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APTA Member Forums: Join the Conversation!

Do you have advice for your peers? Do you have a vexing issue that you need to take care of but just can’t quite figure out? Just curious about how other agencies handle situations?

In the APTA Forum pages, you can take a moment to help your fellow peers and answer a question or you can ask your own question.

What follows are just some of the discussions happening now in the APTA Forums.

Workforce Development
A Great Plains member asks about public transit agency training programs: “I am looking for samples of Transit Agency Training Programs that strategically cover the main aspects of training for all modes and indicates the following: Training requirements by operational classifications, training frequency and course list and descriptions among other criteria … testing Assessment Policy & Procedures, OSHA or Safety mandated courses (i.e., Fatigue Awareness, environmental, etc.).”

Legal Affairs
An APTA member asks about school paratransit: “Does anyone have any experience in working with your local schools to provide accessible transportation for eligible students with disabilities going to and from school events or programs (i.e., in accordance to Section 504)? If so I am very interested.”

Also in Legal Affairs, another member asks about bus operation standards: “I am looking for standards from large transit companies regarding bus operators proceeding after passengers have boarded, but are not seated. It would be helpful to know what the policies of different companies are in connection with trial results and settlement amounts of cases involving passengers who were injured under these circumstances.”

Still in the same forum, a Midwestern member asks about the sale of scrap rail cars: “CTA is in the process of sending out a solicitation for the Sale of 42 Scrap Rail Cars. We are looking for additional bidders. For those who have had to sell your scrap rail or bus cars, is it possible to get your bidders list, recommend someone and provide me with those firms who have won a contract with your agency, in regards to the subject above?”

An Ohio member asks about energy procurement: “SORTA is planning to compete out its natural gas and electricity in the near future. I'd be interested in getting solicitation documents from anyone who has done a similar procurement.”

Mobility Management
A Connecticut public transportation agency asks about Americans with Disabilities Act paratransit-fare collection policies: “The Greater Hartford Transit District (GHTD) ADA Paratransit in Hartford, CT appreciates your assistance in the past in sharing your best practices and policies regarding ADA paratransit matters. GHTD is in the process of reviewing their fare collection policy for riders. GHTD would like to know if your agency allows riders to pay for their pickup and return rides or multiple trips for the same day, when the rider boards the vehicle for their first trip of the day. In addition, if you have a fare policy that you can share with us we would appreciate it. We thank you in advance for your time and attention to this subject.”

Information Technology
A West Coast member has a question about external website products: “I work as the Information Systems Manager [in a Washington State system]. We are considering some modifications to our web site and were wondering what other transit agencies are using for the creation of their web site? 

1) What platform are you using?
2) How long have you used it?
3) Are you satisfied with the platform?”

Transit Board Members
A representative of Caltrain asks about Policy Advisory Committees: “Caltrain, in Northern California's Bay Area, serves three counties along the San Francisco Peninsula. Over the past year, we have heard requests from an advocacy group and a business leadership group to initiate a policy advisory committee to review and make recommendations on policy-oriented decisions to our board of directors. I believe the vision for this group would be that it have a representative from each of the 17 cities through which we travel. Policy would come before them at a meeting in advance of the regular monthly board meeting, and they would make recommendations to staff and board members…. Do any agencies have a similar structured group and, if so, could you provide best practices, bylaws, and roles and responsibilities?”

These excerpts represent just a small sample of the questions on the Forums currently under discussion. So log on here and click on “APTA Forums” now and take part in the conversation!

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