers, and Larry Yermack. Nominated for two-year terms were Robert Brownstein, Tammy J. Haenftling, John L. Hendrickson, Paul C. Jablonski, Kristen Joyner, Brad Miller, Mary Jo Morandini, Jesse D. Oliver, John R. Plante, and Stanley J. Rosenblum. Nominated for three-year terms were Mark R. Aesch, Hakan Eksi, Joel Gauthier, Dr. Delon Hampton, Stephen Kingsberry, Dick Ruddell, Carl Sedoryk, Kimberly Slaughter, Beverly S. Silas, and Evalynn A. Williams. Like the executive committee positions, these terms were staggered to ensure the board’s evolution over time; future selectees will serve full three-year terms.

The APTA Executive Committee and members-at-large complete the full board of directors, which includes designees of 20 of APTA’s largest dues-paying transit agencies and 10 of its largest dues-paying business members, as well as the chairs of 25 committees.

The slate will be presented to the APTA membership for approval at the APTA Annual Business Meeting and Election of Officers, scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Oct. 3, 2010, in San Antonio, TX, during the 2010 APTA Annual Meeting.

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